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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF

How To Design Furniture | Free Software, 3D Modeling Apps, Drawing Tools

Get Started with Your Furniture Design Idea for CVCF to Handcraft

See the process of our custom furniture designers crafting a piece for a customer.

People who live in luxury homes and own upscale businesses come to CVCF because they can’t find the furniture they want anywhere else – not in stores, not online, not even from other custom furniture makers. Maybe they need a piece that fits a space with unusual dimensions, or that perfectly matches their décor, but most often they simply have a design in mind for something truly different and special – and CVCF can take your design idea and turn it into reality. When you design your own furniture, our craftspeople will incorporate the colors,textures, woods, drawers,  panels, shapes, and accessories you desire. At the end of the day, when a you design your own furniture you should get exactly what you want – not furniture in stock that a furniture retailer is trying to sell.

Share Your Furniture Design Idea with One of Our Professional Designers, Builders or Makers

If you are a dreamer of great custom built furniture ideas, CVCF would like to see an example of the product you envision. When designing your own furniture taking practical steps is important. Consider using a sketchbook to explore your ideas, look at other furniture or take a walk in the wood to get inspiration from the natural world.

When you complete the furniture design, you can send us a JPG, SolidWorks file, PDF or CAD Pro file. You can download CAD Pro® drafting software which will let you design, visualize, and document your furniture design ideas. You can rough out an initial furniture design concept, design your own furniture online or create an accurate list of materials. On the other hand, you can simply draw the furniture using a pencil, ruler and graph paper, then scan your furniture design and email it to CVCF. You can also take a picture of your furniture layout with your phone. Finally, just tell us your idea for a design and we’ll take it from there. To learn the fundamentals of good furniture design, click here.

This section shows you how to sketch out a drawing, submit the drawing to CVCF and have our fine furniture makers custom build it and assemble it for you. Below we list software that you can use to design furniture. Of, course, you can always just tell us your design idea or sketch it out on a piece of paper, and we’ll take it from there. Or fill out the form below to give us a general idea of what you’re looking for.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture designs in step with changing design trends, moving from almost solely dining tables to now a high number of desks as well.

Once we receive your design, we can provide you with a quote to handcraft your furniture and install it in your luxury home or upscale business. To learn more about submitting your custom furniture design, click here.

CVCF is a custom high-end wood furniture maker. We collaborate with customers on the design and then our team of expert artisans build made-to-order handcrafted furniture- any style, shape or size requested - in our 6,000 sq. ft. workshop outside of Cleveland, Ohio. CVCF can make the furniture from your unique design idea. We design and build custom furniture hand-in-hand with you and build it to your exact home or office specifications.

CVCF has made it easy for customers to make custom furniture design decisions online and to use e-commerce. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture has refined the use of video calling applications to collaborate with customers on their design ideas for handmade tables, desks, beds and chairs. CVCF’s expert furniture designers use 2021 Internet technologies and videotelephony products such as Zoom video conferencing, FaceTime, Dropbox, websites, furniture design software, texting and email to design furniture online with our customers. CVCF furniture builders, epoxy resin artists and skilled craftspeople interface virtually and collaborate digitally with our clients online. We work diligently, hand-in-hand, with customers located throughout the U.S.  during the entire design/build process to handcraft custom solied wood, steel, resin and metal furniture remotely.

Specializing in Epoxy Resin and Wood River Tables and Desks

Since 2018 we have specialized in high quality epoxy resin river tables, desks and headboards. Tables are made from local and sustainably harvested walnut, oak, maple, mahogany, elm, hickory and cherry wood. You not only choose what wood species you want, you choose the exact slab you want via emails, texts, or videocalls. Company logos and corporate branded elements can be inlaid into table top surfaces or CNC carved and filled with colorful epoxy resin pours. Choose your own favorite items for us to embed into epoxy resin. LED lights, cable management systems, power outlets, cabinets, drawers, wheels, lamps, benches and data ports can be integrated into custom tables, desks or office furniture made by CVCF.

We ship these unique dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables, beds, and headboards to luxury homes and upscale businesses all across America, from Los Angeles to New York City to Miami.

Learn about the highest quality river tabes sold in the USA.

Design Custom Furniture Online Or By Hand

You can present your design idea to us in writing, on the phone, or with a rough or finished rendering. You don’t need to be a master craftsman to design and build your own custom furniture. You can design furniture online with free woodworking design and 3D modeling apps.

When you buy completely 100% custom furniture from CVCF you choose ALL the materials and you also approve the design drawings.

Buy Real Authentic Custom Furniture from CVCF

While you can’t exactly build your own furniture online, you can use software on the web such as Sketchup to design the furniture that the carpenters and woodworkers at CVCF will build for you. Download or register for free custom furniture programs, apps and software if you want to design your own solid wood furniture. Learn about sketching, drawing and choosing the right style for your furniture design. Then get it built by one of the top American custom furniture makers and builders. Below we give you more information about software programs you can use to design your furniture.

Order Custom Designed Furniture

You can start the custom furniture ordering process here or you can request a brochure, request an estimate or price quote or visit our design studio and showroom. You can also request a free design consultation which can be conducted in person, by phone or through the use of Skype or FaceTime.

Delivery and Installation

In Cleveland, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Detroit, our branded delivery van and expert woodcraftsmen will personally hand deliver your project into your home, ready to take on any tactics necessary for installation. For other parts of the United States, our closely held third party freight vendor will deliver your project with the same white glove delivery standards guaranteed by our in-house team.

Get Inspired to Design Your Own Furniture Online with Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

Get design inspirations from high-resolution images and see furniture in 3D models with this app. Save and share your designs and plans. Submit your furniture design online for a price quote or call 440-591-5511 to talk with a furniture design expert. Learn how CVCF co-designs custom furniture with U.S. based customers online and by phone here.

It Is Simple and Easy to Get Started Designing Your Own Furniture

  1.  First, envision your own custom furniture design concept for a for a live edge dining table, epoxy resin and wood slab river table, home office desk, oversized bed or kitchen cabinets
  2.  Next, determine the various functions your furniture will serve to precisely fit your needs [eating, working, sleeping, storage]
  3. Continue the furniture design process by absorbing creative influences that inspire you on YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Etsy.
  4. Start with the basic shape or form in order to make a visual interpretation of your furniture design concept [rectangular, square, round, oval, boat, circular, u-shaped, racetrack oval, rounded corners, etc.]
  5. Learn about standard furniture dimensions, here.
  6. Before starting on your interior design project, learn about different furniture shapes [diamond shaped furniture, l-shaped furniture, 3d furniture shapes, contemporary shapes & rustic styles]
  7. Learn simple woodworking tips for making measurements and layouts, here [2016 Youtube video]
  8. Sketch your own furniture design on paper, draw it on a tablet, lay it out with graph paper, draw it digitally, diagram it with a free online app or download free software to 3d model it.
  9. Build a custom furniture design model online or build a scale model with cardboard

Start the Next Phase of Your Custom Furniture Design Project

  1. Decide if you want to build the furniture you designed in your workshop, garage, basement, house or business
  2. If you already own a fair amount of woodworking tools, jigs, fixtures and have a workshop then it is not overly difficult but it is does take time
  3. Examine your budget and decide if you want to get your furniture built at the lowest possible cost – if so, then you should probably build it yourself.
  4. It is normally cheaper to build your own DIY furniture than to have it custom made by a top American custom furniture designer and builder in the U.S.
  5. If you don’t have much experience building furniture and want high quality then choose to have it custom made for you
  6. Talk to a professional furniture designer, maker, metalsmith or epoxy resin at cvcf to get a free consultation and expert furniture design advice
  7. Submit your own furniture design online to the CVCF custom furniture makers for a quote for construction and delivery in the U.S. or call 440-591-5511 to discuss the details of your furniture design concept.

How to Order the Furniture You Custom Designed

  1. Submit Your Furniture Design Online for A Price Quote
  2. Approve the Quote and Pay A Deposit by Check Or ACH
  3. Co-Design Your Custom Furniture With CVCF
  4. Approve the Completed Furniture Project by Reviewing Pictures and Pay the Balance Due
  5. Schedule Shipping For Your New Piece Of Furniture

Watch the process of going from our customer’s design idea for a 4-piece conference table to the finished project.

Select from The Following Options for A Custom Designed Table or Desk Made to Order Just for You

  • Table Length (36″, 48″, 60″, 78″, 120″, Etc.)
  • Table Width (18″, 24″,32″, 36″, 40″, 4’6″, Etc.)
  • Table Height (16″, 18″, 28″, 30″, 34″, 40″, 42″, Etc.)
  • Table Depth (24″, 30″, 36″, Etc.)
  • Table Shape (Rectangular, Square, Round, Oval, Boat, Circular, U-Shaped, Racetrack Oval, Rounded Corners, Etc.)
  • Table Top Thickness (1″, 1.5″, 1 3/4″, 2″, 2.5″, Etc.)
  • Table Seating Capacity, (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 20. Etc.)
  • Table Type (Dining, Kitchen, Coffee, Conference, Parsons, Bar, Extendable, WoodSlab, River, Ocean, Chess, Bedside, End, Gaming, Pool, Waterfall, Drafting, End, Sofa, Coral Reef, Cocktail, Console, CNC Engraved, Vanity, Corner, Picnic, Accent, Bar, L-Shaped Table Desks, Nested, Outdoor, Residential, Work, Commercial, Kitchen Island, Etc.)
  • Table Design Style (Farmhouse, Industrial, Modern, Rustic, Live Edge, Lift Top, Shaker, Hospitality, Contemporary, Epoxy Resin River, Harvest, Drop Leaf, Folding, For Small Spaces, Antique, French Country, Queen Anne, Vintage, Artistic, Mid-Century Modern, Pennsylvania Dutch, Traditional, Etc.)
  • Wood Species & Type Of Table Top (Walnut, Natural Wood Slab, Live Edge, Figured Maple, Brown Maple, Hard Maple, Logs, White or Red Oak, Hickory, Elm, Solid Wood, American Hardwoods, Alder, Mahogany, Cherry, Birch, Ash, Fir, Teak, Rosewood, Reclaimed Wood, Pine, Exotic, Etc.)
  • Table Legs & Base (Trestle, Trapezoid, Single Pedestal, Double Pedestal, Wood, Metal, Steel, Cross, Bold Down, Bar Height, Single Solid Leg, Tree Stump/Trunk, Turned Legs, Post, Etc.)
  • Table Top Coating, Sheen, Finish, Paint or Stain (Epoxy Resin Topcoat, Urethane Topcoat, Polyurethane, High-End Clear Coat, Tung Oil Satin Finish, Semi-Gloss Varnish, Water-Based Finish, Oil-Based Finish, Urethane Varnish, Etc.)
  • Table Hardware and Parts (Leaf Supports, Table Locks, Fasteners, Drop Leaf Supports, Nailhead Trim, Surface Mount Corner Brackets, Pins, Braces, Table Lift Mechanisms, Slides, Blanks, Table Leg Brackets, Sockets, Lever Locks, Extension Hardware, Hinges, Knobs, Pulls, Bumpers, Casters, Connectors, Wheels, Edge Covers, Feet, Decorative Hardware, Folding Hardware, Etc.)
  • Table Materials (Wood, Epoxy Resin, Glass, Natural, Steel, Brass, Laminates, Formica, Synthetic, Cast Iron, Marble, Granite, Plastic, Plywood, Stainless Steel, Quartz, Leg Feet, Etc.)

Software for Furniture Design and Interior Design

Furniture design software allows you to create amazing furniture items on your PC or Mac.

  • You can use furniture design software to visualize, plan, diagram, sketch, draw, render and 3D model custom designed furniture.
  • Use the best furniture design software programs to design awesome furniture online.
  • Use Sketchlist 3D woodworking software  (used by professionals) to design a virtual plan and generate reports for building cabinets, furniture and kitchen projects.
  • Download professional 3D CAD software (Autodesk Inventor) for mechanical design, product design, rendering and simulation, here.
  • Download industry-specific furniture design software (Woodwork for Inventor) designed for woodworkers, here.
  • Use an Android or iOS home design and floor planning app to design your home virtually.
  • Take a picture of a room and use your phone to create 3D designs.
  • You can make modern and rustic furniture plans and use a “design your own furniture app” or free “design your own furniture software” if you want to make or buy custom handmade furniture.
  • If you would like to learn how to design your own furniture, from start-to-finish, read “Design Your Own Furniture“.

9 Popular Types of Software for Furniture Design

SketchList 3D

If you’re a fan of modern and rustic wooden furniture or work wood professionally, then this is the perfect furniture design software for you. SketchList 3D simplifies the time consuming and repetitive woodworking design tasks, allowing you to work everywhere, in the shop or at your client’s home. The solid 3D sketches allow you to mark even the tiniest details and quickly modify ten if something looks out of proportion. The virtual boards also let you see how the elements of your design go together. Once you’re satisfied with the end result, you can use Adobe 3D PDF to send your sketch to your clients so that they can see the ‘before’ version of your work. SketchList allows you to add joints and contours with just one click. You can use the default colors and grains when designing the furniture or create your own.


Solidworks is a very versatile furniture design software that you can use for living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms and offices. The CAD models support a wide variety of materials, including stainless steel furniture, wooden furniture, as well as custom-design furniture. You can use this
tool to design virtually any type of furniture components, including desks, chairs, tables, office panels, and customize them according to your needs. To learn more about designing furniture in SolidWorks, watch a video tutorial here.


CAD Pro is a drafting software lets you design, visualize, and share your furniture design ideas. You can use this tool to design any piece of furniture that you want, from classic tables to extravagant chairs. When you’re satisfied with the end result, you can then send your design as an image in your emails by selecting the “Send as Mail” option. You can also save your CAD Pro blueprint as a PDF file.

If you like to quickly sketch your furniture design ideas on paper, you can scan the drawing and then resume work in CAD Pro. Your initial scanned design becomes a traceable template that you can then modify and save. The software supports a series of additional feature that allows you to better communicate with the persons that you want to share the design sketches with.

For example, you can record your ideas and add voice instructions into your design blueprints or add pop-up text memos for more information.

PRO100 Furniture Design Software

PRO100 is a professional software for furniture and interior design. This tool will allow you to design the interior of kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms faster and more efficiently.  One of the main strong point of this tool is the quality of visualization. The crystal-clear detailed images that PRO100 renders are very useful, allowing you to spot even the tiniest design details.  The latest version of the tool brings even more impressive features to the table:

  • Design export to 3D panoramas (including VR glasses, mobile devices, web sites)
  • Swap any part, e.g. handles, fittings, drawers.
  • Distribution tool (e.d. for shelves or lights arrangement at equal distances from each other)
  • Export to *.jpg files


SketchUp is a very powerful tool that you can use for a variety of purposes, including furniture design. This software can deliver impressive interior design sketches, as well as specific furniture design images. If you haven’t used a furniture design software before, SketchUp is the perfect place to start.

This 3D drawing tool is intuitive, easy-to-learn, and efficient. Of course, the tool also supports 2D drawing. Once you finished your sketch, you can use the walkthrough function to go through every detail of your design and see how various pieces of furniture go together. This software can also generate presentation documents, allowing you to store and share your design ideas.

SketchUp For Furniture Design

Designing your own furniture is so satisfying. If you want to design your own furniture and send CVCF your custom furniture design concept and dimensional drawings so that CVCF can build and assemble it for you, you can use Sketchup (formerly Google Sketchup). This 3D modeling computer program can be used to design and draw many types of furniture including rustic and modern tables. Visit to learn how to design, layout and print your dimensions, bookshelves, joints, furniture and cabinets. Sketchup is great for woodworkers.  Learn how to create a custom furniture design in Sketchup. Spend a few dollars and download the Sketchup Guide for Woodworkers Ebook. The book will show you how to precisely draw your furniture design, how to develop furniture plans and how to create shop drawings to submit to CVCF.  You can create your own furniture online and CVCF will build it and assemble it for you.

  • Sign Up to Download and Use Sketchup Free
  • Free 3D Furniture Modeling Software
  • Web-Based Furniture Design Application

Sketchup For Web

Think through your custom furniture ideas and pre-build furniture with easy and enjoyable 3D modeling software. Turn your furniture ideas into reality. Start modeling a bed, table, desk or chair right away. Sketchup For Web is simple to use. Open your favorite browser, launch Sketchup and get creative with a furniture plan. When it comes to designing furniture, measurements are important. Use Sketchup to pre-build your furniture in 3D views.  Sketchup For Web is a subscription service you can use to share furniture designs with the furniture makers at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.  You can use it to send your custom furniture design reference drawings to CVCF at 440-591-5511, or submit your design online here.

SketchUp Shop

Sketchup Shop is made for furniture designers and furniture makers. It is a subscription-based version of SketchUp for Web that includes professional-level features. Although you can open the program on an iOS, tablet, mobile device or Android device, the software works better on a desktop or laptop computer with a three-button mouse.  You can use it to create amazing 3D woodworking designs and furniture designs that you can send to CVCF.

SketchUp Pro

Most designers, regardless of their skill levels, find SketchUp-Pro one of the fastest and easiest CAD software programs for both creating and editing 3D & 2D designs.  Sketchup Pro is a must-have tool for any Architecture or Engineering designer. Its simple interface, along with its variety of options, allows you to create very professional designs that will allow you to win the client you want.


This video shows you the difference between “real” custom furniture co-designed with our customers and “fake” custom furniture.

  • What this video tutorial to learn how to draw sketches of basic furniture forms and shapes. 
  • Learn how to design and make versatile and comfortable solid wood furniture, epoxy resin furniture, and live edge wood slab furniture here.
  • Watch this video to learn how you design your own custom furniture online, submit your design and get it custom built. 
  • Look at pictures of trendy custom furniture and download free custom furniture design plans online here. 
  • Learn the best way to measure your living space, dining room, kitchen, office or bedroom and to record the exact dimensions.
  • Find out how small details and style affect the final look of your furniture, here.
  • Find out what you need to know about designing custom furniture that precisely fits your needs and space requirements. 
  • Read step-by-instructions, browse furniture design pictures and watch videos to see how custom furniture is built.
  • Design furniture online with free woodworking design and 3D modeling apps. 
  • Find out what you need to know about designing custom furniture that precisely fits your needs and space requirements. 
  • Read step-by-instructions, browse furniture design pictures and watch videos to see how custom furniture is built.
  • Use an App to Design Your Own Furniture Online
  • Get Free Expert Advice from Top American Furniture Designers, Makers & Builders
  • Submit Your Custom Furniture Design Idea Here to Get A Price Quote
  • Send CVCF An Inspirational Picture, Sketch, Drawing, Diagram, Graphed Plan or Explanation of Your Custom Furniture Design Project
  • Place an Order to Have A Professional Custom Furniture Manufacturing Company Build Your Furniture
  • Draw, Sketch, Design, Measure And Make Your Own Furniture With The Woodworking Design App -SketchUp Or The Simple 3D Wood Design Tool -SketchList
  • Email Your Custom Furniture Design Files to CVCF in JPG, PDF, PSD, DWG Or DXF Format for A Construction Estimate
  • Commission Your Own Custom Designed Furniture Online Here
  • Use A Free App, Free Software or A Pencil to Visualize, Sketch and Diagram Your Own Custom Designed Furniture
  • Order Custom Designed Solid Wood, Steel And Epoxy Resin Furniture, Dining Tables, Farmhouse Tables, Kitchen Tables, Coffee Tables, Desks, Beds, Bookshelves, Sofas And Cabinets From CVCF
  • Choose any type of live edge wood slab table edges, powder coated steel legs, inlays, barn door hardware or metal bases. Select your favorite power outlets and cable management equipment, lighting components, CNC carvings and engravings, decorative and functional hardware, wheels or feet.
  • Design your own custom sofa online by customizing your dream sofa or sectional by selecting from thousands of configurations and sizes.
  • Best Wood for Epoxy Tables | 2″ + Thick | Black Walnut, Maple and Cherry
  • Watch Videos on YouTube To Learn How We Handcraft Custom Furniture
  • Examples of Custom Furniture Sold Locally and Online in The U.S. In 2021
  • Complete Custom Furniture Design Gallery | Custom Dining Tables, Desks, Beds, Etc.
  • See Pictures of Custom Furniture We Designed for Our U.S. Clients on Instagram
  • Look at Stunning Photos of Custom Furniture We Built In 2020 On Pinterest
  • See What Kinds of Trendy Custom Furniture People Are Buying In 2021 On Facebook
  • Check Out Our Custom Wood and Metal Furniture for Sale on Etsy
  • Learn about drafting equipment and tools used to design and draw furniture, here.
  • Get expert furniture design advice from the top American furniture designers and makers in the U.S., here.

Books to Help You Design Your Own Rustic Furniture

  • Design Your Own Rustic Log Furniture
  • Rustic Furniture Basics
  • Making Rustic Furniture
  • Rustic Furniture Workshop

Reviews From Our Customers

I COULD NOT be more thrilled with my resin table from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the table and I receive SO many compliments from just about everyone that sees it. Sheldon was extremely helpful and personal from the 1st email/phone call. Eric, Sheldon and the entire team was so very helpful and kind! I have been researching and shopping for a resin table for almost 5 years. This custom experience was worth the time! Thank you to ALL!!

Kim Neppl

My wife and I just finished a dining room renovation project. Working with Zach and his team was an absolute pleasure. To call the folks at CVCF great woodworkers doesn't seem enough. More accurately, they are artists that use wood, epoxy, and technology to deliver custom works of art. Not only is the finished product first class, but the personalized care and top-notch customer service weave together to make a great story, which is a special part of the process. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Jonathan Epling

We worked with Shel and Zach to design a beautiful custom countertop for a beverage center at our lake house in Texas. We received our delivery yesterday! It arrived ahead of our cabinet construction, so we don’t have completed photos yet. We opened the large well made crate just to confirm all went well with the shipping process. It is stunning, and the workmanship and finish is superb! Zach was a great listener, excellent with follow through, creativity and expertise. Even the FedEx delivery man was amazed. He said, “ I do some wood working, may I touch it to feel the smoothness of the transitions?” The character of the wood, and the finish are just perfect! We can’t wait to see the completed project soon! Thank you so much-we will consider this piece the art in the room! We will add photos when project is completed!

Marjo Richmond

We looked at a lot of River table websites and YouTube videos before contacting Chagrin Valley. They walked us through the design process and selection of the wood. Since we couldn’t be present for the wood selection we had to rely on them. We wanted the rivers in our area ( Colorado, Roaring Fork, Crystal, and Frying Pan) plus our house depicted. We also wanted our initials as part of the legs. All this was accomplished and I believe we got a beautiful table. The pics I have attached show the table, it’s legs, and the depiction of our house location.

Walter Weathers

This is the MOST amazing piece of furniture I have ever seen. I was looking for a unique dining room table and searched several high end furniture websites for ideas. I contacted CVCF and they helped me create this masterpiece of Denali from an abstract concept to the final product. I was involved every step of the way. Pictures do not do this table the justice it deserves. I am beyond happy with this company from the communication, responsiveness, professionalism and of course, the finished product.

Jennifer Lombrano

Several months ago I found Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture online. I immediately fell in love with their work! I picked up the phone and called them; Shel answered the phone and after a long conversation he helped me narrow down what I was looking for. Shel then invited me to their facility to see how these custom masterpieces are made. That day I picked out the slabs for my river table. I also worked directly with Zach throughout the process. He was very prompt keeping me up to date on how the table was coming. My table was delivered today and it completely blew my expectations out of the water! The whole process was a world class experience! These are GREAT people to do business with, I would highly recommend them!!

Alex Smith

I ordered a custom coffee table and sideboard storage cabinet. The attention to detail and design far exceeded all expectations. I have pieces that will be passed down through generations. The staff is excellent to work and plan with. On both pieces and I now have a cohesive decor. Many, many thanks to Zach and the staff at Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

Gab D’Errico

Working with this team of professionals and even more, so creative group, was an amazing experience from start to finish. I was very specific about what we wanted for our table and base. If I wasn't completely happy with what they sent, they tried again until I knew it was our dream table. It's a one of a kind experience for a one of a kind table! I wanted to add they sent coasters for doing a review and they are spectacular. Like a lil version of our table. Wow just wow

Beth Ross

Every step of the process was great. Shel kept me updated on the process. I told them what I was looking for and they found exactly what I wanted. They called me on FaceTime to allow me to see the wood slab and mailed samples of the epoxy before I made the color selection. The end result is AMAZING! I cannot say enough good things about Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture! I would recommend this company!

Gregg Buck

Zach and Shel made me a lovely custom sit/stand desk with drawers and extra wide keyboard tray and matching side table. Everything was done perfectly to the measurements I asked for and Shel picked the prefect wood to match my style. These are perfect pieces that are completely custom.

Lindsey Fowler

I'm amazed with the quality and craftsmanship of the boardroom river table CVCF made for us! The first time I talked to Sheldon, he asked me what style of table I was looking for and I told him that I wanted a river table 19' long and 5' wide. I also told him that I wanted it to be made in a steampunk style. He wasn't sure what that was, but boy, did he hit it out of the park with the river table he made for us. It has an industrial style base and an elegant top, and so I call it modern steampunk. It was created for shipment so that it arrived without any damage at all. It's absolutely beautiful! Shel, Zack and all the crew did a wonderful job and were great to work with!

Brendan Ganser

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