Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture recently had the opportunity and pleasure to build a really cool custom desk for a couple in Lakewood, Ohio, a quaint suburb of Cleveland. They had just built a magnificent rustic-style home right on the shores of Lake Erie and came to us with a simple request: make a handcrafted office desk as beautiful and unique as the home itself. This was a challenge we were determined to meet.

We visited the home to get the lay of the land and surveyed the large office space. It truly deserved something impressive and original! After some back-and-forth with the client throwing some design concepts around, we settled on one that excited us both. We went to work designing and building a special desk that was rustic yet modern for their home office. We decided on Spalted Maple for the top and Walnut for the drawers and base.

Spalted Maple has a particularly unique and fascinating visual texturing. Spalting results from wood that is subjected to a high moisture environment for extended periods of time, during which dark fungus grow in the wood grains. The fungal patterns combine with the lighter bleached wood to create incredible palettes and patterns.

Walnut is a popular hardwood with colors that range from chocolate brown to yellow, depending upon which section of the tree is used. As opposed to the spalted maple, the walnut wood’s grain is straight. Together, the two give the desk a striking contrast in colors and patterns.

We delivered the office desk in September of 2016. The minute our customer saw this project, they were blown away with its beauty.

Watch our video showing the process of designing and building this one-of-a-kind custom desk for Stacey and Mike, our customers in Lakewood, Ohio. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture specializes in creating uniquely individual furniture for unique individuals.