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CNC Engraving

See An Accurate Topographical Feature Etched Into Your Table.

In the video displayed here, watch our Shaper Origin technician map out the design of a lake near a customer's home using one of these portable smart CNC machines.

Our 6,000 square foot facility has a custom CNC machine and we also have several partners local to Cleveland, Ohio, that we use as CNC vendors to keep our timelines as promised when demand unexpectedly increases. Custom CNC routing allows you to get anything engraved into the surface of your table. Some choices by recent customers include company names and logos, local topography (nearby rivers, streams, and bays), inlays for items like compasses, and initials of couples.

Our CNC capabilities allow for several layers of complexity in a topographical feature, including accurate "elevation topography," to depict the height of mountains, or the depth of a lake.

Custom CNC designs can be rendered in a 3-D modeling program and proofed for your approval before work begins. When you begin building with us, we will likely suggest you see a 3D render from our team for complicated etched designs before any cutting actually begins.

Pricing varies widely depending on the complexity of the design you want CNC engraved into the slab. See the bottom of this page for pricing details, or visit our pricing page.

CNC Engraved Furniture Examples

Our CNC machine lets us do a lot. If you're interested in branding/logos in your table instead, click here. Below are some CNC engraved and epoxy resin filled topographical features on custom furniture projects from past clients. 

Total maximum file size: 5 MB. Please use: jpg, jpeg, gif, tiff, png, pdf, bmp.

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