Best Epoxy Resin Colors For River Tables & Desks
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Best Epoxy Resin Colors For River Tables And Desks

The Most Popular Epoxy Resin Colors Used By CVCF To Build Custom Furniture

In 2022, the most popular epoxy resin colors for custom built river tables and handmade live edge desks include black and blue. Deep sea blue is one of the most popular epoxy colors requested by customers for tables that are custom made locally in the United States by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture epoxy table builders.

Other highly requested colors are gold, pearl, grey, green, turquoise, orange and red. CVCF also creates unique epoxy resin river dining tables and epoxy resin river conference tables in a variety of custom colors.

The Most Comprehensive Color Catalogue On The Internet

It's true. We checked.

Our epoxy resin color catalogue is the most comprehensive of any custom furniture company, leaving little to be desired in terms of variety. But, that doesn't mean we don't cut our "completely custom" promise short.

Completely custom colors are available by request. To ensure that a custom color is to your liking, we mix and pour several custom color samples in the range of what you request, and then send them to you for to choose. We believe it's extremely important, when choosing a competely custom color sample, that you see the colors in person. That way, you can see how the color reacts in the light, and ultimately get the best reference to how your table will appear in your home or office.

When you reach out about your custom project, just let us know the name of the color(s) you're interested in for your project, or if you want a custom color.

Cool Tones.

What's a river table without a stunning blue river? Cool tones are our most popular epoxy resin color requests, so we made sure to provide a corresponding level of variety in our selections.

Warm Tones.

Reds, oranges, yellows, and tinted purples define the breadth of warm tones - and our catalogue offers more than one option for each. Although warm colors are less popular choices for epoxy resin river tables, they are no less stunning with the right color wood combination.

Neutral Tones.

The application of neutral tones in resin river tables runs the gambit. They can contribute to a crisp, modern, stunning interior design strategy, or a more subtle rustic one. 

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