Project Description

Handcrafted by our veteran in-house carpenter, Ed, here we are selling spalted maple wooden stepping stools. Each handmade stepping stool tells the story of a unique dead or dying maple tree as the circle of life drew it to a close, and various fungi began to take root and find life in its place. Spalting occurs naturally as wood dies or grows weak with age, and is highly coveted by woodworkers for its unique coloration and natural patterns.

These rustic, primitive, minimalistic spalted maple stepping stools are a perfect piece of home décor for a newly decorated room, or make a great gift for a loved one.

This product measures out to 25″ x 15.5″ x 1″.

Due to the individualistic nature of wood spalting, each stool may not look precisely identical to the one pictured. But, we can guarantee that your product will meet the same specifications and will be crafted with the same loving care as the original.

You can order this on our Etsy page, or contact us for a more customized version of this project.

Buy one just like this from Live Edge Furniture Company for $500.

Shel Myeroff, CFM (Chief Furniture Maker)
And “Chairman Of The Boards”
Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

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