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Custom River Tables For Sale Online From $1,900+

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture specializes in building and selling unique, high-end and one-of-a-kind custom river tables, epoxy resin river coffee tablesocean tablesriver dining tables and epoxy and live edge wood furniture.

Watch a video on YouTube to learn the secrets to making America's finest epoxy river tables from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, here. Since the company was founded in 2013, we have sold, designed, built and shipped many live edge river tables and black walnut epoxy river tables, which are extremely popular with our customers in the United States and Canada.

See pictures of epoxy river tables for saleriver dining tables we have sold online and other examples of our work in our project gallery, here. Prices for custom made epoxy river tables from CVCF start at $1,900+.

Buy Custom Epoxy Resin And Natural Live Edge Wood Furniture From Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

Custom built epoxy resin river tables are for sale locally (U.S. only) and online from CVCF. Submit your custom furniture design idea and get a quote. We ship to all 50 states. Our customers choose the wood slab, epoxy resin river colors, legs, bases and objects that are embedded into the epoxy resin river. Call Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture at 440-591-5511 to order a custom designed river table or a handmade custom size desk.

If you have a custom furniture project in mind and you want a price, you may reach out to our team, or use the form below to start the conversation and recieve an itemized quote. We will be happy to discuss several design variables than can reduce the overall cost of your project if necessary. Before making any final decisions, you can recieve digital 3-D models, and physical samples of woods and epoxy colors for a small fee.

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The Very Best In Unique And Custom Handmade River Tables

Check Out A Selection Of Custom River Tables, Epoxy And Live Edge Wood Dining Tables

L-Shaped Beach Themed Epoxy River Countertop With Embedded Seashells

Taking the natural beauty of the outdoors and bringing it indoors is our goal with every piece of furniture we create. Yet it is our river tables that capture the look and feel of nature more than any of our other creations. River tables are created when two live edges of a hardwood slab are placed facing each other a slight distance apart and colored epoxy is poured into the resulting gap.

CVCF handcrafts custom made epoxy resin river tables, river table desks (epoxy resin desks), epoxy resin river kitchen countertops and epoxy resin river coffee tables. CVCF specializes in incorporating corporate logos and company branding elements into custom furniture through the use of CNC carving.

Get epoxy river table ideas, here. Watch videos to learn about making a river table, here. Meet the river tables designers, epoxy table makers, the top American furniture designersepoxy and wood furniture builders and epoxy resin artsts, here. See photographs of black epoxy river tables that were custom built by CVCF in 2021, here. Watch a video to learn how to make an epoxy river table, from beginning to end, here.

Check out a wide selection of in stock river tables bases and legs that you can order, here. Find your favorite river table epoxy resin colors, here. When you order a customized epoxy table or river top table online from CVCF, you choose from the best wood slabs. CVCF also sells in stock live edge furniture

CVCF is currently taking orders for epoxy resin river kitchen tables, cocktail (end, sofa, console, hallway and side) tables, dining tables, epoxy resin kitchen island tops and conference tables made with the best natural live edge wood slabs.

Shop online for river tables on Etsy from CVCF, here. See pictures of epoxy resin and live edge wood slab furniture custom made by CVCF, here. To see a list of pages on this new Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture web site (launched on July 12, 2021), or a list of pages on the original Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture web site, which is now located at, visit our site map, here.

Black Walnut Epoxy River Dining Tables For Sale Locally (U.S. Only) And Near You

Custom CNC Carved Topographical Epoxy River Tables For Sale Online

CVCF also makes CNC carved topographical map tables. Any topographical feature, design, or image can be CNC carved into a custom table or piece of furniture, and then filled with any color of epoxy resin.

See how CVCF craftsman used a CNC machine to carve a portion of the Chesapeake Bay into a live edge dining table, here. The CNC carved Chesapeake Bay was then filled with a stunning blue epoxy resin. The "river table" was shipped to a customer in Pennsylvania in 2020. To see how CVCF used a CNC machine to make an 18' custom modular conference river table with a blue epoxy resin "Mississippi River", watch a video on YouTube, here.

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