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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF

Custom Live Edge Furniture For Sale Online & Locally

CVCF Designers Use The Natural Edge Of The Wood To Build Custom Live Edge Style Furniture

Bring the Beauty of Nature Into Your Home with Custom Handcrafted Live Edge Furniture

You can order custom live edge furniture online or locally at a Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture shop near you. CVCF builds, delivers and ships handmade live edge wood slab furniture to all 50 states.

Since 2013, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture has enjoyed success throughout the United States, and interest in our client-driven custom furniture designs has grown – especially our live edge furniture! That's why we created our live edge table online store.

Through our website and design consulatations with our furniture making experts, we get orders for high end live edge dining tables, live edge kitchen tables, live edge countertops, bar tops and kitchen islands, live edge desks, live coffee tables, live edge wall art, and live edge signs from homeowners and business owners across America. 

CVCF's unique style of sustainably sourced natural live edge wood slab tables adorn rustic living rooms, upscale offices, and posh hotel lobbies. The woodworkers at CVCF are some of the most innovative reclaimed live edge wood furniture designers and they are also experts at making and manufacturing multi-functional live edge (natural edge) furniture by using sustainable and natural furniture materials.

LIve edge wood, also called raw edge or natural edge, are wood slabs used for furniture that includes the rough outside edge of the slab in its design. One of our most popular designs is the highly distressed live edge wood furniture with numerous separate live edge slabs patched together in a beautiful mosaic design with colored epoxy resin. 

Made from colored epoxy resin, live edge river tables are a custom furniture innovation and one that we are excited to deliver straight to your home! River tables are made by placing the desired live edge slabs within the bounds of a rectangular mold. Then, colored epoxy resin is carefully poured to fill the gaps between live edge pieces and/or cracks.

Custom Live Edge Furniture Builders And Makers At CVCF

Learn about the talented live edge furniture makers and creative live edge furniture designers at CVCF, here. Eight of the top custom live edge furniture builders at CVCF are Sheldon Myeroff, Zach Schulte, Eric Goodfellow, Sky Ironhorse, Eldon Watts, Brandon Watts, Rich Fedor and Hank Schulte

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Order A Custom Made Live Edge Dining, Kitchen, Coffee Or Accent Table

Image Dining Room Table In Home

Custom Made Dining Table with Facing Live Edges Forming Borders of Epoxy River

At CVCF, we strive to make the most unique live edge and rustic tables and tabletops you can imagine - and, indeed, they are uniquely designed to be whatever you can imagine! Choose the wood, the stain, the shape, the size, even the legs and base!

Our bases are fashioned from wood or specially wrought from metal at our workshop. Our custom tables and tabletops are made from solid wood slabs that show the live edge, natural edge, and raw edge of the wood – with the bark still intact, if you wish. 

Live edge tables made by CVCF are extremely durable and can seat 8, 10, 12 or more people. The surfaces of live edge river tabletops made by CVCF are beautiful, strong and virtually impenetrable.

We’ve co-designed custom live edge dining tables online with homeowners, businesses, restaurants, hotels, interior designers, and architects, and built them in our 6,000 sq. ft. workshop in Cleveland, Ohio.

Every dining table is unique and an expression of the people who order it. You choose your own wood slabs – any species – plus the materials and epoxy resin color. Tell us what style you want – industrial, modern, rustic – you name it, we’ll build it. 

Our custom live edge accent furniture and home accessories products are smaller furniture projects that can make a big impression when designed to add color, flair, and drama to your room. These include live edge coffee tables, live edge sofa tables, live edge side tables, live edge entryway tables, and live edge wall art. 

Authentic, Handcrafted Custom Live Edge and Rustic Furniture

The Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture company brings the essence of nature into your home with original designs and unsurpassed quality in live edge and rustic furniture.

We have taken our knowledge gained from over 30 years of woodworking expertise and handpicked a line of products that we feel will truly enhance the living and work spaces of unique individuals who crave unique furnishings made from authentic wood cherry, maple, and walnut slabs.

CVCF's expert woodworkers highlight the natural beauty of wood in live edge dining tables, live edge coffee tables, live edge beds and headboards, live edge desks and live edge wood slab conference tables.

With our shop nestled in the lush Chagrin Valley near Cleveland, Ohio, we are continuously inspired by the beauty of nature, which is reflected in the design of every piece we create. We strive to be on the cutting edge of new trends and ideas in home furnishings.

Buy A Custom Live Edge Executive, L-Shaped, Corner, Home Office, and Ergonomic Sit-Stand Desk

Live edge desks or natural edge desks are a style of furniture where the designers and craftsmen at CVCF incorporate the natural edge of wood slabs into the design of the desk. 

With more and people working from home, these desks are seeing a surge in popularity because they are not only functional, they bring the beauty and the aesthetic of the outdoors inside to create a calm, soothing workspace.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture sells custom made live edge desks for homes, schools and businesses throughout the United States. CVCF sells custom built solid wood executive desks, handmade home office desks, walnut desks, conference tables, reclaimed wood desks, computer desks and rustic barnwood desks.

You can choose from a variety of wood slabs, functionality, size, shape and hardware design options and feature options when you order a CVCF brand custom desk. You can request a price quote for a custom live edge wood slab desk, epoxy resin desk, adjustable height sit/stand desk, L-shaped desk or corner desk, here.

Custom components of live edge desks include electrical wiring components, USB ports, monitor stands/shelves, drawers, hutches (cabinets), gaming components, motorized ergonomics, cable management features, monitor arms lighting, cable boxes, audio components and more.

The CVCF team of furniture designers and furniture makers are experts at building electric height adjustable desks and workstations, also known as sit-stand desks.

These are ergonomically designed to keep you healthy, comfortable, and productive for the long hours you spend in your home office. CVCF has worked for years perfecting the art of mixing and pouring epoxy resin for our epoxy resin computer desks and epoxy office desks for sale.

When you buy a custom made epoxy resin desk or epoxy resin table from CVCF, you get to choose the color, design, wood type, and the exact piece of wood for your live edge epoxy river wood slabs and desk tops that come with or without legs - handmade just for you by Chagrin Valley!

CVCF Builds Natural Live Edge Wood Furniture For Any Space

The term “live edge” refers to the furniture design technique of incorporating the natural edge of the tree on the edges of dining table tops and other furniture. Instead of cutting off the edges of wood slabs to make them straight and square, CVCF live edge furniutre makers leave the natural outside edge of the boards intact.

CVCF live edge furniture builders typically remove the bark and sand the edges to make them smooth. If you are looking for custom live edge wood furniture, live edge bedroom furniture, a live edge dining table or a live edge coffee table, call CVCF at 440-591-5511.

Custom Live Edge and Rustic Wood Bar Tops, Countertops & Kitchen Islands for Sale

Image Live Edge Elm Epoxy Resin Bar Top 2

Live Edge Elm Epoxy Resin River Bar Top in CVCF's Workshop

Why settle for the same old marble or granite, when a beautiful live slab of wood - with an epoxy resin river running through the middle provides just the touch you need to make your kitchen or bar area stand apart from anything else!

Our custom countertops and bar tops are made from authentic solid wood slabs that show the live edge, natural edge, and raw edge of the wood – with the bark still intact, if you wish). These handmade countertops are tough, hard, and durable for the use and abuse they take in the kitchen, bar, or rec room.

A kitchen island with colored epoxy resin provides a great opportunity to add an unusual artistic element to your room. We can match any color or style to your existing room. Choose from live edge maple, live edge walnut, live edge oak, live edge cherry, live edge elm, live edge hickory, or any of the other woods that are sustainably sourced from the rich, diverse forests of Northeast Ohio.

If you prefer exotic woods, we have reputable vendors who provide us with amazing wood species from around the world!  

CVCF Specializes In Custom Built Finished Live Edge Furniture Made From Single Wood Slabs

CVCF sells custom handcrafted live edge dining tables, desks, console tables, headboards, benches, cabinets and beds. Meet the live edge furniture makers at CVCF, here. Please feel free to submit your live edge furniture design idea for a price quote, here.

Order A Custom Live Edge Conference Room Table

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture sells large live edge conference room tables with power that are used in boardrooms and businesses all across the USA. These custom made modern looking conference tables can be built in 5′, 8′, 10′, 12′, 18′ and 20′ lengths and can accommodate 8, 10, 12 and 20 or more people. 

They are handcrafted in the USA at our workshop outside Cleveland, Ohio, and are built to the conference table design specifications supplied by our customers. Large conference room tables custom made by CVCF totally enhance corporate meeting areas and leave a lasting impression on the people that sit at the table.

Popular with our corporate clients are the precision CNC-engraved logo tables from wood, epoxy resin inlays and steel. Large conference room tables can be built in any size and shape to suit our client’s needs. Prices for large conference tables vary based on size, shape, epoxy colors, wood species and the legs or bases required. 

CVCF also sells boardroom tables, small conference tables, 5′ conference tables, large round conference tables, conference room tables with power, unique and very cool conference room tables, boat shaped conference tables, live edge large conference tables with custom epoxy resin rivers, huge conference room tables, executive conference tables, big conference room tables, large wood office conference room tables, large square conference room tables and 12 person conference tables. 

Custom components for live edge conference tables include electrical wiring components, USB ports, monitor stands/shelves, drawers, hutches (cabinets), motorized ergonomics, cable management features, cable boxes, audio/visual components and more.

Buy Live Edge Wood Furniture Online | Trendy Dining Tables, Desks, Beds & Benches For Sale

CVCF builds custom designed and handcrafted furniture using rustic live edge wood, artistic epoxy resin, metal and steel. Made-to-order furniture is handmade by CVCF custom furniture builders locally and is also shipped to all 50 states in the United States. 

We make live edge river tables, live edge dining tables, live edge desks, live edge conference tables and live edge CNC carved and epoxy filled furniture. Get a custom live edge furniture quote online, here or use the free CVCF live edge furniture design app, here.

Watch how the CVCF founder, Sheldon Myeroff selects live edge wood slabs in the video below.

Custom built live edge wood furniture is made by CVCF woodworkers for homeowners, interior designers and businesses from solid wood slabs sourced from the woods of Ohio. CVCF creates stunning live edge furniture using locally sourced high quality hardwoods, lumber and solid wood slabs.

Watch a Video on Live Edge Furniture and How to Order It

How to Order Custom Live Edge Furniture Locally Or Online

In this video, Shel Myeroff of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture tells you how a live edge custom table is made. You'll see examples of the different live edge furniture CVCF designs and makes, including live edge dining room tables, live edge river tables, live edge coffee tables, live edge conference room tables, live edge credenzas and more - each skillfully handcrafted using only authentic live edge wood slabs. Finally, you'll learn how to order these beautiful custom pieces on the Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture website. CVCF ships, delivers and installs heirloom quality live edge furniture all over the United States.

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