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Order a CVCF Brand Computer River Desk For a Home Office with Walnut Wood, Dark Blue Epoxy, L-Shape And Drawer

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This specially-built modern river desk was designed online with a couple from the Modesta, California, area. The dark walnut and dark blue epoxy resin are separated by light streaks of sapwood bordering the river for quite a dramatic effect. Any desk like this can be accessorized with cable management, power outlets, lights, monitor stands, drawers, shelves, and an ergonomic sit-stand mechanism.     


The CVCF Brand custom built desk pictured here was proudly handcrafted by CVCF woodworkers and craftsmen based on our client's specific wood, size, shape, style and hardware requirements. The sturdy and stylish piece of furniture was designed to look just the way our customer wanted. It was safely shipped across the country and delivered to one of CVCF's satisfied customers in California in January of 2022.


CVCF is committed to keeping our forests healthy and productive. The walnut used in this desk was harvested sustainably from a mature tree designated for culling by the Ohio Division of Forestry to improve the habitat for the younger trees and wildlife in the area.   


Sent To: Hughson, California

Date Delivered: January 2022

Dimensions: 80" x 30" and 36" x 24" on return

Project ID: 1681 is found in Desks, River Tables.
Style: Contemporary, Epoxy Tables, , Modern.

Price: $6,000 - $8,000

Date posted: 2022-02-15 11:16 AM


Wood: Walnut



Resin: Deep Blue Sea


Deep Blue Sea

Base: Custom



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