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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF

Custom Live Edge Wood, Epoxy Resin & Steel Furniture For Sale

Custom Live Edge Wood Furniture, Epoxy Tables, Resin River Dining Tables And Handmade Desks For Sale

Tell us about your custom furniture design idea. We'll build it.

You can buy custom made solid live edge wood furniture, a custom built epoxy resin river dining table, a handmade desk and custom steel and metal furniture locally (US only) or online from CVCF. Custom handmade table legs and bases are also for sale. You can watch timber being cut into a natural wood slab to make a custom live edge epoxy resin river dining table in this CVCF video. Take a look at some of the custom furniture that CVCF has built in this gallery.

When you buy furniture from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, you get a 100% customized dining table, a 100% customized conference table, or a 100% customized desk that is a total original. That's because you initiate the design process by sending us your own design idea, you choose ALL the materials from the live edge wood slab to the epoxy resin color to the type of metal or steel that goes into the tabletop or legs, and you approve the final design renderings that our talented furniture artists create. Every piece of one-of-a-kind handcrafted luxury furniture we make comes from locally and sustainably harvested solid live edge wood (maple, walnut, oak, elm, hickory, etc.), plus glass, metal and steel are made of the highest quality materials. Our specialty is incorporating epoxy resin rivers, logos, topographic features, and other artwork into dining tables, coffee tables, conference tables and desks to make a stunning statement piece for any room in your home or place of business. This is custom furniture like you've never seen before...and will never see again - because every piece is a CVCF original! 

To learn more about how we price our river tables, visit our prices page. Call 440-591-5511 or email to receive a quote for a custom made river dining table or for custom built epoxy resin and wood furniture. You can buy a custom built river table online or locally near you in the US at a Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture shop.

To submit your design drawings or CAD drawing, for a quote on handcrafting your epoxy resin river furniture design and shipping it to your home or place of business anywhere in the USA, fill out the form on this page, call Sheldon Myeroff at 440-591-5511 (ext 1001), or email

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The Art of Live Edge Custom Furniture

At Chagrin Valley, we go beyond form and function to add a third critical element to our live edge furniture - it's called art. Every unique piece we make is built with the creative fire of our passion for woodworking. This is not assembly line furniture you find in most stores - either brick and mortar or online. This is luxury furniture that is painstakingly handcrafted to be the highest quality you will find anywhere. Carefully selected materials such as naturally distressed wood that goes into our biomorphic tables add to the quality and artistry of each piece. To ensure the piece is exactly what you're looking for (maybe even better!) our designers draw the proposed furniture and present design drawings, custom furniture renderings and furniture plans to customers for their approval before we start making the piece or pieces of furniture. When we submit a custom wood or metal furniture design drawing to our customers for their review, input and approval, prior to commencement of the furniture fabrication, we also submit a finalized quote for approval.  To request furniture design concept drawings, dimensional drawings, furniture detail drawings and creative sketches of a custom furniture or woodworking project you have in mind, call us at 440-591-5511 and ask to speak with a designer, email or click here to complete a webform.

You can buy custom made epoxy resin and wood furniture at a Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture store near you or online. Custom built live edge wood tables, epoxy tables, resin river tables and epoxy and wood table tops are for sale and are shipped to all 50 states in the US. 

We Only Make True Custom Furniture for Our Customers

The Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture process is different from other custom furniture makers (builders) because we make only true custom furniture. That means you don’t go online to order from a limited selection of options and pay at the start of the process. With CVCF, you are part of the custom furniture-making process as together we create a completely new, one-of-a-kind piece of epoxy resin furniture, specifically tailored to your unique spacial, decor, and functional needs. You give us your design idea, choose the epoxy color, wood slab, make tweaks in the design, all remotely through emails or video technology. You can even have an emblem or your company logo machined into the wood and filled with epoxy, or embed items in the epoxy rivers such as rockscrystals, shells, and sentimental memorabilia. Hidden LED lights placed underneath the wood slab light up the colored epoxy rivers. Our pieces can also incorporate glass or steel into the design to complement or contrast with the live edge wood appearance. The pictures here show custom epoxy resin furnishings with objects embedded in the epoxy.  

Where Interior Designers Source And Buy Custom Furniture For Upscale Clients In The USA

Basically, everybody who chooses to upgrade their home or office with new furnishings is an interior designer of sorts. But then there are the professional interior designers, decorators and architects who have dedicated their lives to making homeowners and businesses happy with their decor selections. They understand the value of quality and art in your home. For that reason, many professionals choose Chagrin Valley for custom tables and desks that fit your space, complement your decor, fulfill your vision, and elevate the character of your room. They also know that when a room needs a focal point or statement piece, we deliver with exceptionally creative "Wow!" furnishings. Of course, customer service that is always there for you draws professionals to our company, as well. The pieces you see here are showstoppers in large part because of the LED lights hidden in the tabletop. This adds a beautiful glow to the already scintillating epoxy sheen. 

Video: Custom Wood & Epoxy Dining & Kitchen Tables [Costs, Sizes, Modern Tops, Live Edge]


In this video, you’ll see dozens of custom-made dining tables we’ve co-designed with our customers and show how you, too, can design and order your own original Custom Wood Dining or Kitchen Table, with or without epoxy, online from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. You’ll also learn about the options available that go into formulating the design and determining the pricing – the different types, styles, designs, shapes, seating, legs and bases, epoxy colors and more. And we give you some ballpark prices on the costs of different types of dining tables for sale. We make our dining tables from locally-sourced, sustainably-harvested natural wood, reclaimed wood and live edge wood. You choose your own wood slabs – any species – plus the materials and epoxy resin color. Tell us what style you want – industrialmodernrustic – you name it, we’ll build it. With our CNC machine, we are able to engrave logos and namestopographic waterway features, and other artwork into our epoxy river dining or conference tables. At Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, we can help you get the dream luxury table you've always wanted. Our team of furniture artists, designers, craftspeople and artisans can help you fulfill your vision. Simply request a quote on your project. 

Video: The Highest Quality Custom River Tables Sold In The USA


This video shows you the many reasons why Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture makes the highest quality custom river tables made in the United States. It's real custom furniture, designed by you and handcrafted in our workshop by real woodworking professionals. You even get to pick out the exact slabs you want for your table via email, text or videocall. Our workshop is fully equipped to handle all the challenges of making a beautiful epoxy resin river table, which includes a temperature controlled, clean spray room for a smoother, scratch-resistant coat. We also offer a large variety of metal and wood legs, plus you can design your own legs if you wish. Our shipping standards are high - we want your package to arrive at your home or place of business looking just as it did when it left our shop. That means each piece of furniture gets its own heavily padded, solid wood crate. We ship to homeowners, restaurants, offices, businesses, and hotels throughout the continental United States. Our furnishings include custom epoxy resin river tables, epoxy resin river beds and headboards, epoxy resin desks, epoxy resin wall art, rustic to modern farmhouse tablesbarn doorsbenchescountertopsshelves and so much more.

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