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Sheldon Myeroff and Zach Schulte are two of the top American furniture designers working in the U.S. today. They are two of the most innovative furniture designers and they are also experts at making and manufacturing multi-functional furniture by using sustainable and natural furniture materials.

Learn about custom furniture for sale in the U.S. here. If you have been thinking about buying custom made wood furniture, a dining table, desk, bed, epoxy resin river table, live edge desktop, custom countertop, custom kitchen island top look no further.

The custom furniture that Shel and Zach designed in 2020 are the subject of many frequent posts on social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. CVCF’s co-owners not only understand how the direction of the American furniture industry is developing, they are actually causing the American furniture market to change with their trendy furniture designs. CVCF furniture designers are constantly testing limits and trying out new furniture designs and radical furniture construction techniques. When it comes to epoxy resin and wood furniture crafting concepts, Shel and Zach certainly “push the envelope” to build some of the most stylish river tables made in America. To see how Shel and Zach design, make and manufacture real custom furniture, from beginning to end, watch this video on YouTube.

It is no secret that the modern custom furniture Shel and Zach design is not always affordable to everyone looking to buy custom furniture online, but then again high-end custom furniture, luxury home furnishings and high quality furniture is never cheap, nor made cheaply. When it comes to designing upscale furniture for discerning clients that want top-of-the-line custom furniture, Shel and Zach have no boundaries. That is what makes it so much fun for them to come to work everyday. If you want to buy the best America made furniture, call 440-591-5511 and ask to speak with Zach or Shel.

Both Shel and Zach are furniture design history buffs and draw an immense amount of inspiration from some of the most famous and iconic furniture designers of the 20th century. CVCF furniture designers salute the rebirth of the American furniture industry. CVCF never outsources custom furniture to local manufacturers. Every piece of furniture manufactured by the firm is done in-house.

The furniture makers at CVCF embody the American made spirit to produce the finest heirloom quality custom furniture sold online in the U.S. The growth of CVCF over the past 5 years is proof that America’s furniture manufacturing industry is alive and well. The artisanal furniture makers at CVCF are following in the tradition of locally and sustainably sourced furniture materials. All of the wood slabs CVCF uses to make custom dining tables and custom desks come from Amish lumber yards and saw mills located in Northeastern Ohio. Find out how custom furniture is designed and handmade in the United States here. To learn more about buying handmade custom built furniture online in the United States, watch this video. Prices start at $800.

About The CVCF Team Of Woodworkers, Carpenters, Custom Furniture Makers, Resin Artists, Cabinetmakers, CAD Designers, Metal Workers And Finishers

The CVCF team is a group of highly skilled, motivated and talented craftspeople, each bringing a unique skill set to the table. At our U.S. furniture manufacturing facility in Cleveland, Ohio, we have on staff: furniture designers, furniture makers, experienced woodworkers, furniture construction project managers, well schooled artists, table makers, cabinetmakers, ocean table designers, carpenters, draftsmen, river table builders, CAD designers, resin art table designers, metal workers, specialty painters, finishers, assemblers, and distribution and logistics experts. We consider our customers as part of our staff as well because they are intimately involved in the furniture making process from start to finish, especially the design phase. You can submit your custom furniture design and get a price for fabrication and assembly.

The craftsmen at CVCF are excited about the new methods they are developing for building one-of-a-kind live edge epoxy resin and wood “river tables“, which are very popular in 2020. The CVCF river table builders and river table makers put extreme pride and dedication into their work. Learn how the craftsmen at CVCF build the highest quality river tables and the best custom wood and metal furnishings for homes, businesses, restaurants, and commercial enterprises handcrafted in America in 2020, here.

The philosophy that drives our furniture makers is teamwork, building excellent projects, and complete customer satisfaction. We love what we do and we wear it on our shirtsleeves.

Sheldon Myeroff, Founder, President And Lead Furniture Designer

Sheldon is President and CFM (Chief Furniture Maker) at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. In just a few short years, Sheldon went from garage hobbyist to Founder and President of one of the largest custom furniture builders in America. Passion for his product and people and love of wood in all its forms has led him to this point. But he wasn’t quick to get here.

After graduating from Cleveland State University as a Marketing Major, Shel spent 37 years as founder and president of Direct Recruiters in Solon Ohio. He started occasional furniture making in 2003 out of his garage. He gained valuable furniture building experience by studying with two remarkable mentors, learning at every opportunity, and hands-on experience making hundreds of custom furniture projects (albeit mostly for family). He formed CVCF in 2013, and after retiring from Direct Recruiters in 2017, Sheldon immediately opened his new Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture facility and became a professional furniture maker and resin artist. Sheldon’s biggest passion is helping buyers decide what they want, creating sketches that bring the furniture to life, and delivering a product that always exceeds expectations.

Zach Schulte, Partner, VP Operations & Shop Foreman

After receiving his degree in business from the University of Arizona, Zach Schulte spent 2 years as a finish carpenter before joining the Chagrin Valley team in 2014. In 2016, Zach felt the call to head west, plying his trade as a carpenter and home renovation woodworker in the Portland, Oregon area. Two years later, he answered the call from Sheldon Myeroff, who pleaded with Zach to return to the “Forest City” and become an integral part of his fast-growing company. And so he did – happily. In early 2018, Zach became shop foreman at CVCF while continuing to master his furniture making skills under the tutelage of the veteran furniture makers at CVCF. In January 2019, Zach was named Partner at CVCF. In 2020 perfected his skills as a resin artist. Pioneers don’t always head West. Zach headed back East to pioneer new and better processes in epoxy resin river furniture making.

Paul Hadley, Custom Metal Designer, Fabricator & Craftsman

Paul has been a metal fabricator, metal furniture maker, designer and craftsman since the 1970’s. Our custom-made iron, wrought iron, steel, aluminum and metal legs are designed  in partnership with Paul and fabricated at his shop, CMS Studios in Bedford Heights, Ohio. The wide variety of tools and machines at CMS allows Paul to create and fabricate an enormous variety of artistic and functional pieces, including the unique table legs you find on our site. His work is seen throughout Northeast Ohio, most recently at B-Spot in Eaton Collection, Woodmere.

Ed Johnson, Administrator, Woodworker & Designer

Ed is a veteran furniture maker who joined CVCF when we moved into our new shop facility in 2018. Ed came to Cleveland via Freehold, New Jersey, the same town Bruce Springsteen is from, to work for BP in supply chain logistics. For over 40 years, Ed has pursued woodworking as a hobby while studying under some of the great furniture making mentors of our day. One of his most valued traits is his ability to identify any issues with any of our machines and fix them right on the spot. Ed’s most prized possession is his Stanley Classic 14″ Bailey Corrugated Wood Plane No.5 which he pulls out to use on the really special projects. In January 2019, Ed was named Administrator and is charged with keeping a tight ship while watching out for quality control and overseeing the resin artwork.

Eric Goodfellow, Furniture Maker

Eric is a longtime friend of Zach Schulte, CVCF Partner and Shop Foreman. They both pursued careers in woodworking and home remodeling, but in different parts of the country. Now Zach and Eric are reunited on the floor of CVCF where they combine their superb woodworking and carpentry skills in the creation of unique epoxy resin river tables and other solid wood furniture. Where did they learn to work so well together? St. Ignatius High School, of course.

Brandon Watts, Woodworker and Certified Arborist

Brandon came on board in the summer of 2018. He started out as a woodworking hobbyist in California, doing hand carving with gouges and chisels, then went on to study woodworking in college. Not only does Brandon add superb woodworking capabilities to our team, he also is a Certified Arborist who knows the nature of trees inside and out. He diagnoses trees for diseases and pests and brings sick trees back to health. He’ll make sure the wood for your furniture is happy and healthy!

Sky Ironhorse, Art Director and Furniture Maker

Sky joined CVCF in 2020 after graduating from the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Art following an internship at the shop. Her degree is in Industrial Design with a focus on products and furniture design. At CVCF, she wears many hats (this reporter had her take off for this photo). She experiments with new styles of epoxy resin pours, develops new product ideas based on today’s consumer and the latest and hottest furniture trends, and creates beautiful furniture renderings and 3-D modeling. And speaking of modeling, Sky models for magazines when she has some spare time. Growing up, her dad and grandfather made furniture in the shop in the family’s garage while Sky looked on and learned. Today she is no longer simply an onlooker – she is a vital part of the team at CVCF. .

Brendan Bennett, Social Media Marketing Director

After graduating from Kent State University, Brendan began his work as an entrepreneur in the business of flipping Bitcoin. Today, he works hard as an independent digital marketing expert, content writer, and video production expert for companies across Ohio and Pennsylvania. Brendan also manages CVCF’s news page, where content concerning new pages and developments in the world of custom furniture design is updated regularly.

Hank Schulte, Furniture Maker

Hank Schulte graduated from John Carroll University as a teacher with special studies in Industrial Arts. He worked for over 25 years as an Industrial Arts teacher at Beachwood High School in Beachwood Ohio where he taught students CAD Drawing, Photography, Computers, and Shop. Hank came to CVCF four years ago and applied his wood working skills to assist our Master Furniture Makers.

Beth Cohen, Paint Specialist, Furniture Designer & Interior Decorator

Beth has been a professional designer/painter in the Cleveland area for over 30 years. She has extraordinary talent in helping clients fulfill their vision of how they want each piece to be uniquely “theirs”. From one-of-a-kind textures, faux and custom designed patterns, to the ability to see the “color in the color”, each piece has its own signature. Beth is able to guide her clients to their desired finishes with their input, her experience, and make it all work with current or envisioned settings in their home.