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    Sheldon Myeroff founded Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in 2013 as a way to stay active, do what he loved to do, and exercise his creativity following his retirement in 2018. Little did he know then that the basement he called his workshop would evolve into a 6000 square foot production facility with some of the country’s best designers and furniture-makers – all staying active, doing what they love to do, and exercising their creativity day in and day out. Learn more about Sheldon, his team, and the way they make it all work at Chagrin Valley.
    About CVCF

Buy A Custom Modular Conference Table $12,000+

A fancy sports car club in Detroit gave us a really awesome design idea for a modular epoxy river conference room table. The client wanted 4 tables with rivers going through them so when you put them together it was one large river table. CVCF refined the idea and built the table in our 6000 sq. ft. woodworking facility outside Cleveland, OH.

Modular Conference Room Tables FAQs

What Size Are Modular Conference Tables?

Modular conference tables come in various sizes to provide flexibility and adaptability for different meeting and office space requirements. The specific size of a modular conference table can vary depending on the design and configuration, but common dimensions for modular sections often range from 4 to 6 feet in length and 2.5 to 4 feet in width for individual sections. These modular sections can be combined to create larger tables to accommodate different group sizes, from small meetings to larger conferences. Custom modular conference tables can be any dimension and configurations to accommodate the space.

The advantage of modular conference tables is that you can customize the table's size and shape by adding or removing sections as needed. This adaptability allows you to configure the table to suit the specific requirements of your meetings or workspace.

What Is The Table In a Conference Room Called?

The table in a conference room is typically called a "conference table" or “boardroom table.” Conference tables are designed to provide a functional and comfortable workspace for meetings, discussions, presentations, and collaborative activities.

How Big Should a Conference Room Table Be?

The size of the conference table you need is directly tied to the number of seats you need to provide and the type of seating you have. A minimum of 30” per person is needed due to office chair width.

How Many People Can Site at a 10-foot Conference Table?

The number of people that can comfortably sit at a 10-foot conference table depends on the table's shape and the type of chairs used. A 10-foot rectangular conference table can typically seat around 10 to 12 people comfortably, with four people on each side and one person at each end. An oval or boat-shaped table of the same length can also accommodate approximately 10 to 12 individuals. In contrast, a 10-foot round table will typically seat fewer people, usually around 8 to 10. The actual number of seats may vary based on factors like chair design and the space available in the room. It's important to consider both comfort and functionality to ensure productive and comfortable meetings. A minimum of 30” per person due to office chair width.

What Is a Modular Table?

A modular table is a versatile and adaptable type of table designed to meet varying needs and accommodate different spaces. What sets it apart is its modular nature, consisting of individual components or sections that can be reconfigured, combined, or extended to create tables of different shapes, sizes, and functions. The key features and advantages of modular tables include the ability to customize them to fit specific requirements, their versatility for serving multiple purposes like conferences, workstations, or training setups, expandability by adding or removing sections, portability for easy transport, space-efficiency in utilizing available room space effectively, suitability for collaborative work, potential for storage solutions, and the availability of various designs to match the overall aesthetics of a space. These tables are commonly found in office settings, educational institutions, and meeting rooms, where adaptability and multifunctionality are crucial for efficient space utilization.

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