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Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture sells custom made modular conference tables and flexible conference tables that can be disassembled into smaller tables or subdivided from 1 table into 2 tables or 4 tables. Versatile modular conference tables handmade by CVCF are tailored to suit our client’s office needs and can be configured as our customers see fit. We build modular conference tables from solid natural wood, epoxy resin rivers and inlays, specialty metals and sturdy steel.
The modular conference tables we build employ space saving design features and are designed to improve business productivity and employee collaboration during meetings and seminars. Some of the office furniture, such as adjustable height desks and modular conference tables sold by CVCF showcase ergonomic designs.  Some of the modular conference tables we have built for corporate clients in the U.S. have metal bases, metal accents and integrated power and data ports. CVCF builds unique expandable conference tables, movable conference tables, rolling conference tables, 10 foot conference tables and commercial conference tables.
Watch a YouTube video to learn how CVCF uses CNC machining (engraving) and epoxy resins to add company logos and branding elements to the modular conference tables and flexible conference tables we make for our U.S. customers.
The Story Behind The Modular Conference Table Pictured Here
Bill and his wife contacted me from Detroit, Michigan. They wanted 4 tables with rivers going through them so when you put them together it was one large river table. CVCF picked out beautiful walnut slabs, cut them, sanded, added blue epoxy, and top coated with catalyzed varnish. We delivered the tables to their offices in April 2019.
Projects like this cost between $12,000 – $14,000.
Bill and his wife were very pleased.
Shel Myeroff, CFM (Chief Furniture Maker)
And “Chairman Of The Boards”
Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture
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