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Top Furniture Trends of 2020 | The Latest Trends In Interior Design

Posted On December 30, 2019

Try these on-trend furniture looks for a fresh update to your space for 2020. Popular interior design trends catching our eye this year: Mid-Century and artisan influences, bold upholstery options, and sustainable materials. Read on to discover more new furniture design styles and home décor trends to try this year. Read more here.

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Posted On December 30, 2019

2019 Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Reviews

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Makes The Highest Quality Live Edge River Tables In The USA

Posted April 15, 2020

Building live edge river tables take a knowledge of woodworking and craftsmanship that only seasoned professionals can offer. CVCF looks far and wide for experienced makers, and source the wood for their projects sustainably under the direction of the Forest Service. It takes months to years, depending on the species, to properly remove enough moisture from wood to make it suitable for working as a piece of furniture. To guarantee a piece will last, each is finished with a durable scratch-resistant coat. Learn more in the video below, or start building your own live edge river table today.

Epoxy Resin Furnishings For Sale In The USA

Posted February 5, 2020

See everything epoxy resin furnishings and related pages offered by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, including a build your own table page, river table prices, epoxy resin furniture with rocks and crystals in the resin, the river table design gallery, submit your own river design idea, and much more.

Watch How Lumber Is Harvested Sustainably For Use In Furniture

Posted On February 5, 2o20

In this video, Sheldon Myeroff, President of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, goes into the woods to survey the harvesting of wood that is used in his authentic custom furniture. The Forest Service has marked trees that need to be cut down for the health of the whole ecosystem. Thinning the forest allows sunlight to reach the smaller trees so they can grow. Once felled, the tree is marked in sections for cutting into slabs at the sawmill.

Wood harvested in this manner goes into the furniture designed by our customers and handcrafted by the artisans in our Cleveland, Ohio workshop. These beautiful one-of-a-kind pieces are then shipped to homeowners, restaurants, offices, businesses, and hotels throughout the continental United States.

This process applies to furnishings including custom epoxy resin river tables, epoxy resin river beds and headboards, epoxy resin desks, epoxy resin wall art, rustic to modern farmhouse tables, barn doors, benches, countertops, shelves and so much more.

Learn How The Best River Tables Are Made In America In 2020

Posted On December 30, 2019

Learn how the highest quality river tables and the best custom wood and metal furnishings are handcrafted in America in 2020, here.

Custom Made Live Edge Epoxy River Headboards And Live Edge Beds For Customers In The USA

Posted on November 8, 2019

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture handcrafts custom made live edge epoxy river headboards and live edge beds and for customers all across the United States. If you are interested in talking with CVCF about building a live edge bed or a epoxy river headboard, call 440-591-5511, email shel@chagrinvalleycustomerfurniture.com, request a quote here or submit your design idea here.

Custom Furniture Company Launches The First “Create Your Own Epoxy Resin River Table” Page

Posted October 22, 2019

A custom furniture has finally launched a page where customers can do what they’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t, because the average custom furniture company has no method for contracting new work besides lengthy phone calls, email exchanges, or in-person visits, limited what companies you can work with. Every color available is listed out, along with the wood species, metal legs and bases, and options to have some kind of object or decorative items embedded in the epoxy resin. Then, you wait for the quote to arrive.

River Tables Making a Splash in USA Homes, Restaurants and Offices. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is Helping to Meet the Demand

Posted on October 11, 2019

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, a custom furniture company well known for their high-quality live edge epoxy resin river dining tables, was recently covered and circulated by PRWeb for their exploding popularity with homeowners, businesses, restaurants, and more across the United States. Complete customization of river tables available to anyone, nationwide, was not possible before CVCF arrived on the scene, using modern technology like FaceTime to coordinate with customers throughout the design process. Other river tables available can only customize certain elements of the design, but CVCF has any epoxy resin color or wood species available, or you can even choose to have rocks, shells, crystals, leaves, or anything else embedded to bring the river to life. Among other epoxy resin custom furnishings you can contract with CVCF includes epoxy resin and wood wall art, epoxy resin dining room tables, epoxy resin conference tables, epoxy resin beds & headboards, epoxy resin cutting and serving boards, and other epoxy resin wood furniture. See the full gallery of epoxy resin furnishings on CVCF’s website.

CVCF was covered in the past for their unique company history, as they’re owned by a retired CEO in the recruiting industry who had a humble love for woodworking. To watch a video to see how Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture builds epoxy resin and wood river tables for restaurants, homes and offices in the United States, click here.

Custom Cabinets And Architectural Millwork Services For Residential And Commercial Customers In Ohio, Pennsylvania And Michigan

Posted On October 11, 2019

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture designs and builds high end custom wood cabinets for residential and commercial customers in Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio. We build and install unique custom stand alone cabinets and custom made built in cabinets. Our experienced cabinet makers handcraft one-of-a-kind base cabinets and feature wall cabinets for families and businesses. Our craftsmen design, build and install custom cabinets for dining rooms, offices, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, conference rooms, bedrooms, pantries, fireplaces, restaurants and hotels.

The services of the CVCF millwork shop are available directly to homeowners, architects, interior designers, restaurants, retail establishments, hotels, general contractors and other businesses.

CVCF’s high-end millwork shop specializes in custom architectural millwork projects including fabrication, design, custom cabinetry, windows and woodworking. The woodworking contractor veterans at CVCF design, build and install interior and exterior doors, entrance units, wainscoting, trim, custom library walls, historical millwork, renovations, custom vanities and custom countertops.

Chris Lentine manages architectural millwork projects in which CVCF woodworkers handcraft unique bookcases, custom shelving, custom fixtures, fireplace walls, custom entry gates, bedroom cabinetry, molding, custom casework, fine furniture, architectural elements, finishes, columns, custom ceilings and screens. CVCF is now ranked as one of the top architectural millwork companies in the Midwest.

CVCF provides custom architectural millwork and fabrication services for residential and commercial clients throughout Ohio, Pennsylvania and Michigan. CVCF use various fine woods and high-grade hardwoods such as oak, maple, cedar, pinewood, mahogany, birch, red & white oak, walnut, cherry and other species for architectural millwork projects. We are experts at using millwork materials such as plastic laminate, glass, veneer, lacquered finishes and others. To request a 3D rendering, contact Shel Myeroff at CVCF.

Raising The Bar With Entropy Resins

Posted On October 11, 2019

James Case, longtime member of Wells Sailing Club, was tasked with refitting the bar in a Sharpie among the Sailing Club’s fleet. Using his woodworking expertise, his knowledge of nautical architecture, and Entropy Resins CCR Resin CCS Slow Hardener solution, Case built a stunning bar from teak, one of the most expensive and durable hardwoods, and holly plywood, and solid American oak laminated around the edge. LED lights were installed around the edge to give the piece an illuminated, ethereal glow. Custom furniture companies use strategically placed LED lights in furniture, such as resin tables, usually to highlight the gorgeous color gradients created their craftsmen using epoxy resin.

Read more about the project, and Case’s tips for a successful project involving epoxy resin, here.

So Who Invented The River Table?

From time to time, the river table builders at CVCV get asked, “Who invented the river table?” Although, the talented Washington-based artist and furniture-maker, Greg Klassen trademarked the word “River” in regards to furniture design, he certainly did not invent the river table or the use of epoxy resin in artistic furniture or the concept of resin casting.  Epoxy, and thermosetting resins, first became a household word in the 1960s, when a new breed of super-strong adhesives started to appear in local hardware stores. Its extensive use dates back as far as the 1940s. Read more here.

Epoxy Resin And Wood Wall Art For Sale In America

Posted On September 11, 2019

Submit Your Design Idea For A Custom River Conference Table

Posted On September 11, 2019

McLean Business Spreads Color To Local Homes

Written By Angela Woolsey, Published By Fairfax County Times
Posted on August 20, 2019

Starting in a garage, local Fairfax County business “Elegant and Refined” took Mary Jane Gallagher‘s love of interior design and turned it into a burgeoning local business with a national reach. This is no small feat for someone who entered the industry in the midst of retirement- which sounds strikingly similar to the story of custom furniture building and woodworking company Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. Both Elegant and Refined and Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture service clients in Fairfax County, VA and all of northern Virginia. See what other woodworking companies service the Fairfax County area.

Local Furniture Maker Shares His Woodworking Inspiration

Written By Kristen Nord, Published By Westchester Magazine
Posted on August 18, 2019

Learn about woodworkers like David Osborne that design, build and install custom furniture in Westchester County, and the Hudson Valley in New York.

Brad Sellers Came To Visit!

Posted August 9, 2019

You may know him from his time with the Timberwolves, Supersonics, Pistons, or Bulls – or, you may know him as the basketball analyst on the Cleveland Cavaliers Radio Network. You may also know him as the tallest politician in the US – at least, unofficially.

The title of tallest politician caught his eye when The New York Times reported awarding it to someone else – a Brooklyn City Council member, Robert E. Cornegy Jr., standing at 6′ 10″. Brad Sellers, local and mayor of Warrensville Heights, stands at an even 7′ tall, and he wants to set the record straight in seeing the Guiness World Record transferred to its rightful owner.

Seen posing in front of one of our recent live edge river table projects, Brad Sellers came to see our work that has become increasingly popular nationwide. He was thoroughly impressed with the wide variety of colors and wood species we’ve mixed and matched for past clients and other ongoing projects in our workshop. After watching some of our processes and getting the grand tour, he was off, but promised he’d come back to visit in the near future.

Brad Sellers grew up in Warrensville Heights and played on the Warrensville Heights high school basketball team, and then went on to play college basketball with Ohio State University. He was a first draft pick made by the Chicago Bulls, and went on to play in the NBA and in international leagues in Greece and elsewhere. Learn more about Brad Sellers’ history as mayor on the city website. Brad Sellers is also the first Warrensville native to serve as the city’s mayor.

It was a real pleasure having someone so involved in Cleveland’s culture come to spend time with us. We’re proud to have transformed so many homes in Cleveland, and now nationwide.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Delivers To Washington D.C.

Posted July 18, 2019

Six hours to hand deliver a piece of custom furniture is nothing to shy away from for Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. In early July, Shel Myeroff of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture packed this ten foot live edge walnut river table with jet black epoxy resin into the back of the delivery van and made the drive from Cleveland to the nation’s capitol. Upon arrival, the handcrafted dining room table was installed in the client’s home. She was blown away by the unmatched level of custom service and the unbeatable quality of the table and hand forged steel legs.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture hand delivers and installs custom furniture, including live edge river tables and black walnut epoxy resin tables anywhere within and around the Washington D.C. area.

Russell Township Woodworker Makes Unique “River Table” For Rescue Village

Posted June 15, 2019

Rescue Village is a no-kill animal shelter in Russell Township, Ohio that holds regular fundraisers to accumulate the funding necessary to offer every animal in their care a dignified stay in their facility. This year, for the Great Catsby and Barkeasy Gala, Ed Johnson of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture built and donated an epoxy resin river table to be auctioned off at the event’s silent auction.

In previous years, Ed Johnson built Adirondack chairs for donors to bid on in similar events held by Rescue Village, but this year Ed took a new turn and offered to make something particularly unique and eye catching- especially in the Cleveland area: a live edge epoxy resin coffee table.

Epoxy resin river tables are a modern twist on a classic rustic furniture design. A live edge slab of wood – or two opposing slabs of wood – are framed in a mold and filled in with colored epoxy resin. Once cured, the appearance of each piece is stunning and bright. Live edge epoxy resin furniture has exploded in popularity in recent years, and only now is this furniture style seeing growing prominence in the Greater Cleveland area, mostly thanks to Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture’s talented woodworkers and furniture designers.

Rescue Village was delighted to have such an eye-catching, interest-garnering item at their fundraiser this year, and looks forward to seeing what Ed Johnson will donate in 2020.

CVCF Closes Another Commercial Deal In Las Vegas

Posted June 18, 2019

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture recently closed a custom furniture deal with DWG Motif, a commercial interior designer for Las Vegas and Los Angeles restaurants, businesses, and wealthy individuals, to supply several gorgeous live edge epoxy resin tables to select exclusive clients. DWG Motif, owned by Debra Coltune, operates on the cutting edge of world-class furniture design, so she was quick to hail on CVCF for their epoxy resin furniture designs which have quickly captured a nationwide audience from their small Cleveland residential audience two years prior. Among other deals secured by Chagrin Valley in the Las Vegas area is with Dragon Noodle Company & Sushi Bar, an upscale Asian restaurant also looking for a live edge epoxy resin table that integrated their company’s color scheme.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture guarantees solid hardwoods in every piece, and gorgeous, unique epoxy resin poured with care and cured seamlessly into the natural imperfections of every piece. One-of-a-kind products are the promise they strive to fulfill, whether it be with custom countertops, bartops, tabletops, interior sliding doors, barn doors, or any other custom woodworking design a client has thought of, drafted, or seen elsewhere on the internet. Visit the gallery to see more epoxy resin furniture like those mentioned here.

How To Build Your Own Epoxy Resin River “Waterfall” Table

Posted June 13, 2019

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture presents our very own Zach Schulte, VP of Operations, who tells you and shows you how we made our very own cherry epoxy resin river “waterfall” table for a customer in Northeast Ohio. See footage from the process, such as the built mold for the live edge pieces, the coloring and pouring of resin, sanding, installing the leg, and the finished product. Although it’s easy to find an epoxy resin river table online from dozens of garage studios and craftsmen, finding a river table that’s made completely custom to your design standards in every detail is more difficult. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture accepts custom designs or spiritual representations of desired results in .PDF, .JPG, or digital sketch design files for blueprinting. We then collaborate with you to ensure we are building exactly what you want through regular Facetime conference calls, phone calls, and photos.

Epoxy resin comes in a vide variety of colors and opacities. You can customize colors in any way you like – just like the custom did in the video above. She chose a light-shade cherry wood and vibrant blue epoxy resin, as you will see in the conclusion of the video.

You can buy this exact table from Live Edge Furniture Company for $1,499.00.

How To Make An Epoxy Resin Waterfall Table

How To Design Custom Wood Furniture | Ideas, Software, Apps, Books

Posted on May 22, 2019

Software, Apps And Books To Help You Learn How To Sketch, Draw And Design Your Own Custom Wood And Metal Furniture | Visualize, Plan, Render, 3D Model, Measure And Share Custom Designed Furniture | For Woodworking Projects, Carpentry, Interior Design And Cabinet Design

Furniture Software Design

Even though the most common way to design furniture at home or in your shop is still a pencil and graph paper, furniture software and woodworking software are powerful tools. When you design custom furniture, if you want to save money and time, it is important to draw it out and mock it up.

However, before you start making custom furniture plans, please be sure you measure your room, the entry door to the room, your hallways and front door. If you are buying custom built furniture, you need to be sure that the furniture can be delivered, installed and assembled without any issues. If you are making your own furniture, you will need to move it from your basement or workshop without taking it apart. For pointers on how to measure a space or home for custom furniture, click hereCrate & Barrel, which is a chain of retail stores in US and Canada, provides a good tutorial with pictures on how to take measurements before you have furniture delivered.

There are numerous mathematical considerations involved in designing your own solid wood furniture. Do you want to know how to draft a good furniture design that meets your objectives? Read this great article titled “What Makes Good Design“.  Another great article on design, drawing and furniture styles was published by Wood Magazine.

Why Are You Designing Your Own Furniture?

Are you thinking of designing your own high end custom furniture because you want to build it, sell it, order it or because you have professional aspirations?  If you need a little inspiration before starting your furniture design project, see some awesome examples of furniture design by clicking here.  Are you thinking of designing custom furniture because you have a space problem in one of your rooms?  Maybe you have looked online for a piece of versatile furniture you envision and nobody sells it. The goal of designing furniture is usually predicated by what you want to accomplish and the purpose the furniture will serve.  You can combine your creativity with your knowledge of technology to build the furniture of your dreams. If you want a step-by-step guide to design and make heirloom quality custom furniture like a pro, read this article.  If you want to know how you design furniture, submit your design to a custom furniture maker in the U.S. and then get your furniture custom built, watch this video.  Or you can even enter your concept in a furniture design competition to win an award.

Then again, you might just want to buy a customized couch from a retailer in the USA and you want to understand the customization process.  To learn the differences between real authentic custom furniture and customized (semi-custom) furniture and made-to-order furniture sold in America, click here.

If you enjoy working with your hands and building stuff, you may want to design your own custom furniture. If you were at your friend’s house recently and saw a dining room table with a blue epoxy resin river running through the black walnut wood slab, you might want order one custom built for your dining room. Or perhaps you have a knack for aesthetics that you want to put to practical use by working as a furniture designer or interior designer.  If you are currently a student of furniture design you may want to become an expert so that you can work at a furniture manufacturing company in the United States or build one-of-a-kind pieces for upscale customers in your hometown.  Who knows, you could end up being a world-renowned furniture designer like Hans Jørgensen Wegner or Frank Lloyd Wright. Because the Federal Trade Commission stopped regulating furniture labeling in 2000, it can be difficult to understand the meaning of custom furniture or solid wood furniture so read this article before you start designing your furniture.

If you are serious about designing furniture, you might want to buy some drafting furniture and drafting supplies. These furniture design products are used by architects, engineers and contractors in the USA. Common items used by custom furniture designers are drafting paper, drafting tables, drafting lamps, roll files, t-squares, drafting straight edges, drawing boards, graph paper, drafting triangles and protractors.

If you want to try your hand at building a custom made wood desk, bed, table or bunk bed for your kids you will need to have some to understand some basic furniture design techniques, a few design/build techniques and woodworking skills and know how to use power tools and hand tools. You will also be interested in learning how to prepare the wood for your furniture construction project or how to use contrasting or exotic woods.  If you are serious about designing your own furniture, try to avoid wood movement that can cause your lumber to warp or crack. Be sure to permit your boards to expand and contract across the grain.  If you think you can design and build a couch or sofa, you will also need to know about upholstering. If your intention is to design and make a unique type of wood and metal furniture, you will have to have the tools and wherewithal to weld, cut and fabricate steel legs or metal components. If you are thinking of designing an entertainment center or display case for your father’s vintage rifle for your living room, and are considering building it yourself, you will want to get up to speed with veneering and finishing.

If you are currently a student of furniture design you may want to become an expert so that you can work at a furniture manufacturing company or build one-of-a-kind pieces for upscale customers in your hometown. If you want to design furniture professionally you can go to college at the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York and earn a Bachelor Of Fine Arts Degree in Furniture Design. If you live on the West Coast of the USA, you can learn how to combine studio art, craft, and digital fabrication to design sculptural and functional furniture at California College of the Arts. If you are a Midwesterner, you can attend classes at the Kendall College of Art and Design at Ferris State in Michigan to learn how to design furniture products that can be produced by manufacturing technology.

If you simply want to design custom furniture for your house that is beautiful, unique and functional, follow these practical steps.  To build great furniture that combines good looks with practical functionality, you need a good design. The furniture design concept that form follows function is a great one. Famous American architects like Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright not only understood this principle, they promoted it.  A great book to read to learn how to design furniture is, appropriately titled “How To Design Furniture“.

How You Design Furniture, Submit The Design And Get It Custom Built

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Shows How You Design Furniture, Submit The Design And Get It Custom Built

Posted On May 21, 2019

Whether you have a back-of-the-napkin sketch, a CAD drawing, or an idea that resides in your imagination, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture can take your furniture design at any stage and work with you to bring it to life in their workshop. Watch the video in the link above to learn how the process works, and see the high-quality, solid wood furniture personally delivered by the craftsmen who build for Chagrin Valley. Draw, design, and send your custom furniture design today to start the conversation. You can download CAD design software from CAD Pro’s website, which, with only some experience, will allow you to turn any off-the-cuff design into a working file that can be processed by craftsmen in CVCF’s studio. Other photographs or images can be sent on the contact page, or directly to Shel Myeroff, the lead designer, at shel@chagrinvalleycustomfurniture.com.

For those who want to get into furniture design on their own, to hone their DIY skillset or perfect their design drawings for submission to our designers, you can take the Center For Furniture Craftsmenship’s nine month comprehensive course on woodworking, design, turning, construction, upholstery, and furniture design.

Springfield Man’s “Smoker’s Chair” Makes Debut On Steve Harvey Show

Written by Nikki McGee, Published By Fox Illinois On April 24, 2019
Posted On May 16, 2019

Steve Harvey is known for enjoying some of life’s finer things, including his passion for cigars. Tuesday, Harvey was presented with a chair created just for him, made right here in central Illinois. “My mom is a big fan of Steve Harvey and she’s also one of my biggest supporters,” custom furniture maker Jermaine Ward said. “So I came up with the idea that while she’s still living, I wanted to do something great. So I designed this chair that I was going to give to Steve Harvey and it came out pretty good.” Ward has been designing custom furniture for the last seven years, but perhaps this is his most famous piece, making its debut on Harvey’s show at Universal Studios. “I carved his face in the chair and we custom-painted it,” Ward said. “It has a drawer that’s fitted with a cigar humidor, as well as some of his favorite cigars.” Ward said he’ll never forget his biggest supporters – his parents. His mom watched the appearance from home. “To have experienced that opportunity, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity and I encourage anybody that is out there trying to be successful or looking for success, to never give up,” Ward said. You can check out more of Ward’s furniture here.

Ward, who owns Monte’s Custom Furniture, said he was inspired to start working on the chair earlier this year because of his mom, who he describes as a “huge Steve Harvey fan.”   Building custom chairs is nothing new for Ward, who has also built a variety of other pieces, ranging from baby furniture to dog beds. He previously presented Mayor Jim Langfelder with a similar chair that is now on display in the lobby of Municipal West at 800 E. Monroe Ave., although Ward noted that the one he made for Harvey is “fancier and bigger.”

Jerome’s Furniture Launches 3D Augmented Reality App

Published by BusinessWire On May 14, 2019
Posted On May 16, 2019

Jerome’s Furniture, Southern California’s renowned retailer for more than 60 years, announced today the launch of a 3D Augmented Reality app to enable virtual room planning for all customers. The company deployed the Marxent® 3D Room Designer with Photo to Floorplan tool on its website and will also launch an iOS app version for Apple devices soon.

Visualize, Configure And Plan Your Custom Furniture Design With Roomle

Posted On May 16, 2019

The Roomle platform enhances the shopping experience for furniture buyers in the USA.  The Roomle app assists furniture designers in finding, fitting and buying the right furniture their office or home. This software can help you draw, design, measure, make and order your own custom built furniture.

3D/AR/VR iOS and Android Apps From Roomle On Google Play | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | Photo-Realistic 3D Furniture Configurator | For Custom Furniture Designers | For Custom Furniture Makers | Cloud-Based Digital Furniture Platform | Free Online 3D Floorplanner Software | For Custom Built Furniture Mockups | 2D/3D Floor Planning Functionality | High Resolution Custom Furniture Renderings

From Malawi With Love: Local Artist Designs Custom Furniture That Gives Back

Written by Susie Tommaney, Published by The Houston Press on May 13, 2019
Posted on May 13, 2019

Modern Custom Furniture with Ward & Weston

Written By Alexandra Martin, Published By Design And Living Magazine on April 25, 2019
Posted on May 13, 2019

Smart Software Could Pave Way for Changing How Things Get Designed, Made, and Supplied

Written By Purdue University, Published on May 13, 2019
Posted on May 13, 2019

If you don’t like wandering through big-box stores trying to find the furniture you need, and then struggle to assemble it, researchers have proposed a solution: Smart software that helps you design your own furniture, 3D print the joints, and assemble the whole structure at home. Current tools for structure design, such as computer-aided design and finite-element analysis, require a lot of knowledge and training to use.

Furniture Design Software

Posted on May 13, 2019

Furniture Software DesignEven though the most common way to design furniture at home or in your shop is still a pencil and graph paper, furniture software and woodworking software are powerful tools.  Once you learn how to use the furniture design software, it becomes quick and easy for woodworking professionals and do-it-yourselfers to visualize dimensions, document space requirements, plan for materials and define cut lists. Computer programs help furniture designers to conceptualize elevations, imagine room layouts, sketch shop drawings and draw a dining table. Wood furniture builders and steel furniture makers in the USA use woodworking design applications (Apps) to diagram hardware and fastener configurations, choose wood joinery techniques, render specific furniture design images and generate 3D models of custom designed furniture, home furnishings and cabinets.  Read More >

Handmade In The USA | Custom Built Walnut Wood River Tables

Posted on May 10, 2019

Live Edge Walnut Quad Conference Tables

Walnut river tables are awesome.  Black walnut river tables are very popular in the USA in 2019 because the kiln dried dark-colored, straight grained true heartwood contrasts so vividly with a blue epoxy resin river.  The craftsmen at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture love to make custom designed tables from walnut wood slabs because it so darn beautiful and workable.  CVCF loves to use black walnut wood for woodworking projects. Although it is not as readily available in the USA, CVCF has a few secret sources for this cherished wood.  American Black Walnut is darling of the CVCF craftsmen.  CVCF designs, handcrafts ships, delivers and assembles black walnut river tables, epoxy resin furniture and live edge waterfall benches for customers across the USA. Prices for small walnut river coffee tables start at $825.  Simply provide CVCF with your walnut river table design requirements to receive a quote for your woodworking project.

Order Custom Built Furniture And Have It Assembled In Your Home Or Business 

Posted On May 10, 2019

USA Price Ranges For Epoxy Resin Furniture And River Tables

Posted On May 10, 2019

Prices Ranges Vary Depending Upon The Size Of The Furniture, Fabrication Complexity, Types of Metal Legs Or Bases and Species Of Wood Slabs | Discounted Pricing Is Available for Epoxy Resin Furniture Contract Manufacturing Of Multiple Tables Or Pieces Of Furniture For Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Hospitality and Commercial Firms | Shipping, Delivery and Assembly Prices Are Not Included Below

  • Small Resin River Tables: $800 to $1,200
  • Epoxy Resin River Coffee Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
  • Epoxy Resin River Side Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
  • Epoxy Resin River Entryway Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
  • Epoxy Resin River Sofa Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
  • Epoxy Resin River End Tables: $1,200 to $2,200
  • Epoxy Resin River Kitchen Tables: $2,800 to 3400
  • Epoxy Resin River Dining Tables: $3,800 to $5,800
  • Epoxy Resin River Conference Tables: $3,800 to $5,800
  • Live Edge Epoxy Resin River Tables: $1,200 to $1,800
  • Epoxy River Tables With Waterfalls: $1,400 to $2,000
  • Epoxy Resin River Benches: $1,200 to $1,600
  • Epoxy Resin River Headboards: $1,200 to $1,800

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Delivers Custom Furniture To Major Cities Around Cleveland

May 7, 2019

In Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Detroit, our branded delivery van and expert woodcraftsmen will personally hand deliver your project into your home, ready to take on any tactics necessary for installation. For other parts of the United States, our closely-held third party freight vendor will deliver your project with the same white glove delivery standards guaranteed by our in-house team.

The Art Of Commissioning Custom-Made Furniture

Written by Jonathan Foyle, Published by Financial Times on March 16, 2017
Posted on May 4, 2019

Commissioning custom-made furniture from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is more of an art than a science. The degree to which our clients collaborate with the CVCF furniture makers during a custom furniture design and build project will define the creative boundaries — and furniture quality outcome.

Nine-Month Comprehensive Course For For Aspiring Professional Furniture Makers September 9, 2019 to May 2020

Published by the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship
Posted on May 3, 2019

The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship, located in the coastal village of Rockport, Maine, offers a Nine-month Comprehensive course designed for aspiring professional furniture makers and dedicated amateurs who seek in-depth training at the highest standard of excellence. The hands-on, project-oriented format includes the full range of furniture making skills. Sequential projects take students from the fundamentals through the fine points of design and craftsmanship.  Fedarko Furniture & Design owner Aaron Fedarko is a faculty member at the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship

The projects and topics include:

  • Basic Woodworking – introduces the furniture making sequence from drafting to assembly, and provides a solid foundation in hand tool skills for accurate layout and cutting of dovetail and mortise-and-tenon joinery, along with safe use of machinery for stock preparation. (3 weeks)
  • Machine Joinery – explores the use of power tools in the construction process. Each student builds a tool cabinet that involves a myriad of machine-cut joints and shaping techniques using the table saw, router, router table, slot mortiser, shaper, and other equipment. (3 weeks)
  • Finishing – covers coloring, working with hand-applied finishes such as varnish, shellac, and oil, and professional techniques for applying spray lacquers. (1 week)
  • Drawing for Design – students improve their abilities to sketch, develop designs, and create rendered perspective drawings with both pencil on paper and CAD. (1 week)
  • Casepiece Construction – each student designs and builds a casepiece with a door and a drawer, employing both hand and machine skills. Work is done primarily in solid wood, while shop-sawn veneer and man-made substrates are also introduced. (7 weeks)
  • Turning – students learn spindle work for making furniture components and faceplate turning for making ornaments, bowls, and platters. (1 week)
  • CNC – introduces digital milling technology to the furniture making process and engages students in CNC programming and operation. (1 week)
  • Veneering & Marquetry – introduces the use of veneer for casework and decorative applications. (1 week)
  • Curvature – students explore steam and laminate bending, as well as other curve-forming techniques. Each student designs and builds a table with curved components. (5 weeks)
  • Carving – students learn traditional relief carving and other techniques applicable to furniture and architectural ornament. (1 week)
  • Product Development – the assignment is to design and produce a multiple object within a set price range. This emphasizes real-world concerns such as speed, efficiency, and marketing. (5 weeks)
  • Upholstery, which introduces traditional and contemporary upholstery techniques. (1 week)
  • Chair Making, in which each student pursues an extensive design process to create a prototype chair. (6 weeks)

Stock Of The Day: Etsy Is Crafting Some Artistic Stock Action

Written By Brian Deagon, Published By Investors Business Daily On April 25, 2019
Posted on May 2, 2019

Arts and crafts retailer Etsy (ETSY) was the IBD Stock Of The Day, an e-commerce company that is standing out in a large and under-penetrated market. Etsy stock, up 41% this year. The Etsy website sells custom made furniture, handcrafted goods, vintage items and other arts and crafts, including apparel. The company currently is in six geographic markets: The U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Canada and Australia. It has 39 million active buyers and 2 million active sellers.

How Authentic Custom Furniture Is Designed, Handmade And Assembled In The United States

Posted on May 2, 2019

Learn how authentic custom furniture is commissioned, designed, handmade, quality approved, shipped, delivered and assembled in the United States.

How To Order Custom Designed Furniture Or A Custom Designed Woodworking Product In The USA

Posted on May 2, 2019

You can start the custom furniture ordering process here or you can request a brochure, request an estimate or price quote or visit our design studio and showroom. You can also request a free design consultation which can be conducted in person, by phone or through the use of Skype or FaceTime.

From Vintage Goods To Custom Furniture, These Women-Owned Stores Have Found A Home In Downtown Hudson, MA

Written By By Aviva Luttrell, Published by MassLive.com on April 9, 2019
Posted on May 1, 2019

Two Massachusetts business owners have combined their love of vintage, glamorous and hand-crafted goods to open an eclectic boutique in downtown Hudson. Libbe Siskind and Sarah Nichols met two years ago at an antique co-op in Worcester. Siskind commissioned work from Nichols, who runs a custom-painted furniture shop called The Princess and the Peacock Design & Decor, and loved her work so much that she asked Nichols whether she’d be interested in colocating their businesses in a space together.

Custom Hardwood Retailer, Rustic House Furniture, Expands Into Lafayette, Louisiana

Published by Developing Lafayette on April 26, 2019
Posted on May 1, 2019

Rustic House Furniture, a custom hardwood retailer specializing in rustic furniture, is opening their fifth store in Lafayette. The other locations are Madisonville—the original, Baton Rouge, Covington, and Hammond. The new rustic furniture store, located at 412 Maurice Street behind Mel’s Diner, is celebrating their grand opening this weekend with custom pieces & accessories at 30% off. Rustic House Furniture’s specialty is rustic, custom designed teak, Brazilian Pine, and mango hardwood furniture. These things are solid, guys. And the prices are really reasonable, considering the quality. The type of custom designed furniture you can find here are bedroom sets, dining and living room pieces. Many of the pieces are one-off, so don’t expect a piece you like to be there the next week. However, you are able to have a piece custom designed to match anything you’d like, just expect it to take a few months—it’s custom.

Arts & Crafts Custom Made Wood Furniture In Ohio

Posted on May 1, 2019

The Ralph Jones Woodworking Workshop is a full service custom wood furniture maker, dedicated to providing the highest standard of quality in all the pieces they build. They are located in London Ohio, a small historical town in Madison County between Columbus Ohio and Dayton Ohio.

From Career Builder To Woodworker: How This Retired Recruiter Transformed His Hobby Into A Business

Written By Karen Connelly Rice For FreshWaterCleveland
Published on Posted April 30, 2019 | Posted Here on April 30, 2019

FreshWaterCleveland took time last week to interview Sheldon Myeroff, founder and owner of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, a completely custom furniture design company built in Sheldon’s retirement. Karen Connelly discusses the company history, as well as how live edge furniture is different from regular designs, the kinds of furniture CVCF can build, and the price ranges of these furniture styles.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is determined to be the single best choice for custom furniture design in the United States. Their determination is so profound, they invite you to come forward with any design drawing, sketch, CAD file, or .pdf you may have for our expert craftsmen and makers to build, sand, finish, and ship straight to your doorstep.

Craig Wettstein Of Warwick, New York Creates Custom Wood And Metal Furniture

Written By Robert G. Breese For the Times Herald-Record
Published on March 24, 2019 | Posted Here on April 30, 2019

Wood and metal craftsman, Craig Wettstein of Warwick New York, creates custom wood and metal furniture. His company, Craig West Designs, builds live edge dining room tables . He also builds epoxy resin river tables. He forges steel, welds legs and cuts live edge black walnut slabs with a feeling of pride in the completed work.

Design Your Own Furniture Online | Use An App Or Software To Draw Your Own Custom Furniture Design | Take Measurements And Choose Materials

Posted On April 30, 2019

If you are a dreamer of great custom furniture ideas, CVCF would like to see an example of the product you envision.  If you are an up-and-coming furniture designer that wants to break into the furniture design business, CVCF can build your first furniture prototype, so go ahead and submit your custom furniture design here.  If you want to design your own furniture and make money doing it, learn how to become a professional furniture designer.  A furniture designer typically get paid about $50K and a normal hourly rate is about $24.  If you have designs and want to know how to get your furniture built, manufactured or sold, submit your designs here to get started. CVCF can custom build your prototype and down the road, once you have some orders from customers, we can build your furniture in bulk.

When you design your own 100% custom furniture, it should be a pleasure to pick out all the raw materials including the types of woods, metals, hardware, glass and fabrics. You can make furniture plans and use a “design your own furniture app” or free “design your own furniture software“.  If you would like to learn how to design your own furniture, from start-to-finish, read “Design Your Own Furniture“.

When you complete the custom furniture design, you can send Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture the JPG or PDF for a consultation and quote. You can download CAD Pro® drafting software which will let you  design, visualize, and document your furniture design ideas.  You can rough out an initial furniture design concept, design your own furniture online or create an accurate list of materials. On the other hand, you can simply draw the furniture using a pencil, ruler and graph paper, then scan your furniture design and email it to CVCF.

Software For Furniture Design

SketchUp For Furniture Design

Designing your own furniture is so satisfying.  If you want to design your own furniture and send CVCF your custom furniture design concept and dimensional drawings so that CVCF can build and assemble it for you, you can use Sketchup (formerly Google Sketchup). This 3D modeling computer program can be used to design and draw many types of furniture including rustic and modern tables.  Visit SketchupForWoodworkers.com to learn how to design, layout and print your dimensions, bookshelves, joints, furniture and cabinets. Sketchup is great for woodworkers.  Learn how to create a custom furniture design in Sketchup. Spend a few dollars and download the Sketchup Guide For Woodworkers Ebook. The book will show you how to precisely draw your furniture design, how to develop furniture plans and how to create shop drawings to submit to CVCF.  You can create your own furniture online and CVCF will build it and assemble it for you.

Sketchup For Web

Think through your custom furniture ideas and pre-build furniture with easy and enjoyable 3D modeling software. Turn your furniture ideas into reality. Start modeling a bed, table, desk or chair right away. Sketchup For Web is simple to use. Open your favorite browser, launch Sketchup and get creative with a furniture plan.  When it comes to designing furniture, measurements are important. Use Sketchup to pre-build your furniture in 3D views.  Sketchup For Web is a subscription service you can use to share furniture designs with the furniture makers at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.  You can use it to send your custom furniture design reference drawings to CVCF at 440-591-5511, shel@chagrinvalleycustomfurniture.com or submit your design online here.

SketchUp Shop

Sketchup Shop is made for furniture designers and furniture makers. It is a subscription-based version of SketchUp for Web that includes professional-level features. Although you can open the program on an iOS, tablet, mobile device or Android device, the software works better on a desktop or laptop computer with a three-button mouse.  You can use it to create amazing 3D woodworking designs and furniture designs that you can send to CVCF.

Design Your Own Rustic Furniture For CVCF To Custom Build And Assemble

The carpenters and woodworkers at CVCF uses raw wood, reclaimed wood, recycled lumber, solid oak wood, cherry wood, logs, hickory wood, twigs, driftwood and branches to handcraft distinctive rustic furniture. We custom make simplistic rustic farmhouse furniture, rustic bedroom furniture and rustic cabin furniture for our clients.  Stains and finishes we use highlight the brown, beige and cream colors often associated with custom rustic furniture. Features of high quality custom furniture often showcase thick live edge wood table tops and natural edge countertops. If you are good at designing rustic furniture and want to know how to start a handcrafted rustic furniture business, read about the Rustic Trades Furniture company that used the e-commerce platform, Shopify to sell their rustic furniture online.

CVCF artisans embrace organic aesthetics when making custom built modern rustic furniture for bedrooms, dining rooms, baths and living rooms using distressed wood and materials that have been scavenged from old barns and buildings. Our craftsmen assemble minimalistic and earthy handmade pieces, woodsy decor, rustic tables, platform beds and rustic outdoor chairs for customers in the USA that feature barn beams, repurposed wood, old floor joists, mahogany tree trunks, rocks and stone, old fashioned wrought metal legs and bases, soft leather, canvas and logs.

You can design your own warm, primitive and charming rustic wood furniture and CVCF can build and assemble it for you. Get cozy and unrefined furniture design ideas on Instagram. Submit your rustic furniture design ideas to CVCF to see if we can help you reconnect with nature’s elements. The rustic furniture design drawings you submit to CVCF can be technical drawings, simple crude sketches or they can be engineering drawings with reference dimensions.

Books To Help You Design Your Own Rustic Furniture

Design Your Own Mid-Century Modern Furniture For CVCF To Custom Build And Assemble

If you are obsessed with the Mid-Century Modern look so popular in the mid decades of 20th century, you can draw your furniture plans and submit your Mid-Century Modern furniture design to CVCF for a free consultation and price quote.  You can design your Mid-Century Modern furniture and CVCF can build and assemble your retro furniture for you if you live in the continental United States.

Midcentury furniture design has a firm grasp on the American consciousness.  If your taste in furniture veers away from elaborate and formal traditional furniture or rustic furniture, Mid-Century Modern furniture is a style you may enjoy. If you like to design furniture that evokes another era, such as the 1950s, you should read Cara Greenberg’s book titled “Mid-century Modern: Furniture of the 1950’s“. CVCF specializes in building simple and functional office furniture, living room furniture, bedroom furniture and dining room furniture that integrates nature’s beauty. If you want to design a piece of “furniture candy” or a throwback style chair that incorporates clean sculptural lines, CVCF can custom build it for your family or company.  CVCF can handcraft a casual yet elegant bench to the exact design requirements you specify.  Our furniture makers often handcraft Mid-Century Modern furniture by combining only two materials, such as splayed metal furniture legs and wood table tops for homes and commercial spaces.  Our woodworkers are experts at using natural wood finishes and stains because our company also specializes in refinishing wood furniture. Typical materials that we use to custom build Mid-Century Modern furniture include teak, stainless steel and glass. You can design a charismatic Mid-Century Modern table that features an epoxy resin river.

If you place an emphasis on form and function in your furniture design plans, you can visit Etsy to get ideas for a Mid-Century Modern style sofa, sideboard, keyboard stand, table, dresser, lounge chair, cabinet or bed.  If you want a design idea for a Mid-Century Modern chair, check out the Le Corbusier LC4 Chaise or the Barcelona Chair designed by Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, which are both now displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  If you think that your vintage furniture design should complement your architectural space, not compete with it, then Mid-Century Modern furniture may be the way to go. The furniture makers at CVCF truly enjoy building well designed furniture that has a timeless look that stands the test of time.

Books To Help You Design Your Own Mid-Century Modern Furniture

Design Your Own Furniture And Have It Built And Assembled For You In The USA


When you design your own 100% custom furniture you get to pick out all the materials including the types of woods, metals, hardware, glass and fabrics. You can make furniture plans and use a “design your own furniture app” or free “design your own furniture software“.  You can download CAD Pro® drafting software which will let you  design, visualize, and document your furniture design ideas.

How To Order 100% Custom Furniture In The USA So That You Can Choose All The Materials And Approve The Design Drawings

April 23, 2019

Buying 100% completely custom furniture is, and should be fun. You should be able to pick out the wood slab, the glass table top, the fabric for the chairs, the upholstery for the sofa, the hinges for the barn door and the color of stain for your kid’s bunk beds.  What fun is buying custom furniture if you can’t get it made just the way you want.  When you buy real authentic 100% completely custom furniture you not only get to specify the types of wood, glass, padding and metal that will handcrafted, you also get to collaborate on, and approve one or more design drawings.  Ask your grandfather, building furniture is fun – and buying it should be too.  People that order, or commission, different types of custom furniture and different styles of custom furniture should try to understand the importance of the materials used to manufacture high quality custom furniture.  The more furniture materials options that are considered at the beginning of the project, the better the end result.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Explains Where And How To Order Solid Wood Custom Furniture

April 16, 2019

Because the custom furniture market is generally limited to the geographical area in which local companies will deliver their products, finding solid wood custom furniture that meets your exact tastes, dimensions, and quality was impossible for most of the continental United States. Not anymore!

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, the first completely custom, authentic furniture design and build company in the United States, offers solid wood furniture designs using live edge slabs, rustic reclaimed barnwood, or exotic imported hardwoods to any business or family in the United States. The linked article explains step-by-step what a customer can expect from the furniture design process, and how the first national custom furniture company keeps you in the loop through collaborative email and phone call exchanges, authentic hand-drawn sketch submissions, and FaceTime checkups throughout the entire process. You will also learn what separates real, handcrafted solid wood furniture from store-bought veneers, particleboard, and synthetic furniture. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is dedicated to producing one-of-a-kind, high end custom furniture using authentic hardwoods, designed and crafted by experienced makers in the woodworking industry.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Designs Custom Furniture For The Columbus Metropolitan Area

April 9, 2019

Companies building custom furniture are relatively rare- what’s even more rare is custom furniture building companies who will deliver their products and install them right into your home from many miles away. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is a premier custom furniture company with a full-service woodshop, equipped with a sealed spray room, a spacious workshop with a garage door and delivery van, and a walk-in showroom. With delivery capabilities available via freight services throughout the United States, CVCF can also deliver with a crew member into your home or business if you live in the Columbus metropolitan area. You won’t find museum-quality refinishing, stunning live edge and epoxy resin design, or sliding interior barn doors of this caliber anywhere else.

Delivery areas include: Columbus, Bexley, Upper Arlington, Worthington, New Albany, Westerville, Galena, Sunbury, Powell, Ostrander, and Radnor, or cities in Franklin County, Delaware County, and Licking County.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Designs Completely Custom For Homes & Businesses In The USA

April 7, 2019

Living in San Francisco but blown away by our live edge furniture designs? Well, you’re in luck. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture makes and delivers high-end and luxury conference tables, barn doors, coffee tables, countertops and bar tops, tabletops, sofa tables, rustic harvest tables, dining room tables, end tables, accent tables, live edge river tables, ottomans, shelves, mantels, and more for businesses and homes across the US.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is the top exclusive luxury custom furniture maker for wealthy homeowners, prestigious businesses and expensive restaurants, bars and hotels in the United States. Each exclusive, handcrafted furniture is specially built to fit your space, match your décor, fulfill your vision, and elevate the character of any room in your home or place of business. CVCF specializes in custom made-in-the-USA wood furniture with prices starting at $5000.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Designs And Builds Custom Kitchen Tables For Homes Across The United States

March 28, 2019

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is a custom furniture design and delivery company that builds custom wood kitchen tables for families nationwide. Using exotic woods like African purple heart, teak, or rustic classics like live edge walnut or even reclaimed oak or maple barnwood, round or rectangular kitchen tables are made to order by CVCF’s experienced team of designers, who also work in partnership with metalworking company Classic Metal Studio. Tables are designed to meet a variety of styles, including modern, rustic, art deco, minimalistic, industrial, farmhouse, and more, and can be made extendable to seat a growing family.

In 2018, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture was contracted to build a kitchen table for the owner’s son, who lives in Chicago, Illinois. He needed a wood kitchen table for his apartment to seat friends and family with metal legs like those offered by Live Edge Furniture Company. Once the design sketch was approved, the woodworkers and makers in the shop built the kitchen table to spec and sent photos for approval. Then the piece was carefully packed and shipped right to his Chicago, Illinois home.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is a design and delivery company with the capacity to serve the United States. This Chicago client story has been repeated in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pheonix, Silicon Valley, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Philadelphia, San Antonio, San Diego, Jacksonville, Columbus, Fort Worth, Indianapolis, and more. Reach out for your free quote and design consultation.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Starts Building Ergonomic Furniture For Homes And Businesses

March 12, 2019

Ergonomic furniture is one of the latest trends in furniture design, popular with health conscious folks who want to work while maximizing their longevity. Ergonomic furniture is designed around the optimal states of the human body, such as CVCF’s most recent ergonomic desk. Made for a real estate mogul’s home office, he needed a desk that could raise or lower to sitting or standing position so he could regularly offset the poor effects of “marathon sitting.” Ergonomic furniture is also known to contribute to increased productivity. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture can take any live edge tabletop and fashion it to be the perfect desk for your working environment.

Chagrin Falls Retiree Turns Hobby Into Booming Furniture-Making Business

January 16, 2019

Owner and Founder Sheldon Myeroff of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture (CVCF) named Zach Schulte Partner and promoted furniture maker Ed Johnson to Administrator in response to a record year that saw over a 110% increase in sales. CVCF is a Cleveland, OH company that designs and builds one-of-a-kind, made-to-order solid wood furniture. To read more about Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture and their booming success, read the full article.

CVCF Builds Custom Rustic & Live Edge Restaurant Furniture

January 10, 2019

A bar, restaurant, coffee shop, café, or hotel stuck in the past, featuring décor from the 80’s or before is far too common a sight throughout Northeast Ohio- a phenomenon that offers distinction to those establishments who get with the times. Such businesses leave much stronger first impressions and gain lasting customers by offering an appealing modern or rustic atmosphere. A beautiful setting for people to sit and socialize tells patrons that management is cognoscente of their comfort, which is a lasting and powerful message in a noisy, competitive marketplace. CVCF offers a vast array of interior design genres, with a specialization in rustic and live edge custom furniture design. Simply reach out to begin transforming your bar or restaurant today.

Where To Find (Or Buy) Reclaimed Wood

January 9, 2019

Owner of CVCF Shel Myeroff gives tips to those DIY folks at home looking for high quality, custom furniture made from reclaimed wood with their own hands. Old lumber can achieve some of the most authentic rustic, antique-looking appeals when constructed and stained with care. This rustic style, as Shel says “gives a sense of tranquility, peace and calmness that other woods and materials can’t match.” The most popular category of furniture made from reclaimed wood in Northeast Ohio is interior sliding barn doors.

CVCF Offers Rustic Furniture, Décor And Interior Design Services

December 17, 2018

Rustic and modern furniture design isn’t the only way CVCF can transform your home. You can also call us up for a free in-home consultation where experts in rustic décor styling can come to you for a conversation of how you can elevate the character of your home. Some interior decorators are simply middlemen for you and a great furniture designer- we cut out the middleman by forming the relationship with you directly, allowing us to see the space we will transform and make you, the customer, as much a part of the process as you’d like. CVCF is the only company offering interior design services that provides free design advice in your home.

CVCF Refinishes And Restores Bumpus House Furniture From “A Christmas Story”

December 13, 2018

PRNewswire is one of the largest digital press release organizations online today. CVCF now has a press release related to the Bumpus House furniture repair, refinishing and restoration project available on their website. They’ve also included links to other pertinent information for readers, such as information on CVCF’s furniture refinishing services and furniture restoration project photos.

Several news outlets have since picked up the story, including:

CVCF Featured on Tremont West Development Corporation News

December 13, 2018

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture’s recent accomplishment refinishing, repairing and restoring the furniture in the “A Christmas Story” Bumpus House is getting noticed! Recently, the Tremont West Development Corporation published the story and linked to the original Bumpus House refinishing page on CVCF’s website. The Tremont West Development Corporation is a non-profit organization that works to foster a dynamic community by offering event planning, home maintenance, and neighborhood infrastructure improvements. Programs available also offer resources to small businesses in the area to encourage the growth and connections that make the entrepreneurship dream a reality.

Custom Office Furniture, Restaurant Furniture & Contract Furniture Offered By CVCF

December 7, 2018

CVCF has always offered contract furniture to businesses and institutions in Northeast Ohio, but now a page specialized in offering these services is available to those interested in understanding Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture’s capabilities in this regard. The right kind of furniture in a lobby, workplace, office, or restaurant can transform the experience of those who matter most. A workplace with a proper relaxed vibe can also boost employee morale, making work more enjoyable for everyone. CVCF has already provided numerous custom barn doors, shutters, and front desk to Luca’s West Restaurant, a complete furnishing to Grazers Restaurant, a new front desk for the Ohio Lottery HQ, and much more.

Explore the page and see how you can get started transforming your business.

Merritt Woodworking In Mentor Creates For Superyachts, Billionaires

December 4, 2018

Where does a billionaire turn for ornate woodworking and wood carving designs for custom projects? Merritt Woodworking, of course. Merritt Woodworking in Mentor, Ohio- as well as in Germany and five other locations- exclusively services high-budget clients, transforming spaces within mansions, yachts, and new builds, and recently celebrated their half-century in the business. Coupled with their 50 year anniversary is a rebranding campaign, taking them from the low-key artisanal custom woodworkers they’ve presented themselves as to a much bolder, acquisition-minded institution, with kickoff parties nationwide to celebrate breaking $50 million in revenue. While the Merritt brothers are satisfied with the changes the company has undergone, they reminisce in the days they were a small woodworking shop, focused on custom furniture projects and building entertainment centers. It “keeps them humble.”

While Merritt Woodworking generally services billionaires worldwide, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in Warrensville Heights, OH stays local- with on site delivery available to customers looking for custom furniture projects in Northeast Ohio and surrounding areas. CVCF also specializes in a service unique to the area: high-quality refinishing and restoration. You can request a consultation from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture on their website.

Man-Sized Saws Slicing 20-Foot Tree Trunks: Some Thing Never Change at 70-Year-Old-Sawmill

December 3, 2o18

Jerry Hatfield is the owner of The R.M. Wood Company located in Spencer township, just along the Western edge of Medina County. He notes that his business has changed very little since the foundation of the company 70 years ago- the image of a team pushing a large log through a large slicer is just as relevant today as it was in the 1950s. The lumber that comes through R.M. Wood Company is carefully quality-controlled before processing. His client base generally consists of local woodshops, barns, and drying kilns who can properly cure wood to prevent warping. Hatfield makes it clear; he is proud that he contributes to taking beautiful local lumber that ends up as beautiful custom furniture and live edge furniture and countertops in the Northeast Ohio region.

See Jerry Hatfield speak on his company and its history on YouTube.

CVCF Brings A Christmas Miracle To “A Christmas Story” Bumpus House

November 27, 2018

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is proud to announce their completion of their Bumpus House furniture refinishing project. The owners of the main character’s home from “A Christmas Story,” which has long been open to visitors and overnight stays, decided to buy the neighboring home of the infamous Bumpus family, next door to the Parkers. They needed the furniture inside completely restored and refinished, and CVCF was given the honor to complete the project. On our page about the project, you will see a video with our very own Shel Myeroff detailing the items carefully restored by CVCF, along with behind-the-scenes footage of what it takes for a woodshop to restore such a significant piece of Cleveland and cinema history.

Watching Darren McGavin’s Old Man never gets old in ‘A Christmas Story’, as the heartwarming yet wacky portrayal of the role remains distinctly unmatched by his predecessor in sequels including A Christmas Story 2, It Runs In The Family, and Ollie Hopnoodle’s Haven Of Bliss. None but the diehard fans would know that Jack Nicholson was the first-choice actor for the Old Man role, but director Bob Clark quickly realized that Darren McGavin was truly talented to fit the role, and was truly grateful for his gift- much like Ralphie’s wholehearted joy upon receiving the Red Ryder for Christmas.

During the season of giving gifts to those that we cherish, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture feels blessed and honored to give the gift of beautiful refinished furniture to one of Cleveland’s favorite community staples. We wish a very Merry Christmas to our friends, fans, customers, and everyone in Cleveland who’s helped make our dream of a custom furniture and refinishing business possible!

CVCF Now Designs & Builds River Tables For Customers In Cleveland

November 6, 2018

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is happy to announce their expansion into new territory- the world of river tables. River tables have rapidly gained popularity in the past decade, but were generally scarce, and only found on the West coast of the United States. CVCF has brought this heavily-sought capability to Cleveland. The epoxy resin used in river tables can be used in dozens of creative ways, and can be customized in terms of both color and opacity. You can also request that the epoxy resin is set with crystals, gold flakes, glitter, copper shavings, and more to enhance the decorative appeal of your custom furniture design. See the page or contact CVCF for more details.

CVCF Redesigned Their Custom Woodworking Page

October 19, 2018

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture has recently started their website overhaul focused on improving the mobile experience of their visitors. The company is also venturing into new territory within their product line, featuring a new emphasis on custom woodworking projects that don’t necessarily fall under the classical definition of “furniture.” This includes things like mantels, wall siding, shelving, cutting boards, rolling pins, and even ant farm frames. Set up a consultation with Sheldon Myeroff for more details.

What Does Furniture Refinishing, Repair and Restoration Cost in Cleveland, Akron and Northeast Ohio?

September 20, 2018

If you live in Cleveland, Akron or Northeast Ohio and are wondering how much it costs to have furniture restored, repaired or refinished, now you have an answer. Get ballpark price ranges for refinishing, restoring, and specialty painting your heirloom, old, worn or damaged furniture. Listed on this page are general price ranges and costs for furniture refinishing, restoration and specialty painting performed by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in Cleveland, Ohio.  If you are interested in learning the price for a piece you want us to make look and function like new, call Sheldon Myeroff or Zach Schulte at 440-591-5511 for specific estimates and costs for refinishing tables, chairs, cabinets, shelves, bookcases, countertops, bar tops, tabletops, and any other wood furniture.

Tim Roos creates custom furniture, cabinets in his Cleveland studio: Makers 2017

August 29, 2018

Rooswork, LLC, headed by Tim Roos, is a rustic custom woodworking and furniture crafting studio in Cleveland’s St. Clair neighborhood on Hamilton Avenue. The business runs in his family, and Tim Roos began his experience as an estimator and in-home evaluator for rustic custom furniture projects. He began building furniture just as his father did: purely out of passion, and out of a quest to make money. Tim Roos recommends all people exhaust their curiosity and always ask questions- something similar to what was said by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture owner Shel Myeroff in his interview with the Cleveland Jewish News.

CCAD, Furniture Bank of Central Ohio partner to create pieces for low-income families

August 29, 2018

The Columbus College of Art and Design will dedicate a class of custom woodworkers to spend three weeks designing a chair, table and end-table that can be easily replicated by volunteers to give to families in need in throughout central Ohio. The program is driven by the increasing desire of millennials to be involved in work that directly impacts the community around them. Wood for the project was donated by Sauder Woodworking Co. In Northeast Ohio, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture also completes similar custom woodworking projects.

Maple Heights-based Improvements To Fold Into HSN, Area Office Will Close

August 29, 2018

Catalogue and internet based home accessories store from Maple Heights, OH, Improvements, is set to close and absorb into HSN, a home shopping network. Only the 55 employees based in Northeast Ohio will be affected by the acquisition, though it is unclear exactly how their positions will change, or whether they will remain after the change. Improvements will continue to market home accessory products online under it’s trade name through the fourth quarter of 2018.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture Makes Shel Myeroff A Self-Proclaimed “Happy Man”

July 23, 2018

Featuring past projects including the barn doors for Luca West Restaurant, the barn doors given as a Christmas present in 2017, and the walnut and zebra wood coffee table, this feature offers a nice understanding of CVCF founder Shel Myeroff’s past beginning with his love for furniture starting at a young age.

Live Edge Furniture Company Now Offers Products On Esty.com

July 23, 2018

Our sister company, Live Edge Furniture Company, now offers products on Etsy.com as well as its website. Products will rapidly expand over time, but the launch begins with beautiful and affordable floating shelves including live edge cherry shelves, live edge walnut shelves and live edge cross-section coffee tables. Product lines will be accessible through either company- simply contact us and say what product sparked your interest, and we will deliver!

Announcing The Launch Of The CVCF Etsy Store!

July 23, 2018

With our ever-expanding capabilities and growing product demand for live edge products, we are proud to announce the launch of the CVCF Etsy.com store, featuring some of our recent popular products including our live edge cherry coffee table, the live edge cherry conference table, and the live edge walnut and spaultic maple credenza. If live edge isn’t your flavor, we also include products like the reclaimed barn wood entertainment center we built for a client in 2016. The product list will expand quickly as we continue audit our past projects for the most marketable and shippable concepts.

Live Edge and Rustic Mantels For Sale in Cleveland and Akron

July 18, 2018

CVCF of Cleveland builds and sells reclaimed wood beam mantels, rustic mantels and live edge mantels used to decorate fireplaces and also used as shelves above fireplaces.  If you are looking to buy a live edge mantel from a local company, call CVCF. If you are looking for live edge mantels for sale, look no further. On of our most popular live edge mantels is made from black walnut. We can install the mantels or show you how to install it. If you were wondering how to make a live edge mantel, call CVCF.

Where To Buy Live Edge and Rustic Shelves In Cleveland and Akron

July 18, 2018

CVCF of Cleveland designs, builds, sells, delivers, ships and installs live edge and rustic shelves. Some of these shelves are flat lengths of natural or reclaimed wood constructed in a simple unadorned country fashion.

Purchase A Replica Of The Coffee Table From The Frasier TV Show

July 17, 2018

To inquiry about purchasing a replica of the Frasier Crane coffee table pictured here, please click the ‘Request An Estimate’ button, email shel@chagrinvalleycustomfurniture.com or call 440-591-5511.  A replica of the ‘Frasier Coffee Table’ can be built and shipped anywhere in the United States. The furniture builders at CVCF really enjoy making replicas of furniture and props from the Frasier TV show.  Frasier is an American sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for 11 seasons, premiering on September 16, 1993, and concluding on May 13, 2004.  Some of the best decorating ideas come from the tube. The elegant coffee table was designed by art director Roy Christopher and until CVCF started making replicas of Frasier Crane’s coffee table, it was not available anywhere. To see the coffee table in a video, visit YouTube to watch ‘Frasier – Hijinks & Shenanigans‘. The table is showcased at the 1:59 minute mark.

Bainbridge Twp. Man Builds New Career In Retirement

June 12, 2018

The Cleveland Jewish News published a fantastic article featuring the dedicated, hardworking spirit of CVCF founder, Shel Myeroff, and his post-retirement experience. Featured also is a glimpse into the process of designing interior barn wood doors and other custom furniture with the CVCF woodworking team.

Master WoodCraft Cabinetry Sold To ACPI

June 7, 2018

The purchase of Master WoodCraft makes acpi (ACProducts, Inc.) the fourth largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets in the US. While most of the details of the acquisition are not available to the public, executives expect the process to be “seamless.”

Pointless Lumber Tariffs Are Hurting Americans

June 6, 2018

Lumber prices have increased an average of 66% in the past year- a change that most suspect the increased tariffs to be responsible for. This translates into an average increase of $6,300 more to buy a new home. Economists are calling for an end spiking tariffs the Trump administration seems to support.

Stuff Wears Out

June 5, 2018

Woodworking blogger A.J. Hamler notes that every piece of equipment has an expiration date, and woodworkers should always opt to buy the higher quality equipment and reap the benefits of having a longer-lasting tool. Cheap products are far more likely to break before you get the proper use out of the parts that comprise it.

Custom Accent & Ancillary Furniture for Sale

May 22, 2018

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture introduces a new page featuring accent furniture including ottomans, chandeliers, mirrors, benches, display cases, mantels and more. CVCF can take any project and remake it just for you, or let your imagination run wild. As long as it obeys the laws of physics, we can make it.

How To Give Your Furniture A Makeover

May 22, 2018

Susan Handler, creator of the blog Saw Nail and Paint, introduces some money-saving methods to restore your furniture to better-than-ever. Any old piece of furniture can become a masterpiece with a little creativity and effort.

How To Order A Custom Made Sliding Interior Barn Door

May 20, 2018

CVCF developed a walkthrough video to show customer how to order interior sliding barn doors for its customers in the Cleveland area. It also serves as a great feature to see past projects and inspiration.

CVCF’s Referral Rewards Program

May 20, 2018

CVCF is continuing their referral rewards program, giving any past customer a $100 gift card to Hyde Park Steakhouse for any $2,000 project sold to a referred customer, or a $200 gift card for any $5,000 project sold.

CVCF Did Their First Partial Home Makeover

May 20, 2018

When a client came forward and asked us for a pair of barn doors, the conversation shifted to renovating the entire laundry room instead, adding a matching sink cabinet and shelves. The client was extremely happy with the result.

CVCF Created The Coffee Table From Frasier

May 20, 2018

As part of a bucket list purchase for a customer, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture created an exact replica of the table from the hit T.V. sitcom “Frasier.” The result was pure perfection. CVCF will make copies of any past projects; this Frasier table sells for $4,000.

Ampersand Wooden Bundle Side Table Projects

May 20, 2018

Gadget flow is a crowdfunding platform where new products are added by artists who make everything from home. Crowdfunding is a popular way to gather funds from end consumers and surpass the economies of scale before production even starts.

Press Release: Urban Wood Seminar at IWF 2018

May 1, 2018

The Urban Wood Network is hosting a 90 minute seminar on August 24th at the Georgia World Congress Center, covering topics including how to source lumber, how to join a local urban wood network, and the environmental advantages of utilizing urban wood.

How To Make A Monopoly Table

March 12, 2018

This incredible project features a table made solely to play Monopoly on, with cash drawers and card-holding slots for four different players. Now that’s a furniture repurposing project!

Autosaw: Robot Carpenter Makes Custom Furniture

March 2, 2018

In an attempt to take the accessible, mass-produced IKEA furniture business model even further, MIT researchers developed an AI (artificial intelligence) algorithm that can create custom furniture to meet any kind of specifications, including those that require some assembly. Developments such as these are accelerating the pace that automation and AI might replace skilled labor in the near future.

19 Cool Man Cave Ideas To Try This Week

By Dave Taylor

For the DIY enthusiast, taking on this list of man-cave projects will give you enough weekend work for the rest of the year. From endearing toilet paper holders to a NES controller table that actually works, this list should get you excited to get back into the workshop.

11 Foolproof Decorating Tips

November, 2017

Professional decorators know what makes a beautiful home, and correctly applying these 11 tips is like having a free in-home consultation. How often do you think about layering your lighting?

Decorating With Raw And Live Edge Wood

May 5, 2016

The concept of modernity is taking on a sense of authenticity and the all-natural. This piece tells how to use the trend of live edge and modern, rustic furniture to make your home come alive with its own unique personality.

Drying Wood At Home

By Eric Meier

Drying wood can be as easy as leaving it out in weather with the proper humidity, but that is surely the slowest method. Using alternative methods including kilns is a viable option. Either way, there are tips and tricks worth considering to ensure your wood dries without any unintended consequences.

CVCF Offers One Of A Kind Products: It’s Your Business

September 19, 2014

Featured on Cleveland.com is a one-on-one interview with Shel Myeroff, founder and sole owner of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture. Among the topics discussed are his plans for the growth of the company, how CVCF was affected by the economy’s resurgence from the recession and the biggest obstacles business owners face.

Pros And Cons To Help You Choose A Desk Layout

August 12, 2010

You’ve probably never broken down choice of where to place your work desk, but you’ve definitely thought about what might and might not work for your place. This list is a comprehensive guideline of what, where, and why to place your desk throughout your office.

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