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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF
Custom Epoxy and River Tables For Sale Online and Locally

Custom Epoxy & River Tables For Sale Online & Locally

CVCF Can Build You A River Table Any Way You Want

How Epoxy Tables & River Tables Are Handmade In The US

You can buy a custom built epoxy resin river and live edge wood dining table for sale online or locally (US only) at a Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture shop. Prices for small river tables start at $1,900+. Submit your design idea and get a quote. We build completely custom epoxy resin river tables for families and businesses across the United States that order them online.

Epoxy River Table With Embedded Objects & CNC Engraved Logo
Epoxy River Conference Table with CNC Carved Logo Custom Built By CVCF

CVCF artists, craftsmen and designers build amazing custom epoxy resin river tables and live edge wood furniture for customers throughout the United States. CVCF river table builders specialize in creating unique walnut river dining tables and high quality handmade kitchen countertops. Black walnut river tables are for sale here

Call Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture at 440-591-5511 or email to receive a quote for a custom made river dining table or for custom built epoxy resin and wood furniture. You can buy a custom built river table online or locally near you in the US at a Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture shop.

We handcraft custom made conference tables in any shape or size, as well as trendy epoxy resin ocean tables. We are experts at using CNC machines to carve custom logos, branding elements and other custom design features into various pieces of custom furniture.

You can order a custom built epoxy resin river table online or locally from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. Live edge dining tables, conference tables, desks and coffee table can be customized in a variety of different designs using all kinds of furniture materials.

CVCF river table makers love to embed rocks and stones into epoxy resin rivers. CVCF river table designers have years of experience at incorporating LED lights into custom made epoxy resin river tables when a customer requests this feature.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture specializes in building and selling unique, high-end and one-of-a-kind custom river tables, epoxy resin river coffee tablesocean tablesriver dining tables and epoxy and live edge wood furniture.

Watch a video on YouTube to learn the secrets to making America's finest epoxy river tables from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, here. Since the company was founded in 2013, we have sold, designed, built and shipped many live edge river tables and black walnut epoxy river tables, which are extremely popular with our customers in the United States and Canada.

See pictures of epoxy river tables for saleriver dining tables we have sold online and other examples of our work in our project gallery, here. Prices for custom made epoxy river tables from CVCF start at $1,900+.

Buy Custom Epoxy Resin And Natural Live Edge Wood Furniture From Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

Custom built epoxy resin river tables are for sale locally (U.S. only) and online from CVCF. Submit your custom furniture design idea and get a quote. We ship to all 50 states. Our customers choose the wood slab, epoxy resin river colors, legs, bases and objects that are embedded into the epoxy resin river. Call Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture at 440-591-5511 to order a custom designed river table or a handmade custom size desk.

Custom Epoxy Table And Resin River Table Builders And Makers At CVCF

Learn about the talented custom epoxy resin table makers and creative custom river table designers at CVCF, here. Eight of the top epoxy resin and wood table builders at CVCF are Sheldon Myeroff, Zach Schulte, Eric Goodfellow, Sky Ironhorse, Eldon Watts, Brandon Watts and Hank Schulte

If you have a custom furniture project in mind and you want a price, you may reach out to our team, or use the form below to start the conversation and recieve an itemized quote. We will be happy to discuss several design variables than can reduce the overall cost of your project if necessary. Before making any final decisions, you can recieve digital 3-D models, and physical samples of woods and epoxy colors for a small fee.

To Contact Us Directly Or To Submit Your Furniture Design Idea Please Complete The Form Below

The Very Best In Unique And Custom Handmade River Tables

L-Shaped Beach Themed Epoxy River Countertop With Embedded Seashells

Taking the natural beauty of the outdoors and bringing it indoors is our goal with every piece of furniture we create. Yet it is our river tables that capture the look and feel of nature more than any of our other creations. River tables are created when two live edges of a hardwood slab are placed facing each other a slight distance apart and colored epoxy is poured into the resulting gap.

CVCF handcrafts custom made epoxy resin river tables, river table desks (epoxy resin desks), epoxy resin river kitchen countertops and epoxy resin river coffee tables. CVCF specializes in incorporating corporate logos and company branding elements into custom furniture through the use of CNC carving.

Get epoxy river table ideas, here. Watch videos to learn about making a river table, here. Meet the river tables designers, epoxy table makers, the top American furniture designersepoxy and wood furniture builders and epoxy resin artsts, here. See photographs of black epoxy river tables that were custom built by CVCF in 2021, here. Watch a video to learn how to make an epoxy river table, from beginning to end, here.

Check out a wide selection of in stock river tables bases and legs that you can order, here. Find your favorite river table epoxy resin colors, here. When you order a customized epoxy table or river top table online from CVCF, you choose from the best wood slabs. CVCF also sells in stock live edge furniture

CVCF is currently taking orders for epoxy resin river kitchen tables, cocktail (end, sofa, console, hallway and side) tables, dining tables, epoxy resin kitchen island tops and conference tables made with the best natural live edge wood slabs.

Shop online for river tables on Etsy from CVCF, here. See pictures of epoxy resin and live edge wood slab furniture custom made by CVCF, here. To see a list of pages on this new Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture web site (launched on July 12, 2021), or a list of pages on the original Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture web site, which is now located at, visit our site map, here.

Black Walnut Epoxy River Dining Tables For Sale Locally (U.S. Only) And Near You

Custom CNC Carved Topographical Epoxy River Tables For Sale Online

CVCF also makes CNC carved topographical map tables. Any topographical feature, design, or image can be CNC carved into a custom table or piece of furniture, and then filled with any color of epoxy resin.

See how CVCF craftsman used a CNC machine to carve a portion of the Chesapeake Bay into a live edge dining table, here. The CNC carved Chesapeake Bay was then filled with a stunning blue epoxy resin. The "river table" was shipped to a customer in Pennsylvania in 2020. To see how CVCF used a CNC machine to make an 18' custom modular conference river table with a blue epoxy resin "Mississippi River", watch a video on YouTube, here.


Information On River Tables And Epoxy Resin From Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture


  • How Much Does A River Table Cost?

    • Small river tables range from $800 – $4,000, and larger river tables range from $1,800 – $6,500. 

  • How Thick Should A River Table Be?

    • CVCF frequently uses wood slabs that are 2″ thick to custom build sturdy river tables for customers that order locally and online in the U.S. After sanding, these 2″ thick slabs end up being about 1 3/4″ thick.

  • Are River Tables Strong?

    • Well built epoxy resin river tables made by CVCF with sturdy natural live edge hardwood slabs are extremely durable and can seat 8, 10, 12 or more people. The surfaces of river table tops made by CVCF, are beautiful, strong and virtually impenetrable. The custom metal river table legs and bases handcrafted by CVCF will last for generations without maintenance.

  • Why Is Epoxy So Expensive?

    • The epoxy resins used by CVCF river table builders to coat river table tops are more expensive than casting (polyester or liquid synthetic) resins which are used for molds, figurines, industrial prototypes, jewelry and crafts. Casting resins cost less than clear epoxy resins but CVCF normally uses more expensive epoxy resins to build the highest quality handcrafted and custom designed river tables, due to their strength.

  • What Is The Best Epoxy For A River Table?

    • CVCF uses many types of epoxy resins to build epoxy resin river tables and epoxy resin wooden countertops at our U.S. custom furniture manufacturing facility. CVCF river table builders prefer to use crystal clear high performance epoxy resins for wood slab countertops, kitchen countertops and dining room table tops because these epoxy resins are reliable and durable. The epoxy resins used by CVCF are resistant to burns, stains, scratches, gouges, cracks and chips.

Epoxy Resin River Table Top Wood Options Are Endless | A Few Live Edge Wood Slab Epoxy River Dining Table Tops Are Shown Below

CVCF only makes custom epoxy resin furniture out of solid wood slabs—generally with the live edge included. The woods below are the ones we find make the best river tables. A dark river with light wood is awesome. A light river with dark wood is even more awesome. You can’t go wrong! Our customers can pick out the exact slab they want when we take them into our wood warehouse or supplier’s lumberyard via video technology.

Our workshop is in the Chagrin Valley of Ohio, an area that supports the growth of hundreds of wood species on sustainable farms. Give us a call at 440-591-5511 and Sheldon will help you with your wood selection.

At CVCF, we make our own custom metal legs, often based on our customer’s own table leg concepts. Get inspired by some of our designs, or order one you see below. You can send us a photo or drawing of a leg you want us to reproduce. Then tell us what kind of tabletop you want. At CVCF, we cover all the bases (and legs)!


CVCF Artisans Layer And Embed Anything Into Epoxy Resin Rivers For Custom Made Live Edge Dining And Coffee Tables

  • CVCF Clients Send Us Rocks, Fish, LED Lights, Stones, Bullets, Glass And All Kinds Of Memorabilia That They Want In Their River

  • CNC Carved Company Logos And Family Names Are Filled With Any Color Epoxy Resin

  • Common Requests From Customers For Custom Built River Tables Are Show Below

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture has become more creative in our execution of river table designs by adding decorative elements in the resin before it cures. Taking the “river” concept to its logical conclusion, our builders can make tables embedded with smooth stones, rocks, shells, crystals and more that line the bottom of the resin, adding a premium rustic, outdoorsy flair to an already stunning concept.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture sells and handcrafts completely custom epoxy resin and wood furniture, river coffee tables and wood and resin dining tables. CVCF craftspeople make the highest quality epoxy resin river tables in the U.S. Buy custom furniture for sale near you or online from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.


Our woodworkers and resin artists create one-of-a-kind resin art tables, bar tops, epoxy resin and wood kitchen island tops, countertops, table tops and epoxy resin ocean tables.

We make epoxy resin and wood conference tables, custom river tables, ocean coffee tables and epoxy resin and wood waterfall tables for families, homes, cottages, restaurants, business offices, hotels, sports bars and corporate customers throughout the United States. 

The Chagrin Valley process is different from other custom furniture makers (builders) because we only make true custom furniture. That means you don’t go online to order and pay at the start of the process. With CVCF, you are part of the custom furniture-making process every step of the way as together we create a completely new, one-of-a-kind piece of epoxy resin furniture, specific to your unique needs and desires.


You give us your design idea, choose the epoxy color, wood slab, make tweaks in the design, all remotely through video technology. You can even have an emblem or your company logo machined into the wood and filled with epoxy, or embed items in the epoxy such as school and college logos, rocks, crystals, and other sentimental memorabilia.


We harvest our wood sustainably, often under the direction of the U.S. Forest Service. This ensures the long term health of the forest. We spend up to 2 years removing moisture from the logs before starting to work with them. This helps prevent warping and cracking of the wood.


Our 6,000 sq. ft. workshop is fully equipped to handle all the challenges of making a beautiful epoxy resin river table, which includes a temperature controlled, clean spray room for a smoother, scratch-resistant coat. We also offer a large variety of metal and wood legs, plus you can design your own legs if you wish.


Our furnishings include custom epoxy resin river tables, epoxy resin river beds and headboards, epoxy resin desks, epoxy resin wall art, rustic to modern farmhouse tables, barn doors, benches, countertops, shelves and so much more.


Prices for our conference tables are based on such factors as size, wood species, live edge/not live edge, conference table components, epoxy resin, engraved company names, engraved logos, embedded objects in epoxy resin rivers, etc.


Prices for our solid wood and live edge conference tables start at about $4,500, average about $9,000, and top off at about $18,000. Prices for conference tables with epoxy resin rivers and epoxy-filled CNC logos or scenes will cost more.

The epoxy resin and wood river tables for sale online here are the highest quality river tables handcrafted by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in Ohio. Prices for river tables start at $2,100. Epoxy waterfall table prices start at $2,100. River dining tables prices start at $4,500.

  • Buy An Epoxy Resin & Wood River Table Online

  • Epoxy Table Prices From $1,900

  • Custom Made By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

  • Live Edge Tables For Sale

  • Epoxy Waterfall Tables $1,900

  • High-End Epoxy River Dining Table $4,500

  • Handcrafted By Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture In Ohio

  • Buy Walnut Rive Coffee Table $2,400

  • River Table With Seashells $5,300

  • Epoxy Tables & River Tables For Sale Online At Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

  • The Highest Quality Custom Made Resin And Wood Tables Are Handcrafted By CVCF

Here Is How We Do It

We make every table and piece of furniture differently because we do exactly what our customers want. Of course we make suggestions and give advice, but before we start building a new river table or furnishing, we know just what our client is looking for. Sure it takes a little technology and drafting expertise to make this happen remotely. But, as luck would have it, most people have a really smart phone and a computer these days, and we know how to design and build completely custom furnishings, so it works out alright.

Our one-of-a-kind approach to building heirloom quality furniture is rare in the United States these days – but that suits us. Sure, there are thousands of individual river table builders on Etsy you can choose from, but CVCF is a real team of woodworkers with many years of shared experience. This is our day job. Sometimes it is our night and weekend job as well. We take it seriously. We make, deliver and install some of the highest quality river tables in the entire United States.

We are veteran carpenters and young woodworkers who love building stuff. We never get bored handcrafting really high quality, built-to-last, high end custom furniture for people that appreciate the old-fashioned approach to customer service.  We don’t try to take on more projects than we can handle to make more money because we don’t want to be rushed.  We like to take our time and do it right.

Most of the river tables we make are for discerning customers who want a really high quality table or piece of furniture. If you are looking for a really inexpensive river table, CVCF is probably not your best option.  We build river tables for fashionable family dining rooms, resort cafes, luxury hotel lobbies, restaurant chains, lodges, cabins, outdoor patios and corporate boardrooms.  The time we take just to put the multiple coats of finish on the tables we build would surprise you.  Our dynamic team takes their time building what our customers want because they deserve the extra effort. When prompted, project manager Shel Myeroff will suggest the highest quality woods, resins, table legs and finishes, because some of our clients are looking for the best of the best.

Buy a custom made epoxy resin and wood table made with your vinyl decal, favorite sports team emblem, logo, stickers, college mascot or personal family pictures embedded under the epoxy in the table top.

We are a company that specializes and focuses on manufacturing extremely high quality furniture for customers in the U.S. because our clients are the type of people that value old-fashioned impeccable craftsmanship and quality over price. We blend art, design and woodworking to create stunning, sturdy, visually appealing and long-lasting heirloom furniture that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Our veteran woodworkers and experienced metalsmiths welcome all kinds of imaginative design projects. Every day, we look forward to receiving amazing river table design ideas from amazing Americans that want a really great river table custom made for their new home, office, conference room, boardroom room, bar, business, school, RV, boat or yacht.

Some of the favorite types of river tables we handcraft are fancy (and trendy) live edge wood and epoxy resin river dining tables that have glass, pebbles, river rocks, gems, crystals, sea shells or stones embedded into a meandering blue resin river.


Large river conference tables that seat 8-12 people with LED lights are a lot of fun to make as well. See pictures shown below of custom river tables we have “co-designed” with our customers or peruse a photo gallery. CVCF custom furniture designers and makers recommend the best types of wood for epoxy tables and river tables such as 2″ thick black walnut live edge wood slabs.

Custom Epoxy Resin Office And Computer Desks For Sale


Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture specializes in custom live edge epoxy resin and wood river desks and workstations, including ergonomic adjustable height desks. In these times with so many people working out of their homes, it is important to have a workspace that works for you while offering you comfort and peace of mind. Since you get to custom design your own furniture for CVCF to build, you are assured of getting a desk or workstation that fits your space, matches your décor, fulfills your vision, and elevates the character of your home office. These custom river desks and workstations are ideal for home offices, places of business, hotels, and for the staff at restaurants, bars, and commercial developments.


Prices for our custom built epoxy resin and wood desks range from $3,000 to $6,000 based on the type of wood, desk features and desk size. Ergonomically designed height adjustable river desks will generally cost more, based on the features you choose. We can make straight or L-shaped configurations, add shelves, computer and electronics hookups – whatever you want! It’s your desk and your design.


Custom Live Edge Furniture For Sale


CVCF builds live edge furniture, live edge dining and conference tables using 2″ thick black walnut slabs. Black walnut wood is a very hard strong and straight dark brown wood that is shock resistant. Black walnut timber is popular because the fine-grained heartwood is excellent for making fine furniture.  Cambia wood, (thermally modified to increase durability) is another dark wood that CVCF uses to make custom live edge conference tables. CVCF uses black walnut and cambia wood (poplar and red oak) to craft handmade live edge conference tables that can be 10′, 11′, 12′, 16′ or 32′ in length. A common width for a black walnut conference table is 4′.


The Japanese-American architect George Nakashima, winner of the Institute of Architects’ Gold Craftsmanship Medal, favored black walnut slabs and used the natural edges of the wood as part of his finished pieces of furniture to emphasize and celebrate nature’s imperfections.

Custom Made Rustic Furniture For Sale


CVCF also specializes in rustic furniture—many pieces are made from reclaimed barn wood—and live-edge pieces that incorporate the natural edge of the wood into the look. CVCF also handcrafts custom made live edge epoxy resin river headboards and live edge wood beds for customers all across the United States.  We won’t bore you by explaining the wood joinery techniques used by the CVCF craftsmen but they include dovetails, wedged-through tenons, wood-to-wood joinery, pegged mortises and tenons and half-laps. The CVCF woodworkers and carpenters use these techniques to make high quality river tables, custom cabinets and custom furniture.


Many of these pieces also incorporate a waterfall (or riverbed), which is a technique using epoxy resin to create a colorful accent. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture’s critically acclaimed epoxy resin furniture has become a sought-for name in modern furniture, finding its place in businesses, restaurants, and homes across the United States. PRWeb is among many of the news syndicates that have brought national attention to CVCF in the wake of their growing popularity. Learn more about epoxy resin wood furniture for sale here, or about Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture’s presence in homes and businesses across the USA by clicking the button below.

CVCF uses decorative layered resin art and natural wood slabs to build one of the hottest types of furniture on the market in 2023 – ‘Wood & Resin Ocean Coast Tables‘. CVCF woodworkers and resin specialists use an epoxy resin technique to make it look as if ocean waves are crashing. CVCF sells ocean wave resin tables, resin wave tables, beach scene epoxy tables, moving ocean tables, epoxy resin ocean art, ocean epoxy tables, live edge ocean shore coffee tables, ocean resin coffee tables, ocean surf coffee tables, wood and resin ocean coast tables, resin beach tables and custom epoxy resin “Ocean Tables” that capture ocean waves crashing on a beach. CVCF makes coffee tables with ocean waves that move. CVCF is a U.S. based ocean resin table manufacturer that specializes in combining decorative layered resin art with  live edge wood slabs, reclaimed wood and walnut slabs.


These ‘Ocean Tables‘ are one of the most trendy pieces of furniture on the market in 2023. See pictures of an amazing custom handmade live edge epoxy resin ocean table that CVCF custom built. Watch a step-by-step guide to making epoxy resin ocean tables.


CVCF uses blue and white epoxy resins to build ‘Ocean Tables’ that capture the idea of moving tides and waves crashing on a shoreline. ”Ocean Tables’ can also be made using epoxy resin and concrete (concrete looks like sand).  Because many of CVCF’s customers in the U.S. have been inspired by our river tables, we are now taking orders for ‘Ocean Tables’ and “Canyon Tables’. Watch a YouTube tutorial video to learn different resin techniques to create epoxy resin art ocean waves and beach inspired seascapes in wood surfaces. Submit your design idea for a custom ‘Ocean Table’ here to get a price quote or call 440-591-5511.

How Does CVCF Build ‘Canyon Tables’ or ‘Canyon River Tables’?


Canyons are beautiful. A river runs through the beautiful ‘Canyon Tables' custom built by CVCF. ‘Canyon Tables’ are a style of river tables that use a wood slab layering effect to simulate a river running through a gorge. The stunning one-of-a-kind ‘Canyon Tables” custom built by CVCF simulate a deep gorge with a river flowing through it. These pieces of functional art combine the elegance and tranquility of running water with the drama and depth showcased canyons. ‘Canyon River Tables’ are made from solid natural wood, live edge wood slabs, glass, epoxy resin and normally come with custom steel legs and bases. CVCF uses two distinct pieces of live edge wood to surround an epoxy resin river that suggests a river running through a canyon. CVCF sells Canyon River Tables to customers throughout the U.S. and ships them to all 50 states.


The handcrafted Canyon Tables” built by CVCF in Cleveland, Ohio showcase a deep cleft in the center of the dining table, coffee table, side table, kitchen table, countertop or conference table. Our woodworkers create a weathered and erosive look caused by the river in the table by using our fine woodworking skills and epoxy resin expertise. We take river tables a step further by making the epoxy resin rivers look like they are cutting through the underlying surfaces of the gorgeous wood slabs. Here is an example of a ‘Grand Canyon River Table’. CVCF builds ‘Canyon River Tables’ using cherry wood, black walnut, oak, hickory and spalted maple. CVCF also showcases the beauty of running water by building custom live edge wood and epoxy resin waterfall tables and waterfall desks. Submit your design idea for a custom ‘Canyon River Table’ here to get a price quote or call 440-591-5511.

How Much Do Custom Conference Tables Cost?

Price Ranges For Custom Conference Tables For Sale At Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture


Standard Custom Conference Table Prices Start At $4,500+ Delivery


Types Include:


  • Industrial Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Live Edge Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Natural & Reclaimed Wood Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Modern Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs

Prices For A Custom Made Wood And Steel Conference Table With A CNC Designed And Engraved Brand Or Logo


  • Seating Capacity For 6: From $5,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 8: From $8,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 10: From $10,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 12: From $12,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs

Prices For A Custom Made Wood And Steel Conference Table With An Epoxy Resin River


  • Seating Capacity For 6: From $5,600+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 8: From $6,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 10: From $7,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 12: From $9,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs

Prices For A Custom Made Wood And Steel Conference Table With An Epoxy Resin River And A CNC Designed And Engraved Epoxy Resin Logo


  • Seating Capacity For 6: From $6,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 8: From $8,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 10: From $10,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs

  • Seating Capacity For 12: From $12,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs

Types Or River Tables We Sell


  • River Dining Tables For Sale

  • Epoxy River Tables For Sale

  • Stunning Live Edge River Tables For Sale

  • River Coffee Tables For Sale

  • Waterfall Tables

  • River Tables With 3D Fish

  • River Tables Handcrafted Using Bio-Based Epoxy Resin

  • Live Edge River Tables That Glow In The Dark

  • Epoxy Wood Tables For Sale

  • Console Table With Epoxy Resin Inlays

  • Unique Custom Made “A River Runs Through It” Coffee Tables For Sale

  • Wood And Resin Dining Tables For Sale

  • Round River Tables For Sale

  • Live Edge And Epoxy Resin River Desks With Extensive Customization

  • Soothing Natural Stone And Resin Coffee Tables

  • River Tables That Feature Facsimiles Actual U.S. Rivers Such As The Missouri, Mississippi, Ohio, Colorado and Hudson River Embedded In The Wood Slab

  • Handmade Custom River Tables With Facsimiles Of USA Lakes Made With Epoxy Resin Such as Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Ontario, Lake Superior And Lake Huron

  • Custom River Tables That Use Epoxy Resin Colors Featured In College Team Logos Such As The Ohio State University Buckeyes Colors Of Scarlet, Grey, White And Black


Share Your Design Idea With Shel To Get Started


Walnut river tables are awesome.  Black walnut river tables are very popular in the USA in 2019 because the kiln dried dark-colored, straight grained true heartwood contrasts so vividly with a blue epoxy resin river.  The craftsmen at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture love to make custom designed tables from walnut wood slabs because it is so darn beautiful and workable.  CVCF loves to use black walnut wood for woodworking projects. Although it is not as readily available in the USA, CVCF has a few secret sources for this cherished wood. American Black Walnut is the darling of the CVCF craftsmen. CVCF designs, handcrafts ships, delivers and assembles black walnut river tables, epoxy resin furniture and live edge waterfall benches for customers across the USA. Prices for small walnut river coffee tables start at $825.  Simply provide CVCF with your walnut river table design requirements to receive a quote for your woodworking project.


Popular Epoxy Resin Colors For Custom Made River Tables, Custom Epoxy Resin Desks And Custom Live Edge Desks For Sale


  • Red

  • Black

  • Gray

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Dark Blue

  • Turquoise

  • Light Blue

  • Sky Blue

  • Azure

  • Navy

  • Teal

  • Gray With White

  • Lava

  • Maroon

  • Copper

  • Saddle

  • Crimson

  • Onyx

  • Glacier

  • Black And White

  • Emerald

  • Clear

  • Dark Blue-Green


The Process

When creating a river table, a clear epoxy resin is poured into a rectangular or custom mold with the target live edge slabs in place. Additional resin mixed with the chosen color or colors is then added to meet the specifications of the project, and then any other objects are set – such as gold flakes or crystals. Between pours, the epoxy is stirred within the form to prevent any settling of color or the creation of bubbles.

Then we let the epoxy cure and harden and remove the mold. Next, we sand down any imperfections. The wood is finally sprayed or finished with the desired top coating for durability, aesthetics, and/or longevity.

Non-Tabletop Furniture With Epoxy Resin “River” Designs


We also sell types of furniture with epoxy resin designs that utilize live edge wood, but are not to be used as a tabletop or to attach a steel base. Seen below, we built this live edge headboard for a client looking for a matching frame and end tables with our signature blue river design. Any kind of luxury, live edge or rustic furniture with a natural edge can be fitted into a mold and poured with the color of epoxy resin you’re looking for. This can include live edge headboards, chairs, benches, cabinets, buffets, cabinet doors, display cases, entertainment centers, mantels, shelves and more. Seen below are two examples of a live edge walnut headboard and bedroom set, as well as a live edge walnut bench with epoxy resin poured and cured in the final product. You can contract pieces like these from anywhere in the United States through our customer service-oriented remote design process. Start by contacting us.

River Table Prices

Pricing a river table design varies widely, depending on wood type, size, the chosen legs/base, and the overall complexity of the project. River tables can be made for tables of any purpose, including coffee tables, side tables, dining room tables, and conference room tables.


So Who Invented The River Table?

From time to time, the river table builders at CVCV get asked, “Who invented the river table?” Although the talented Washington-based artist and furniture-maker, Greg Klassen trademarked the word “River” in regards to furniture design, he certainly did not invent the river table or the use of epoxy resin in artistic furniture or the concept of resin casting.  Epoxy, and thermosetting resins, first became a household word in the 1960s, when a new breed of super-strong adhesives started to appear in local hardware stores. Its extensive use dates back as far as the 1940s.

Natural resins have been used since as early as the days of ancient Egypt, and more extensively in the 1200’s AD by the Mongols. The Mongols invented the world’s first composite (made of multiple components) bow, which were bound together with natural pine resin. Many historians suggest that these were the most formidable weapons in the world until firearms emerged a couple centuries later. It was also a long-time material for ship-builders, as it was an excellent sealant and waterproofing agent on wooden vessels.

Epoxy resin, mixed with pigment, may be used as a painting medium, by pouring layers on top of each other to form a complete picture. It is also used in jewelry, as a doming resin for decorations and labels, and in decoupage type applications for art, wood countertops, and custom river tables handcrafted by CVCF.

Over, seventy-five years ago, in a small lab in Louisville, Kentucky, Dr. Sylvan O. Greenlee invented a material that may have seemed ordinary to most, but he knew that he had just discovered a material that would enable the future. That landmark discovery was liquid epoxy resin.

Learn More About Epoxy Resins From Wikipedia

Epoxy is either any of the basic components or the cured end products of epoxy resins, as well as a colloquial name for the epoxide functional group. Epoxy resins, also known as polyepoxides, are a class of reactive prepolymers and polymers which contain epoxide groups. Condensation of epoxides and amines was first reported and patented by Paul Schlack of Germany in 1934. Claims of discovery of bisphenol-A-based epoxy resins include Pierre Castan in 1943. Castan’s work was licensed by Ciba, Ltd. of Switzerland, which went on to become one of the three major epoxy resin producers worldwide. Ciba’s epoxy business was spun off as Vantico in the late 1990s, which was subsequently sold in 2003 and became the Advanced Materials business unit of Huntsman Corporation of the United States. In 1946, Sylvan Greenlee, working for the Devoe & Raynolds Company, patented resin derived from bisphenol-A and epichlorohydrin. Devoe & Raynolds, which was active in the early days of the epoxy resin industry, was sold to Shell Chemical; the division involved in this work was eventually sold, and via a series of other corporate transactions is now part of Hexion Inc.

Epoxy adhesives are a major part of the class of adhesives called “structural adhesives” or “engineering adhesives” (that includes polyurethane, acrylic, cyanoacrylate, and other chemistries.) These high-performance adhesives are used in the construction of aircraft, automobiles, bicycles, boats, golf clubs, skis, snowboards, and other applications where high strength bonds are required. Epoxy adhesives can be developed to suit almost any application. They can be used as adhesives for wood, metal, glass, stone, and some plastics. They can be made flexible or rigid, transparent or opaque/colored, fast setting or slow setting. Epoxy adhesives are better in heat and chemical resistance than other common adhesives. In general, epoxy adhesives cured with heat will be more heat- and chemical-resistant than those cured at room temperature. The strength of epoxy adhesives is degraded at temperatures above 350 °F (177 °C).

Reviews From Our Customers

I ordered a custom coffee table and sideboard storage cabinet. The attention to detail and design far exceeded all expectations. I have pieces that will be passed down through generations. The staff is excellent to work and plan with. On both pieces and I now have a cohesive decor. Many, many thanks to Zach and the staff at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

Gab D’Errico

We looked at a lot of River table websites and YouTube videos before contacting Chagrin Valley. They walked us through the design process and selection of the wood. Since we couldn’t be present for the wood selection we had to rely on them. We wanted the rivers in our area ( Colorado, Roaring Fork, Crystal, and Frying Pan) plus our house depicted. We also wanted our initials as part of the legs. All this was accomplished and I believe we got a beautiful table. The pics I have attached show the table, it’s legs, and the depiction of our house location.

Walter Weathers

This is the MOST amazing piece of furniture I have ever seen. I was looking for a unique dining room table and searched several high end furniture websites for ideas. I contacted CVCF and they helped me create this masterpiece of Denali from an abstract concept to the final product. I was involved every step of the way. Pictures do not do this table the justice it deserves. I am beyond happy with this company from the communication, responsiveness, professionalism and of course, the finished product.

Jennifer Lombrano

I COULD NOT be more thrilled with my resin table from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the table and I receive SO many compliments from just about everyone that sees it. Sheldon was extremely helpful and personal from the 1st email/phone call. Eric, Sheldon and the entire team was so very helpful and kind! I have been researching and shopping for a resin table for almost 5 years. This custom experience was worth the time! Thank you to ALL!!

Kim Neppl

My wife and I just finished a dining room renovation project. Working with Zach and his team was an absolute pleasure. To call the folks at CVCF great woodworkers doesn't seem enough. More accurately, they are artists that use wood, epoxy, and technology to deliver custom works of art. Not only is the finished product first class, but the personalized care and top-notch customer service weave together to make a great story, which is a special part of the process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jonathan Epling

Several months ago I found Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture online. I immediately fell in love with their work! I picked up the phone and called them; Shel answered the phone and after a long conversation he helped me narrow down what I was looking for. Shel then invited me to their facility to see how these custom masterpieces are made. That day I picked out the slabs for my river table. I also worked directly with Zach throughout the process. He was very prompt keeping me up to date on how the table was coming. My table was delivered today and it completely blew my expectations out of the water! The whole process was a world class experience! These are GREAT people to do business with, I would highly recommend them!!

Alex Smith

Working with this team of professionals and even more, so creative group, was an amazing experience from start to finish. I was very specific about what we wanted for our table and base. If I wasn't completely happy with what they sent, they tried again until I knew it was our dream table. It's a one of a kind experience for a one of a kind table! I wanted to add they sent coasters for doing a review and they are spectacular. Like a lil version of our table. Wow just wow

Beth Ross

We worked with Shel and Zach to design a beautiful custom countertop for a beverage center at our lake house in Texas. We received our delivery yesterday! It arrived ahead of our cabinet construction, so we don’t have completed photos yet. We opened the large well made crate just to confirm all went well with the shipping process. It is stunning, and the workmanship and finish is superb! Zach was a great listener, excellent with follow through, creativity and expertise. Even the FedEx delivery man was amazed. He said, “ I do some wood working, may I touch it to feel the smoothness of the transitions?” The character of the wood, and the finish are just perfect! We can’t wait to see the completed project soon! Thank you so much-we will consider this piece the art in the room! We will add photos when project is completed!

Marjo Richmond

Zach and Shel made me a lovely custom sit/stand desk with drawers and extra wide keyboard tray and matching side table. Everything was done perfectly to the measurements I asked for and Shel picked the prefect wood to match my style. These are perfect pieces that are completely custom.

Lindsey Fowler

I'm amazed with the quality and craftsmanship of the boardroom river table CVCF made for us! The first time I talked to Sheldon, he asked me what style of table I was looking for and I told him that I wanted a river table 19' long and 5' wide. I also told him that I wanted it to be made in a steampunk style. He wasn't sure what that was, but boy, did he hit it out of the park with the river table he made for us. It has an industrial style base and an elegant top, and so I call it modern steampunk. It was created for shipment so that it arrived without any damage at all. It's absolutely beautiful! Shel, Zack and all the crew did a wonderful job and were great to work with!

Brendan Ganser

Every step of the process was great. Shel kept me updated on the process. I told them what I was looking for and they found exactly what I wanted. They called me on FaceTime to allow me to see the wood slab and mailed samples of the epoxy before I made the color selection. The end result is AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture! I would recommend this company!

Gregg Buck

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