This video shows you the many reasons why Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture makes the highest quality river tables made in America.

It’s real custom furniture, designed by you and handcrafted in our workshop by real woodworking professionals. You even get to pick out the slabs you want for your table. Other so-called “custom” furniture makers aren’t really selling one-of-a-kind pieces like CVCF. They offer you limited choices for tabletops, legs, sizes, etc. – assembly line produced from prefabricated parts in their warehouse.

We harvest our wood sustainably, often under the direction of the Forest Service. This ensures the longterm health of the forest.

We spend up to 2 years removing moisture from the logs before starting to work with them. This helps prevent warping and cracking of the wood.

Our workshop is fully equipped to handle all the challenges of making a beautiful epoxy resin river table, which includes a temperature controlled, clean spray room for a smoother, scratch-resistant coat.

We also offer a large variety of metal and wood legs, plus you can design your own legs if you wish.

Our shipping standards are high – we want your package to arrive at your home or place of business looking just as it did when it left our shop. That means each piece of furniture gets its own heavily padded, solid wood crate. We ship to homeowners, restaurants, offices, businesses, and hotels throughout the continental United States.

Our furnishings include custom epoxy resin river tables, epoxy resin river beds and headboards, epoxy resin desks, epoxy resin wall art, rustic to modern farmhouse tables, barn doors, benches, countertops, shelves and so much more.