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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF

Design Options For Custom Desks & Desktops

Live Edge Wood Slabs, L-Shaped, Corner Computer Desks, Epoxy Rivers, Sit/Stand, Power Stations, Drawers, USB Ports, Legs

You Can Request A Quote For A Custom Built Desk & Shipping Costs

Take a look at some of the exquisite custom designed rustic live edge wood desks and custom built modern epoxy resin desks that Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture has built, delivered and shipped to customers located all across the United States in this desk design gallery

You can order a completely customized desk online, locally at a CVCF shop, by calling 440-591-5511, or by emailing the CVCF president, Sheldon Myreoff at

Please feel free to request a price quote for a custom designed and custom built desk. A rate quote for shipping your custom made desk to your home or business can be provided upon request. If you want a very unique custom built live edge computer desk for your home, please submit your design idea to Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. 

If you have special design idea, or size, in mind for a custom made wood and epoxy resin corner desk or L-shaped office desk for your workplace, send your design details and pictures to CVCF by using this email form. Our company president, Shel Myeroff will be happy to give you a price quote for any type of custom desk you want built.

See examples of custom handmade desks sold online and locally by CVCF that incorporate natural live edge wood slabs and epoxy resin designs, in the CVCF custom desk design gallery, here. Learn about design options for custom desks and desk tops for sale near you or online in the United States, here

Watch how CVCF builds custom computer desks, custom L-shaped desks, custom corner desks, custom home office desks and custom desk tops that feature live edge wood slabs and uniqued epoxy resin designs in this video

CVCF ships and delivers handcrafted live edge, steel and epoxy resin furniture, desks and tables via UPS and LTL freight carriers to all 50 states. CVCF proudly builds custom live edge epoxy tables and custom desks and safely ships these products all around the country.

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Custom Built Live Edge & Epoxy Resin Desks For Sale Online & Locally

Learn about design options for custom desks and desk tops for sale near you or online in the U.S. Submit your desk design idea to receive a price quote for a custom built desk and shipping costs. Do you want to know how long a custom desk takes? Call 440-591-5511 to get a cost and time frame for CVCF to build a custom desk for you. 

Learn about the talented custom desk makers and creative desk desingers at CVCF, here. Eight of the top custom desk builders at CVCF are Sheldon Myeroff, Zach Schulte, Eric Goodfellow, Sky Ironhorse, Eldon Watts, Brandon Watts and Hank Schulte.

CVCF desk builders handcraft custom made L-shaped walnut live edge desks with epoxy resin rivers and custom built home office furniture. You are welcome to commission the construction of a custom computer desk, custom walnut desk or a custom built L-shaped live edge home office desk by contacting CVCF, here

You can request a price quote from CVCF for a custom built desk, custom furniture or woodworking, here. Feel free to submit your design idea for a custom made live edge or epoxy desk. Please note that it will take CVCF a few months to collaborate with you during the design phase and to build your custom desk just the way you want before it is delivered or shipped to you.

U.S.-based custom desk makers and woodworkers at CVCF have many years of experience using high quality live edge wood slabs, epoxy resin and steel to make home and business furniture.

CVCF furniture makers are also experts at using reclaimed wood, barnwood, metal, plastic, glass and other unique building materials to handcraft one-of-a-kind desks and custom office furniture. Watch how our company president, Shel Myeroff, selects the ideal live edge wood slabs for custom built desks and tables in this video.

If you were looking for a custom desk builder online, you have come to the right place. You can order a custom ergonomic height adjustable desk, a unique wood and epoxy resin gaming desk, a custom conference table with a company logo, a custom corner desk or a unique live edge wood sit-stand home office desk with your choice of epoxy resin colors. Custom desks are for sale online and locally (US only) and at a CVCF custom furniture shop

Take a look at an ergonomic heigh adjustable live edge walnut L-shaped sit-stand computer and gaming desk custom made by CVCF desk makers, here. Local CVCF desk makers love to build custom executive desks with in-desk power centers and install top-rated power modules in live edge standing desks. See some pictures of gorgeous modern and rustic custom home office furniture that CVCF built, delivered and shipped to some great customers in this gallery.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture woodworkers customize desk design styles to incorporate a contemporary, rustic, farmhouse or modern look, based on our customer's preference. See pictures of a custom built adjustable standing/sitting desk with drawers and extra wide keyboard tray and matching side table handcrafted by CVCF, hereCustom live edge wood desk designscustom epoxy resin desk designs and epoxy tables are extremely popular with our customers and are also really fun to design and build. 

Order Custom Home Office Furniture Or A Wood Desk Online Or Locally

CVCF crafstmen and our shipping manager (Ed Johnson) have years of experience working with clients remotely and shipping custom desks to anywhere in the United States. 

CVCF custom desk designers and builders, like Eric Goodfellow, make it easy and fun for our customers to use telephone and Internet technology to communicate with our desk builders during the collaborative custom desk or home office furniture design process.

We also use FaceTime, phone calls, text messaging and email to collaborate with our clients on the details of custom desk designs and custom conference table designs. This process ensures that CVCF customers are totally satisfied with the one-of-a-kind desk that is shipped to their home or delivered to their business. Meet some of the top custom desk designers, custom desk makers and epoxy resin desk artists at CVCF, here.

CVCF custom desk designers enjoy building L-shaped and U-shaped desks for homes and businesses throughout the United States. CVCF stocks a wide variety of wood species. Take a look at some pictures of a live edge walnut adjustable height rising desk custom built by CVCF and shipped to Utah, here.

Our clients are free to choose from a wide variety of custom epoxy resin colors and sturdy desk building materials to create stunning custom desks. Unique objects can be embedded in epoxy resin rivers, logos, epoxy topographical themes and epoxy resin water scenes on the desk tops.

You can buy custom-built home office furniture locally or online from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, including our handmade live edge wood desks and epoxy resin desks for sale. It is important to have a workspace that works for you while offering you comfort and peace of mind. Since you get to custom design your own furniture for CVCF to build, you are assured of getting a desk or workstation that fits your space, matches your décor, and fulfills your vision. You select the epoxy color, the type of wood, the style, the size, the shape, the features and accessories – it’s your desk and these are your decisions! We’d love to see or hear about your design idea for your dream custom river desk or workstation! Just fill out the "Get a Quote" form on this page, email, or call 440-591-5511 to speak with one of our custom furniture designers.

Buy A Custom Desk [Costs, Live Edge & Epoxy Resin Options] Home Office, L-Shaped & Wood Desk Tops

Watch a video on Home Office, L-Shaped & Wood Desk Tops

Specialized CVCF desks can be designed anyway you want for your home office or business space. CVCF desk builders recently built a really nice live edge maple wood slab ergonomic adjustable height standing desk for a local customer.

CVCF sells one-of-a-kind custom made desks for home offices, gaming and bay windows. We handcraft custom desks and custom desk tops for personal computers (PCs), custom desks with shelves, custom desks with keyboard trays, custom desks with drawers, custom desks with bookshelves and custom desks with hutches.

CVCF desk makers build custom desks with drawers, bookshelves, secret compartments, built-in computer stands, hutches and file cabinets. CVCF desk makers handcraft live edge desks with drawers, epoxy resin desks and tables with storage, custom metal desk legs and custom hairpin desk legs

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is a custom desk builder that sells custom live edge wood and metal desks, custom L-shaped desks, custom epoxy resin desks, custom corner desks, custom desktops and custom desks for home offices and business. Watch this video to learn about the various factors that go into the prices and costs for custom desks sold locally and online in the U.S. You’ll see dozens of desks and desktops that were created by the designers and artisans at Chagrin Valley. We can add trays, drawers, lamps, and plug-ins to any desk. CVCF designs, handcrafts and sells custom-made adjustable height home and small office desks, computer desks, office workstations, studio workstations, multimedia desks, technical desks, professional desks, executive desks, writing desks, reading desks, and sewing desks. 

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture makes custom handmade desks with live edge and colorful epoxy resin designs. The high-end, custom built, L-shaped live edge walnut wood home office desk pictured here was sold online In 2020 for over $6,400. It has a storage drawer and monitor stand. You choose the wood slab, epoxy color, legs and everything else. Embed rocks, crystals, or other items in the epoxy.  Add hidden LED lights to make the epoxy glow. You design it and and we build it! Learn about design options for custom desk and desk tops for sale near you or online in the United States, here. Submit your desk design idea here to receive a quote. See all our custom desks in the Gallery, here.

Custom-Made Ergonomic Live Edge Adjustable Height Desks For Sale.

Watch the Creation of a Custom-Made Ergonomic Live Edge Adjustable Height Desk

This video shows you how a custom live edge adjustable height sit stand desk is designed and built by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. You'll also see a demonstration of the desk being raised and lowered. This ergonomic desk was designed specifically to be good for the customer’s health, good for his work productivity, and good for his spirit – because a beautiful workstation made from real walnut wood is not only functional, it creates a more peaceful and aesthetically pleasing work environment. This piece also features colored epoxy rivers and lakes running through it, plus an automatic push button lift mechanism to adjust to the ideal sitting and standing positions. You can order a sitting/standing desk with a variety of custom-made metal legs, and with either a classic crank or one with a quiet, motorized automatic control height adjustment mechanism. See all our desks with adjustable height functionality, here.

See how CVCF desk design artists create one-of-a-kind CNC carved epoxy-filled topographic tables and CNC engraved desks in this video. See how Shel Myroff, Zach Sculte and other design makers at CVCF built a live edge hickory wood L-shaped epoxy resin sit-stand home office desk in this video.

Since the company was founded in 2013, CVCF custom desk builders such as Shel Myeroff and Zach Schulte have been meeting with local clients in person at our studios. However, most of our clients are located far way from our studios, in states all across the country.

When CVCF customers order a custom desk online, Shel Myeroff, Zach Schulte, Eric Goodfellow, Sky Ironhorse and Ed Johnson use video conference meetings (Zoom) to collaboratively co-design custom desks with our clients.

Custom desks built by CVCF often include CNC carving and engraving options, CNC carved and epoxy filled company logos, unique wood slab options and CNC engraved topographical features

CVCF woodworkers and electricians can incorporate unusual hardware components, unique shapes, rare wood species, electrical sit/stand functionality, monitor stands, drawers and custom legs into any design specified by a customer.

CVCF custom desk builders are highly proficient at installing built-in surface power outlets, pop-up power and data stations, computer desk pop-up power supplies and pop-up data grommets.

Multi-Purpose Desks, Coffee Tables, Kitchen Islands, Dining Tables & Kitchen Tables

Not everyone has space designated as a home office that can accommodate a full-size desk or workstation. No problem. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture can build desk functionality into other custom furnishings. We can design power outlets, cord management, and other accessories that blend seamlessly into a dining table, kitchen table, kitchen island, and even a coffee table such as the one pictured here. This white oak coffee table instantly transforms into a dining table or desk thanks to the hidden lift mechanism in the piece. There is plenty of room inside the piece for storage and plenty of room on top for a computer, books, or knick-knacks. The Midnight Black epoxy design was CNC carved into the tabletop using a Shaper Router and is a representation of Mentor Marsh, a large marsh located on Lake Erie just outside Cleveland, Ohio. Inlaid in the oak is classic a maritime compass. 

When you order a custom desk online or locally from CVCF, you can specify the desk size, desk materials, desk shape and the wood species (maple, walnut, elm, oak).

When you commission a custom desk from CVCF, you can specify the type of desk legs or base, special features (LED lights, embedded rocks, adjustable height functionality) and wood finish.

Watch how CVCF custom furniture makers design and build totally custom epoxy resin river desks with in-laid features in this video. Watch how CVCF custom desk builders handcrafted an blue epoxy resin river studio desk for a New York music producer in 2021 in this video.

CVCF can install electrical and power equipment. Epoxy resin colors can be customized. Popular epoxy resin colors for custom built desks include Deep Blue Sea and black onyx

Our craftspeople are experts at designing and building custom desks for work, gaming, and music and graphic production. Choose from epoxy resin and wood  ‘live edge river desks’, epoxy resin computer desks, epoxy resin office desks, custom L-shaped desks, custom executive desks and custom desks for home and offices. 

We handcraft custom desks and custom desk tops for personal computers, adding shelves, keyboard trays, drawers, bookshelves, monitor stands and hutches. 

If you want to showcase your work room with a unique custom made wood desk, contact Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture to discuss your design idea and get a price quote by filling out the "Get a Quote" form on this page, calling 440-591-5511, or emailing CVCF sells customs desks and desk tops online and locally in the United States.

Designed options for custom built desks, desk tops for sale online and locally by CVCF. Options for custom fabricated epoxy resin and live edge wood desks, adjustable height desks and custom ergonomic home office furniture.

Reviews From Our Customers

Several months ago I found Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture online. I immediately fell in love with their work! I picked up the phone and called them; Shel answered the phone and after a long conversation he helped me narrow down what I was looking for. Shel then invited me to their facility to see how these custom masterpieces are made. That day I picked out the slabs for my river table. I also worked directly with Zach throughout the process. He was very prompt keeping me up to date on how the table was coming. My table was delivered today and it completely blew my expectations out of the water! The whole process was a world class experience! These are GREAT people to do business with, I would highly recommend them!!

Alex Smith

Every step of the process was great. Shel kept me updated on the process. I told them what I was looking for and they found exactly what I wanted. They called me on FaceTime to allow me to see the wood slab and mailed samples of the epoxy before I made the color selection. The end result is AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture! I would recommend this company!

Gregg Buck

My wife and I just finished a dining room renovation project. Working with Zach and his team was an absolute pleasure. To call the folks at CVCF great woodworkers doesn't seem enough. More accurately, they are artists that use wood, epoxy, and technology to deliver custom works of art. Not only is the finished product first class, but the personalized care and top-notch customer service weave together to make a great story, which is a special part of the process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jonathan Epling

This is the MOST amazing piece of furniture I have ever seen. I was looking for a unique dining room table and searched several high end furniture websites for ideas. I contacted CVCF and they helped me create this masterpiece of Denali from an abstract concept to the final product. I was involved every step of the way. Pictures do not do this table the justice it deserves. I am beyond happy with this company from the communication, responsiveness, professionalism and of course, the finished product.

Jennifer Lombrano

Zach and Shel made me a lovely custom sit/stand desk with drawers and extra wide keyboard tray and matching side table. Everything was done perfectly to the measurements I asked for and Shel picked the prefect wood to match my style. These are perfect pieces that are completely custom.

Lindsey Fowler

We looked at a lot of River table websites and YouTube videos before contacting Chagrin Valley. They walked us through the design process and selection of the wood. Since we couldn’t be present for the wood selection we had to rely on them. We wanted the rivers in our area ( Colorado, Roaring Fork, Crystal, and Frying Pan) plus our house depicted. We also wanted our initials as part of the legs. All this was accomplished and I believe we got a beautiful table. The pics I have attached show the table, it’s legs, and the depiction of our house location.

Walter Weathers

We worked with Shel and Zach to design a beautiful custom countertop for a beverage center at our lake house in Texas. We received our delivery yesterday! It arrived ahead of our cabinet construction, so we don’t have completed photos yet. We opened the large well made crate just to confirm all went well with the shipping process. It is stunning, and the workmanship and finish is superb! Zach was a great listener, excellent with follow through, creativity and expertise. Even the FedEx delivery man was amazed. He said, “ I do some wood working, may I touch it to feel the smoothness of the transitions?” The character of the wood, and the finish are just perfect! We can’t wait to see the completed project soon! Thank you so much-we will consider this piece the art in the room! We will add photos when project is completed!

Marjo Richmond

I COULD NOT be more thrilled with my resin table from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the table and I receive SO many compliments from just about everyone that sees it. Sheldon was extremely helpful and personal from the 1st email/phone call. Eric, Sheldon and the entire team was so very helpful and kind! I have been researching and shopping for a resin table for almost 5 years. This custom experience was worth the time! Thank you to ALL!!

Kim Neppl

Working with this team of professionals and even more, so creative group, was an amazing experience from start to finish. I was very specific about what we wanted for our table and base. If I wasn't completely happy with what they sent, they tried again until I knew it was our dream table. It's a one of a kind experience for a one of a kind table! I wanted to add they sent coasters for doing a review and they are spectacular. Like a lil version of our table. Wow just wow

Beth Ross

I ordered a custom coffee table and sideboard storage cabinet. The attention to detail and design far exceeded all expectations. I have pieces that will be passed down through generations. The staff is excellent to work and plan with. On both pieces and I now have a cohesive decor. Many, many thanks to Zach and the staff at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

Gab D’Errico

I'm amazed with the quality and craftsmanship of the boardroom river table CVCF made for us! The first time I talked to Sheldon, he asked me what style of table I was looking for and I told him that I wanted a river table 19' long and 5' wide. I also told him that I wanted it to be made in a steampunk style. He wasn't sure what that was, but boy, did he hit it out of the park with the river table he made for us. It has an industrial style base and an elegant top, and so I call it modern steampunk. It was created for shipment so that it arrived without any damage at all. It's absolutely beautiful! Shel, Zack and all the crew did a wonderful job and were great to work with!

Brendan Ganser

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