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3D Modeling

Your Design... Rendered by Experts.

Tables like these will have 3D models rendered and approved by you.

When your furniture design is a little more complicated than a live edge desk or a simple river table, we offer you the option to see your design 3-D modeled by one of our artists for your approval. This service is beneficial for those who want logos or topographical features engraved into their piece, for river tables with special added features, and for other unique and complex furniture designs. It's also ideal to help you understand how the custom tabletop and base you select or create work together in harmony. 

You will recieve several photos showing off various angles of the project, such as those seen below.

What Does a Custom Furniture Render Look Like?

Below are some sample rendered models. 3-D models of your design idea give you the opportunity to review the design and collaborate directly with our design team to perfect it or just iron out the fine details. After each set of changes is applied, you can review and make changes until you are completely satisfied and confident in the final design.

Total maximum file size: 5 MB. Please use: jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, png, pdf, bmp.

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