A Comparison Between CVCF Custom Furniture and the Competition, and the Consequences of Not Making Informed Decisions

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture President Sheldon Myeroff has this to say about his custom furniture and custom river tables: “There’s nothing like the real thing. Costs extra. Looks nicer. It’s more authentic. And you’re gonna love it!” Let’s take a closer look at what makes CVCF one of the highest quality custom furniture makers in the USA, and why paying a little extra gets you a whole lot more to love! To submit and discuss your options for your own custom river table design idea, please complete the “Get A Quote For Your Custom Furniture Project” form at the bottom of the page, or call Sheldon at 440-591-5511 anytime. Shop around—but remember to ask any other furniture maker in the U.S. if they do as much as we do to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece just for you.

View pictures of river tables that CVCF recently designed, built and delivered to customers in the U.S in 2020. Watch a video showing how we created a 19′ CNC engraved Mississippi River conference table from wood, epoxy resin and steel, here. This black walnut river table was handcrafted for the corporate conference room of the Crescent River Port Pilots’ Association, which is located in Louisiana. View pictures of river tables that CVCF recently designed, built and delivered to customers in the U.S in 2020. In 2020, CVCF perfected the art of making custom tables with epoxy inlays, CNC river tables, ‘Ocean Tables‘, CNC machined river tables with epoxy resin and ‘Canyon River Tables‘. CVCF is a U.S. based ocean resin table manufacturer that specializes in combining decorative layered resin art with  live edge wood slabs, reclaimed wood and walnut slabs.

Learn more about your design options for popular river coffee tables, river dining tables, live edge river tables and waterfall river tables for sale here.

1. Sustainably Harvested Wood

CVCF: CVCF uses trusted local resources to harvest trees in a manner that helps the forest, not hurts it. It is often under the direction of the Parks Service here in Northeast Ohio who have a responsibility to keep the forests healthy.

Competitors: Do not know the origin of their wood, often from irresponsible parties with no concern for the environment.

Consequences: Forests are depleted and trees are unhealthy.

2. Superior Slab Quality

CVCF: CVCF has developed relationships with distributors who get their slabs from reliable foresters and sawmills. These distributors have large quantities of slabs, so customers have many choices. Exported wood from places like China is cheaper but unreliable.

Competitors: Small distributors usually have a small selection of slabs and sell on price rather than quality.

Consequences: Customer does not see a large selection of quality slabs resulting in a project that is inferior in looks and quality.

3. Lower Moisture Content

CVCF: Slabs must be kiln dried to 5% water content – no exceptions – and must be tested by CVCF with a moisture meter before building any projects. This can take
up to a year of air and kiln drying. This process is critical in helping to keep the slabs flat over time and preventing cracks from forming.

Competitors: Slabs are bought from unreliable sources that may say they have 5% content but, in fact, they have not been checked by a moisture meter.

Consequences: Your furniture can become warped and cracked.

4. Flatter, Uniform Slabs

CVCF: CVCF flattens the rough wood slabs in a state-of-the-art CNC flattening machine to remove any unevenness in the surface. CVCF then uses a high-tech planing machine to plane the flattened slabs to the correct thickness and smoothness.

Competitors: Competitors may plane on an inferior machine and most do not have the resources to perform proper flattening.

Consequences: If slabs are not flattened first and then planed for thickness and smoothness, the table can start out warped and get worse as time goes on. Epoxy resin will usually crack if warping gets too severe.

5. Clean, Professional Work Environment

CVCF: We have a state-of-the-art working environment – the best machines, a controlled room temperature to ensure proper setup of epoxy, humidifiers to help prevent slabs from warping, an air filtration system to remove particulates from the shop, and we keep our space squeaky clean and organized.

Competition: Many are carpenters work out of their basements, garages, in small disorganized shops that do not have the proper equipment to control the environment.

Consequences: Slabs may warp and bow in improper temperature and humidity, which can result in cracked wood and resin. Dust and other particulates in the air can blemish the epoxy fill.

6. Better Epoxy Resin Materials And Techniques

CVCF: CVCF has years of experience in epoxy pours for river tables and home furnishings. We work with the highest quality epoxies and use different epoxy mixtures and pour techniques depending on the thickness of the wood, clarity of the epoxy, and acceptance of different colors during the pours. If called for, we do multiple pours in small increments to achieve more character and depth in the epoxy. See examples of our epoxy resin colors.

Competitors: Generally, they don’t have the experience or understanding to do epoxy pours correctly. They often favor one product to use in all applications and perform one thick pour that doesn’t result in a smooth, clear look.

Consequences: By not adjusting the epoxy pours to different applications, different problems may show up such as lack of clarity, failure of adhesion, bubbles, and cracking.

7. Superior Artistry

CVCF: CVCF employs trained personnel that have the natural talent to pick the right piece of wood along with the right epoxy colors. Our keen sense of mixing different colors in multiple layers, adding rocks, glitter, other effects, and even LED lights gives our customers many beautiful and intriguing options. See examples of our epoxy resin options.

Competition: Most competitors mix one solid color in one thick layer and do not create different special effects.

Consequences: Projects can be bland in appearance.

8. Unique Custom Bases

CVCF: CVCF works closely with our metal fabrication group to help us design amazing bases! We are constantly experimenting in order to offer our customers different selections to find that one base that makes the project unusual and different. We offer a choice of dozens of original designs and a variety of finishes, including powder coating. Our metal workers also create solid steel frames that are secured underneath our tabletops to ensure stability and help prevent warping. See examples of our river table legs and bases.

Competition: They have to go to outside metal fabricators and don’t spend the time to design unique bases. It is usually a choice of one or two designs. They rarely have steel supports for the tables and rarely powder coat.

Consequences: Bases that have no unique design, or projects that do not meet customer expectations. Painted bases instead of powder coating can result in nicks and scratches from people kicking them. And without a tabletop frame, warping is more likely.

9. Smooth Spray Room Finish

CVCF: CVCF applies the highest quality finishes in our state-of-the-art spray room, including a variety of lacquers, oils, and restaurant-quality conversion varnish for superior protection. It guards against scratches, water marks, and even nail polish remover. We offer a variety of sheens from flat to hi-gloss—whatever it takes to give your wood a rich look and feel. The finish is applied at the proper temperature and in the ideal spray room environment. See examples of wood types for epoxy resin furnishings.

Competition: Most of them cannot afford a fully outfitted room like ours and would not know how to use it if they did. They use a wipe-on oil finish that is inferior and must be maintained on a yearly basis. It looks good for a while until it starts to break down.

Consequences: Customers get tired of maintaining the finish or do not do it at all, resulting in having a company come in and taking the top to their shop for an expensive refinish.

10. The Right Tools And Equipment For The Job

CVCF: Our shop is a furniture makers paradise—because we have everything a craftsman needs to perform every stage of the furniture-making process with ease and precision. From hand planes to routers to band saws to the most advanced spray room, we have it all!

Competition: Big shops may have everything we have—except for real custom furniture. Theirs is often assembly line production. People that make real custom furniture generally have smaller shops, and limited tools and equipment.

Consequences: They say a poor carpenter blames his tools. And what do you say if the carpenter doesn’t even have the tools!?

11. Furniture-Making Specialists

CVCF: The CVCF team is a group of talented individuals, each bringing a unique skill set to the table. We have on staff: experienced woodworkers, project managers, well schooled artists, cabinet makers, carpenters, draftsmen, CAD designers, metal workers, specialty painters, and finishers.

Competition: Most real custom furniture makers are one-person shops or hire help as needed. Each furniture maker has his or her strengths, but rarely is an expert in all phases of furniture building.

Consequences: Your furniture does not have quality in every square inch of the piece.

12. Design Your Own Custom Furniture

CVCF: At CVCF, you tell us your river table design idea or send us a sketch, rendering, photograph, or CAD drawing of the furniture you have in mind. We refine it and build it while keeping you in the loop with video technology, emails, and texts so you can make your own adjustments along the way if you wish. You choose the wood slab, the epoxy resin colors, the width and length and height, the finish, the legs or base, etc.. That’s better than “customer service.” That’s total “customer engagement.” Learn how to design your own custom furniture.

Competition: They may claim they’re custom, but they aren’t. They only offer you check-the-boxes, limited choices of shapes, sizes, wood species, legs, and stains from their in-stock inventory. And once you check the boxes, you’re out of the loop.

Consequences: What you get is NOT really custom furniture at all. It’s something hundreds of other people have also ordered. It will not fit your space and fulfill your vision. And you had little say in the outcome.

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How Much Do Custom Conference Tables Cost?

Price Ranges For Custom Conference Tables For Sale At Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

Standard Custom Conference Table Prices Start At $4,500+ Delivery

Types Include:

  • Industrial Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Live Edge Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Natural & Reclaimed Wood Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Modern Conference Tables: From $4,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs

Prices For A Custom Made Wood And Steel Conference Table With A CNC Designed And Engraved Brand Or Logo

  • Seating Capacity For 6: From $5,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 8: From $8,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 10: From $10,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 12: From $12,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs

Prices For A Custom Made Wood And Steel Conference Table With An Epoxy Resin River

  • Seating Capacity For 6: From $5,600+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 8: From $6,500+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 10: From $7,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 12: From $9,000+ Delivery & Crating Costs

Prices For A Custom Made Wood And Steel Conference Table With An Epoxy Resin River And A CNC Designed And Engraved Epoxy Resin Logo

  • Seating Capacity For 6: From $6,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 8: From $8,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 10: From $10,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs
  • Seating Capacity For 12: From $12,800+ Delivery & Crating Costs

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