Your Wood Furniture Repaired, Restored and Repurposed Just the Way You Want – Pickup & Delivery Available in Northeast Ohio

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is a custom furniture building and repair shop that offers homeowners and businesses the highest quality wood furniture repair, refinishing, restoration, conservation and repurposing services. Our furniture repair experts remove scratches and nicks, fix chips and gouges, repair damage from water or rough use, create identical replacement parts, and restore your old or damaged furniture to its original condition – even better! We’ll even refinish it to match any color stain or paint.  

If you have an old piece of office or home furniture that you don’t use anymore but that still has value and importance to you–an antique, a family heirloom, or one that holds a special memory—we’ll repurpose it by transforming it into a new piece of furniture with, in some cases, a totally different function. We use our special design, woodworking, cabinetry and carpentry skills and techniques to turn an old bookcase into a new dresser. A table that has outlived its usefulness can be transformed into a headboard or countertop. We even repurpose non-furniture wood items. The possibilities are endless!  Click on the links below to see some examples of our custom repurposed furniture projects.

To find out more, or to order furniture repair, conservation, preservation, protection, restoration or repurposing services from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture:

Be sure to include a photo of the item you wish to be repurposed. You may also fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page and use the “Custom Furniture Design Inquiry” text box to let us know what piece of furniture you are interested in having repaired, restored or repurposed (and what type of piece you want to turn it in to). Learn how the highest quality river tables and custom wood and metal furnishings are handcrafted in America in 2020, here.

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    Bed and Dresser Repurposed from, Old Lab Table

    Bed and Dresser Repurposed from Old Lab Table

    Dining Room Table Refinish

    Repaired/Refinished Dining Room Table

    Wine Cabinet Repurposed from Old School Shelves

    Wine Cabinet Repurposed from Old School Shelves

    Restored Oak Dining Room Table

    Restored Oak Dining Room Table

    Restored/Refinished Pine Desk

    Restored/Refinished Pine Desk

    Furniture Pickup & Delivery Available in Northeast Ohio

    When you have CVCF repair, restore or repurpose old, antique or damaged wood and leather furniture, we can pick it up at your home, office, or commercial building and take it to our woodworking facility in Warrensville Heights. When your project is completed, we can deliver it to communities and counties throughout Northeast Ohio, including Cleveland, Solon, Beachwood, Chagrin Falls, Medina, Brecksville, Pepper Pike, Shaker Heights, Mayfield, Moreland Hills, Strongsville, Westlake, Mentor, Hudson, Akron, Fairlawn, Cuyahoga County, Geauga County, Lorain County, Lake County, Summit County and Portage County. We also assemble and install our furniture. Contact us for details. We’re proud to say that our customers are thrilled with the high quality and exceptional beauty of our furniture, as well as the great service we always provide. Click here to see customer testimonials and reviews.  To view photos of our repaired, restored and repurposed wood furniture projects, and to learn more about each piece, visit our Project Gallery or click on a photo on this page.

    How We Repair & Restore Your Wood Furniture

    Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture can make your furniture look, feel and work like new again! We repair old, new or antique furniture damaged by fire, water, Father Time, pets, abuse, even spilled nail polish! Then we restore it to its original condition – even better! We’ll match the wood we replace and stain or paint it to match its original color. Or we can create a whole new look using our special refinishing techniques.   

    Of course, sometimes the wood or metal moving parts need replacing or adjusting. No problem. Our dedicated and skilled woodworkers and carpenters can recreate any damaged wood piece and we have master metal workers who can shape any metal piece into exactly what you need. Our leather craftsman and leatherworkers can restore and repair many types of damaged or aging leather furniture. Our experienced upholsterers provide reupholstery services and can repair and restore furniture furniture padding, seats, leather covers, springs and fabrics.  Of course, we have furniture hardware suppliers to replace any existing hardware that’s not functioning well. We’ll get your furniture’s moving parts working smoothly once again.  

    We restore the wood furniture structures, including joined, solid and veneered wood. We restore both the structure and finish of unique pieces of furniture for individuals and businesses. We repair original wooden furniture objects that have personal and historic value to our customers. Our customers often request our furniture preservation, restoration, protection and conservation services for personal, family, educational and cultural reasons.

    Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture ensures that every item brought to our workshop is repaired and restored with the highest quality of care and attention to detail. We strip the old finish, fill any scratches and gouges, clean and sand the wood, and add your choice of new stain or paint. In a addition, repurposing old wood items are a challenge we love to take on! CVCF is blessed to have Beth Cohen, professional furniture painter and designer for over 30 years, on our team. Her design background and production skills are unmatched in the Cleveland area and all of Northeast Ohio. Beth is able to guide her clients to their desired finishes with their input, her experience, and make it all work with current or envisioned settings in their home. 

    So imagine your custom furniture piece can look like anything…start anywhere, go everywhere, anything is possible…and know at any time, you are part of the design team. This is more than painted furniture…it’s you.

    How We Make Repurposed Furniture

    We have to admit, repurposing furniture is one our favorite woodworking activities. And we invite you to join in the fun! We encourage our customers to be part of the process from start…to refinished. First, let’s share our ideas on how to transform your current piece of furniture into the piece of your dreams. If you aren’t sure what you want to make, we can suggest some really amazing ideas. When we decide on a concept you like, we can give you a fairly accurate estimate of how much the project will cost.

    Back at the workshop, we refine the concept and sketch a design for your approval, followed by a detailed CAD drawing. Once the final design is approved, we agree on a price, receive a deposit, and get started! That usually means carefully deconstructing your old furniture, stripping the old paint if necessary, creating or adding any new elements that may be needed, rebuilding it according to the design and dimensions called for in the finalized drawing, and refinishing or repainting it. The carpenters at CVCF are exceptionally skilled at creating beautiful repurposed furniture with flawless design accuracy and that will stand the test of time.

    Finally, we deliver it to your home or office and assemble it right on the spot. Then the fun really begins—enjoying your beautiful new repurposed furniture that will be a sentimental favorite of yours and future generations for years to come!  

    Refinishing The “A Christmas Story” Bumpus House

    In the summer of 2018, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture contributed to Cleveland’s history in a huge refinishing project for the owners of the house featured in the movie “A Christmas Story” directed by Bob Clark. While the Parker family home from the 1983 hit movie has been open to visits and stays by the public for years, the neighboring “Bumpus” family home has only recently been added to the lineup of available options. To kick off the acquisition, the owners sought Cleveland’s very own premier custom furniture and refinishing company CVCF to prepare the home furnishings- over a dozen individual projects in total, from doors to beds to a brand new kitchen sink. You can read the full story on our website.

    Furniture Repair, Restoration and Repurposing Prices

    Our furniture repair, restoration and repurposing prices are based on the type of refinishing or painting you want and the size and condition of your piece of furniture, among other things. Send us a picture and we can give you a good estimate of the cost. If you’re interested in getting a cost estimate, call owner and craftsman Shel Myeroff at 440-591-5511, email him at shel@chagrinvalleycustomfurniture, or go to the ‘Request an Estimate‘ page of this web site and fill out and submit the form.

    Scheduling Furniture Repair, Refinishing, Restoration, Preservation or Repurposing from CVCF

    To schedule furniture repair, refinishing, restoration, preservation or repurposing services from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture:

    Be sure to include a photo of the item you wish to be repurposed. You may also fill out the form on the “Contact Us” page and use the “Custom Furniture Design Inquiry” text box to let us know what piece of furniture you are interested in having repaired, restored or repurposed (and what type of piece you want to turn it in to).