CVCF is a custom wood and metal desk maker that sells custom desks for home offices. You can buy a handmade custom computer desk, custom executive desk, custom ergonomic desk, custom gaming desk or custom l-shaped desk by calling 440-591-5511. CVCF also sells custom epoxy resin office desks, custom epoxy resin computer desks and custom live edge desks. CVCF office furniture builders have the manufacturing expertise and experience to transform our customer’s desk designs into high-quality desks. In 2020, CVCF perfected the art of making custom tables with epoxy inlays, CNC river tables, ‘Ocean Tables‘, CNC machined river tables with epoxy resin and ‘Canyon River Tables‘.

CVCF also sells custom conference tables to U.S. companies, private citizens, hotels, restaurants, resorts, convention centers, the U.S. military, U.S. government agencies, law enforcement agencies and academic institutions that feature engraved business logos and epoxy resin rivers. CVCF also builds lecterns, managerial desks, bureaus, drawers tables, cabinets, office shelves, office chairs, high-back chairs, credenzas, executive desks, reception desks, floating desk, office tables, partially enclosed office workspaces, communal work desks, adjustable height ergonomic desks, sit-stand desks, cubicles, writing desks, office storage units, corner desks, L-shaped desks, height adjustable desks and other custom built office furniture.

Buy custom built office furniture and handmade desks for sale in the United States. Prices start at $800.
Furniture delivery and assembly services are provided. Order a custom made conference table.  Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture handcrafts beautiful workspace furniture, unique desks for home offices, one-of-a-kind desks for gaming, custom made executive desks, affordable writing desks, desks for communal workspaces, U-Shaped desks, solid wood desks for luxury homes and offices, reception desks, as well as  height specific L-shaped desks. CVCF’s desk shop is located in Cleveland, Ohio. Custom desks sold by CVCF include their own design inspiration style, electrical components and extra storage space. Custom desks are shipped anywhere in the U.S. and normally take a few months to build.

CVCF builds ergonomically designed L-shaped and corner gaming desks for multiple screens and keyboards that make gaming easy. These handcrafted desks made in Cleveland, Ohio have more than enough room for all your gaming equipment. Call 440-591-5511 for a price for a gaming desk. You can choose the size, shaped of the desk and the desk material. The gaming desks sold by CVCF typically are built with usability in mind and often include electronic height adjustment components and extra storage space for computers, monitors and speakers.

When you buy completely 100% custom furniture or a woodworking project from CVCF you choose ALL the materials and you also approve the design drawings.CVCF is a custom desk design and manufacturing company serving families, restaurants and bars, and businesses and offices all across the USA. Our custom desks can be built to meet any specifications you could imagine, making our capable expert craftsman the perfect team to design a project optimized for its intended context. Carpenters in CVCF’s workshop have delivered ergonomic desk designs, designs utilizing reclaimed barnwood, desks derived from repurposed furniture, modern desks, live edge wood desks, computer desks, studio desks, standing desks, executive desks, home office desks, gaming desks, architectural design desks, sketching desks, art desks, and workstations. Our desks are completely customizable, from the tabletop to the legs or base, and can even feature a “river” or some other kind of colored epoxy resin design on the surface to bring the essence and inspirational value of nature right in front of you throughout the workday. We build custom tables and desks for Florida homes and businesses.

For custom desk pricing information, please see our pricing page.

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