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Custom Dining Tables

Your dining room is a statement.

The Making Of An Epoxy Resin River Table From Beginning To End

Your dining room is the ideal place to express your creativity and unique artistic passions. Your dining table is the focal point of that space, and a solid wood table with an epoxy resin river running through it beats a tablecloth and runner any day, especially when it is co-designed by you and the the furniture design experts at CVCF. When your epoxy resin river table is finished, we can ship anywhere within the continental U.S., or install by-hand if you are local to Cleveland, Ohio. Just fill out the form to the right to submit your furniture design idea, or request a build based on one of our customer’s past designs, which can be found below, or you can explore our gallery.

When you co-design a piece with us, you tell us what you want it to look like, you select the wood slabs via email or video call, you decide on the epoxy color and legs, and we keep you in the loop every step of the way! The experience of helping to “build” your furniture with CVCF is almost as rewarding as having the river dining room table on which to serve your family and guests.

Excellence in every custom product

Each river table is made with care, using only the most high quality components. Every slab is kiln dried to less 8% moisture content, which prevents warping over time. We use reputable brands for our resin - including Ecopoxy and Totalboat's products. And, for our finishes, we use the most durable catalyzed lacquer Mohawk Finishing Products has available. Visit our materials page for more information.

To see more about pricing our products, visit our prices page

You can submit your furniture design, or request a build based on one of our customer’s past designs – some of which can be found below, or you can explore our gallery.

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How does the process work?

Dining room tables of all sizes can be custom made by our craftsmen, along with your choice of pre-made or completely custom legs and base. You decide everything, including whether or not the piece has live edge or epoxy resin, and of course, the dimensions and other design specifications.

Check out a small selection of custom design options below. Then, check out recent epoxy dining table designs made for businesses and customers across the U.S.

See pricing near the bottom of this page.

Most Popular Dining Room Table Wood Choices

Below are some - but not all - of the wood species available for custom projects. You can also send your own wood slabs for production, or ask our team for the available selection of exotic woods, which includes redwood, tiger maple, purple heart, and more.

Most Popular Epoxy Resin Colors

Colors come in every variety. We have our standard catalogue, some of which is shown below. Any color can be mixed to create a custom color, or, we can create a custom color to meet your specifications. For custom colors, sample swatches will be created and sent to you for approval.

You don't have to use epoxy resin in your project. We're happy to build regular live edge or farmhouse tables as well.

Dining Room Tables We've Built Recently

Most Popular Table Legs & Bases

Bases and legs are also customized and custom made to your tastes and desires. We currently have two "tiers" of base styles - standard and specialty. Within these groups, each base style is custom made to properly support the dimensions and aesthetic of your tabletop.

You can also have your legs/base custom made. Just send your concept, we will refine it and send 3D models for your approval. Then, it's built. Forged and welded from scratch.

Pricing Your Dining Room Table

Prices vary based on a vast number of factors surrounding the complexity and requirements of your custom table. Factors involving your tabletop include: your species of wood, the amount of epoxy, the thickness of your chosen slab, the length of your table, what kind of embedded items you choose in your table, and if you want the piece to light up with custom LED light installation beneath the resin.

The legs or base you choose can also greatly impact pricing. "Standard" bases are cheaper than "specialty," and "specialty" bases will usually be cheaper than completely custom legs or bases. Choosing a custom option with ergonomic functions, or the ability to electronically control the height of the tabletop (making it into a standing table/desk) will increase the net price of your project.

Send us your design ideas.

We help you take your design to reality. From the wood type, to the epoxy color or special services you choose, we can help build it.

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