Custom River Tables For Sale In Cleveland

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is a custom rustic, live edge, and modern furniture company in Cleveland. We specialize in utilizing an artistic mindset and cutting-edge technology to create high quality, unique furniture designs that meet our customer’s exact needs.

Our most recently conquered frontier is the building and delivery of river tables to homes throughout Cleveland and Northeast Ohio. Popular on the West coast, a “river table” is a live edge table that uses colored epoxy resin to fill the gap between two opposing live edge pieces- thus creating the appearance of a small “river.” This technique of using resin to create a more perfectly rectangular design can also be used to fill cracks or natural imperfections in wood, and offers endless customization options. You can get started on a colored epoxy resin river table of your own by scrolling down to “How To Get Started” below.

Our live edge river tables are for sale right now. Families around the country have contracted projects using river table epoxy variations from semi-transparent green epoxy resin set with quartz crystals to fully opaque black resin. Our capabilities are limited only by your imagination.

River Table Design By CVCF
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The Process

When creating a river table, a clear epoxy resin is poured into a rectangular or custom mold with the target live-edge slabs in place. Additional resin mixed with the chosen color or colors is then added to meet the specifications of the project, and then any other objects are set- such as gold flakes or crystals. Between pours, the epoxy is stirred within the form to prevent any settling of color or the creation of bubbles.

Then, we let the epoxy cure and harden and remove the mold, then sand down any imperfections. The wood is finally sprayed or finished with the desired top coating for durability, aesthetics, and/or longevity.

You can see the process in action in the video on the right, filmed right here in our workshop.

River Table Prices

Pricing a river table design varies widely, depending on wood type, size, the chosen legs/base, and the overall complexity of the project. River tables can be made for tables of any purpose, including coffee tables, side tables, dining room tables, and conference room tables.

Small river tables range from $800 – $4,000, and larger river tables range from $1,800 – $6,500. For more specific pricing relevant to your needs, contact us for a free design consultation and quote.

How To Get Started

To get custom river table prices or to contract your own river dining table, live edge river table, or other live edge project using colored epoxy resin, you can contact us using one of the links below.

River Table Side Shot