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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF

Our Custom Furniture Making Workshop

CVCF Workshop for Custom Furniture Making

CVCF is a custom furniture making shop located in the beautiful Chagrin Valley, just outside Cleveland, Ohio. We specialize in made-to-order epoxy and wood dining tables, kitchen tables, kitchen islands, kitchen countertops, bar topsconference tables, coffee tables, desks and workstations. Our shop contains 6,000 sq. ft. of the most advanced woodworking tools and equipment, a supersize spray room for applying the smoothest, hardest finishes, a research loft for developing new products and techniques, an epoxy pour clean room, a design studio, and a fulltime staff of highly skilled woodworkers and designers. The workshop floor is primarily set up for the creation of epoxy resin and wood river tables and desks. Special sanders, a wide variety of saws, CNC routers for precision computer carving in the wood, slab planers and flatteners, and other equipment ensure that every custom table is handcrafted to perfection and just the way our customers want it. To order, purchase, or find out the price range for a custom piece of furniture you have in mind, call Shel Myeroff at 440-591-5511 (ext 1001), email customerservice@chagrinvalleycustomfurniture.com or fill out and submit the form on this page.

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Epoxy Clean Room for Pristine Epoxy Resin Pours

Image Green Epoxy Pour

Adjoining the main workshop floor, Chagrin Valley created a spacious clean room used exclusively for working with the epoxy resin processes involved in making custom live edge epoxy resin and wood tables and desks. Mixing, pouring, and letting the epoxy cure is a delicate process. Our Epoxy Clean Room is designed and equipped to prevent bubbles from forming in the epoxy, keep dust or other particulates off the epoxy surface, and allow for a steady, slow curing time to achieve a hard, durable epoxy. For the best possible results, we control the temperature and humidity of the room, and have a reliable exhaust system to take out the dust and provide a steady supply of fresh air to the room. The epoxy clean room has all the supplies needed to mix the epoxy to the exact color, texture, and transparency our customers request. For our resin, we use the most reputable American brands - including Ecopoxy and Totalboat products. Combining the clear epoxy and the colored resin to the exact ratios create the infinite variety of colors we offer our customers. Epoxy is poured between two live edge slabs of wood or into the hollows of CNC carvings or into the distressed features of the wood slab. Anywhere from one to four pour and cure cycles are required get the right depth for the epoxy. It generally takes three days for one application of epoxy resin to harden. 

In-House Spray Booth for Smooth, Hard Finishes

Image Applying Finish to Walnut Epoxy Table

Brandon Applies Spray Finish to Walnut Epoxy River Table

Inside the main floor workshop, Chagrin Valley constructed a large, fully enclosed spray booth in which we apply smooth, lustrous finishes to even our largest tables. Each table receives up to three coats of high quality catalyzed varnish finish - a super hard material that resists scratches and gouges and other degradation. Between each coat the surface is sanded and sent back to the spray booth. The ultra-smooth sheen is hard to achieve with any other type of varnish application environment. The protected interior of the spray booth allows for exceptional climate control, environmental safety, temperature regulation and vapor confinement. With a spray application of varnish by experienced professionals such as CVCF's Brandon Watts, the finishing process is better and more efficient. Contaminants are dramatically reduced so the finish quality is greatly enhanced.   

Research Loft for Developing New Furniture Making Techniques

Image Experimenting with New Epoxy Techniques

Experimenting with New Epoxy Texturing Techniques

Our customers count on Chagrin Valley for fantastic customer service and unlimited customization options to reinvent the interior design of their living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and home offices. CVCF does not just follow the “The Next Big Interior Design Trend“ - we create them in our research and development studio in Cleveland, Ohio. If you want your home to look chic, CVCF designers have an innate ability to incorporate and adapt traditional furniture influences to enhance the look and style of dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables and desks. Ideas are hatched, experimented on, and perfected in our dedicated research studio, located in a large loft space overlooking the workshop. Here we have performed pioneering work in CNC engraved images and logos in wood, realistic epoxy ocean table wave and sea foam creation, more vibrant epoxy colors and textures, topographic features in wood and epoxy, embedding items in epoxy, LED backlight features, and so much more. We don't just think of a new furniture making concept and roll it out the next day. We make sure we can maintain a high quality, consistently beautiful product before offering it to our clients. 

Our Furniture Design Studio

Our design studio is where the CVCF furniture artists take your design idea and develop a fully realized rendering of your project for you to approve prior to the build. When you design your own 100% custom furniture you get to pick out all the materials including a wide variety woods, metals, bases, legs, and epoxy colors. The first step to take is to submit your furniture design idea, sample picture or furniture plan to CVCF to receive a free consultation and price. The one of our experienced furniture designer will call to discuss your custom furniture design ideas and goals over the phone or via Zoom. You can ask any questions you want about options for materials, aesthetics, sizing and construction techniques. To ensure that the furniture you designed will be custom built just the way you want, multiple furniture design consultations may be beneficial. Options for design renderings include simple sketches to high quality architectural drawings to 3-D computer models of your project. CVCF's Sky Ironhorse graduated from the prestigious Cleveland Institute of Art with studies in furniture design and can use her creativity, knowledge, and skill to provide you with the rendering you need to envision your finished table or desk.       

About Our Location in the Chagrin Valley

Image Chagrin Valley in Autumn

Chagrin Valley in Autumn

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is located in the Chagrin Valley just outside Cleveland, Ohio. The valley was formed by the Chagrin River, which runs fifty miles from the highlands in Geauga County south then north to Willoughby where it meets Lake Erie. It is home to rich, diverse forests and abundant wildlife. The wood slabs for our furniture are harvested sustainably in the Valley by state licensed loggers under strict conservation guidelines set forth by the Ohio Department of Natural Resources. Among the many wood species found here are ash, oak, walnut, elm, hickory, cherry, and maple. It is also home to a wide variety of bird species including bald eagles. Our first workshop was in the town of Chagrin Falls, a quaint yet vibrant New England-style village that lies along the river at the site of a series of waterfalls. Ironically, it was originally settled by craftsmen from Massachusetts. Today it is a popular tourist destination for families craving the relaxed pace and beauty of a lifestyle from days gone by. The work we do at CVCF is inspired by the natural beauty and the friendly people you find in the Chagrin Valley.   

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