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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF

Our Custom Furniture Making Process

1. It starts with your ideas.

Placing your custom furniture order starts with you completing the form at the bottom of this page. You’ll be able to attach photos of hand-drawn sketches, inspiration photos, a logo you’d like engraved, or all the above to said form. Check out our gallery for inspiration! 

Once you submit your idea, we will contact you to learn more about your project. At this point, we’ll only discuss enough information to get a general idea of cost. Our designer will have sent you our design catalog with multiple options to choose from if you’re having difficulty deciding on aspects of your project. They can guide you through this process and discuss customization options that might not be included in our catalog. 

Then, you're given a verbal quote that reflects all the agreed upon specifications. If this quote is in your price range, we can proceed to the next step.

2. Next, is signing an agreement and collecting a down payment.

You will receive an electronic agreement to sign. Once we receive the signed copy, we ask that you pay 50% of the cost of your project as a down payment before we start work on your custom piece.

Payments are accepted in the form of a check, ACH wire transfer, and credit card with a 3.6% convenience fee. We accept all major credit cards (VISA, AMEX, Mastercard, etc.)

3. During pre-production, we get into the fine details.

The length of time before production on your piece varies, but is typically anywhere from three to five months. During this time, we search our inventory to find wood slabs for your project. We send you photos of a variety of slabs, and then you make the final decision. We’ll also work with you to iron out all the fine details of your project.

For example, if you’re matching your company’s brand colors or home décor, this is when we would create and send out epoxy resin color samples for you to approve.

Periodic email updates will be sent to inform you on how far out your project is from production, and we will reach out by phone when your piece is next in line.

4. Now, the building can begin!

Building your custom piece can take several weeks depending on the complexity of the project. However long the process, we’ll keep you updated with progress pictures, phone calls, and even video chats.

5. It’s finally time to ship your project!

Before your project is shipped, the remaining balance due must be paid plus shipping costs. From there, it’s time to schedule shipment and delivery. Each project we ship out is safely packed into custom-built crates and wrapped with foam padding to ensure a safe arrival. Then you can get to the fun part… Put your piece in its intended spot and enjoy!



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