How Authentic Custom Furniture Is Commissioned, Designed, Handmade, Quality Approved And Assembled

Learn how authentic custom furniture is commissioned, designed, handmade, quality approved, shipped, delivered and assembled in the United States.

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture has not only mastered the art of custom furniture making, we have also mastered art of making it easy for customers across the USA to purchase this amazing furniture.  You can start the custom furniture ordering process here or you can request a brochure, request an estimate or price quote or visit our design studio and showroom. You can also request a free design consultation which can be conducted in person, by phone or through the use of Skype or FaceTime.

Our workshop is outside Cleveland Ohio, but we talk to customers from San Diego to Chicago to New York City who are interested in our one-of-a-kind live edge and rustic (with a modern contemporary flair) dining tables, conference tables, kitchen tables, beds and headboards, hanging wall art and more.  Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture manufacturers custom built epoxy resin wood furniture and epoxy resin river tables.  We even had an interested client from Barrow, Alaska! What’s so unusual about that? Real custom furniture makers that make real custom furniture out of real solid wood slabs only sell locally in most every case.

When you buy completely 100% custom furniture or a woodworking project from CVCF you choose ALL the materials and you also approve the design drawings.  Commissioning custom-made furniture from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture is more of an art than a science. The degree to which our clients collaborate with the CVCF furniture makers during a custom furniture design and build project will define the creative boundaries — and furniture quality outcome. CVCF normally designs furniture for our customers, or we collaborate with our clients to design custom furniture, which we then handcraft and assemble.  However, if you design your own furniture, we will build it, install and assemble it for you, assuming you live in the continental USA. You can submit your custom furniture design and get a price for fabrication and assembly.  To submit your design drawings or CAD drawing for a quote, call 440-591-5511, email or click hereWe explain below, as well as lay out the 8 simple steps involved in ordering solid wood custom furniture from CVCF. CVCF also sells rustic furniture, live edge dining tables, epoxy resin headboards and river tables that are in stock here. Learn how the highest quality river tables and custom wood and metal furnishings are handcrafted in America in 2020, here.

Do most furniture companies sell custom furniture?

LET’S GET REAL. Many “custom” furniture companies play fast and loose with the term “custom”. According to the dictionary, custom refers to “something that is designed or built specially for a particular customer – and being different to other things of the same kind”. That means you get to choose the features from a limited list of options. You choose a template prefabricated shape and style, choose among a few sizes, a few stains, and a few style legs that they pull out of the warehouse and slap together in a few minutes. This is not the definition of custom in our book…OR in the dictionary. Furniture makers like Bassett, Ethan Allen, and Anthropologie all claim they make custom furniture. They do not. While Thomas Moser Furniture still makes made-to-order furniture, most of their furniture is of the production line variety. Real custom furniture is what CVCF sells. It has no template or prototype design elements but is designed and built for a specific customer, with specific dimensions, specific materials, specific space, and for a specific purpose. There will never be another exactly like it.

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    How To Order Live Edge Custom Furniture

    Live edge furniture captures the one-of-a-kind beauty nature offers within every piece of lumber. In this video, we walk you through our shop, introduce some of our artisans, and show you the step-by-step process of ordering live edge custom furniture online, or by phone.

    How You Design Furniture, Submit The Design And Get It Custom Built

    No matter how fleshed out your custom furniture design is, or how specific you want your piece to be, we’re ready to build you the highest quality solution for your living or working space. See how you can turn your custom furniture idea into a reality.

    Where To Buy Handmade Custom Furniture For Sale From $800

    Learn where and how to order real custom built furniture handmade from 100% solid wood for sale in the USA with prices starting at $800.00.

    Do most furniture making companies use solid high quality wood, not veneer, composite or cheap wood made overseas, in their furniture?

    Again, LET’S GET REAL. Many furniture companies keep their prices low by using fake wood-looking materials or cheap wood from places like China in their products. It may look perfect but it feels fake. CVCF uses real solid wood slabs to create our furniture. It is heavier, it has raised and variegated grains, and wonderful imperfections such as knots, burls, and impressions that we often leave as is…or use sanding and fill techniques to smooth the surface. Real wood costs a little more but looks and feels better and will last for generations.

    Can I buy authentic handcrafted furniture from most furniture companies?

    Once again, LET’S GET REAL. If a furniture company has a production line worker press a button that starts a motor that does everything they need to make the piece of furniture, they can actually call that handcrafted. Is that what you want? CVCF has real people using real woodworking tools to create furniture the old-fashioned way. Why would you want it any other way?

    Now most real handcrafted custom furniture makers work in the area where their customers live. That’s the nature of furniture or, for that matter, most any art that is not mass-produced. It’s too much of a hassle to design, make, and ship to customers on the other side of the country. That’s why CVCF developed a system that makes it ridiculously easy for you, no matter where you live in the continental USA, to remotely order exactly the piece you want – and just as easy for CVCF to fulfill your custom order down to the finest detail.

    Here’s how to order real solid wood custom furniture from CVCF.

    STEP 1: Look at Examples of Custom Furniture by CVCF

    If you want to check out our quality or get inspiration for a project of your own, start by going to our website and click on Gallery to get a good feel for the pieces we handcraft. There you’ll find custom furniture of every type that we created from scratch. If you see an item you like, click on it to see more pictures plus a description of the product.

    CVCF's Project Gallery

    STEP 2: Contact Us to Discuss Your Project or to Learn More About CVCF

    If you have an idea you want to talk about, or just get to know us better, contact us. There are several ways to do this:

    • Call and talk with owner Sheldon Myeroff or Shop Foreman Zach Schulte to get the process started. Let us know what you want. Ask questions. We’re here to help you with your furniture project.
    • Email Sheldon at Explain what you are thinking of creating. Send any photos that will help us understand what you want. Even send a sketch of what you envision.
    • Fill out the form on the contact us page. It’s easy and quick.

    STEP 3: Schedule a Design Consultation

    Once you contact us, we’ll schedule a time for a free design consultation. You’ll get to speak with a designer about your project and its specifics. What wood, style, type, dimensions, décor of room is it going in, and so on? This call can take 20 minutes to half an hour. We’ll put pencil to paper and be jotting down notes and ideas as we speak. By the end of the conversation, we should be in agreement on how to proceed with the design of your furniture. We may ask for a deposit before moving on to the rendering phase.

    CVCF Founder Shel Myeroff In Action Drawing A Custom Furniture Design

    STEP 4: Customize Your Furniture with Us and Receive a Customized Drawing by Email

    One of our designers will follow up with you to discuss the design specifics for the furniture you are ordering.  These specifics include furniture type, dimensions, wood type, metal type, shape, stain or paint color(s), and special requests such as electronic hookups or an epoxy resin river. When the specifics of your project have been defined, our designers will create a detailed rendering of your furniture and we will draw up a purchase order for you. Both the rendering and purchase order will be emailed to you. Of course, we will go through the design process hand-in-hand with you to make sure the final rendering is exactly what you want. We will make any adjustments you wish in the design during this phase. To approve the rendering, print the PDF, sign it and send the signed copy to us. You can send the signed drawing approval to us by USPS mail, email or fax. Scan and email to, or mail to Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, 26309 Miles Road, Suite 6, Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44128.

    Customizing Solid Wood Furniture

    STEP 5: Receive A Custom Furniture Price Quote and Approve Your Order

    Along with the drawing you receive by email, you will also receive a purchase order with a price quote for your furniture in PDF format. Print the PDF and sign it to approve the purchase order. You can then send the signed purchase order, or a copy, to us by mail, email or fax. Scan and email to, or mail to Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, 26309 Miles Road, Suite 6, Warrensville Heights, Ohio 44128.

    STEP 6: Pay for the Custom Furniture

    Once you approve the purchase order and rendering, it is time to pay for the furniture. You can mail a payment with your drawing and purchase order approval, pay online with a credit card using PayPal or pay over the phone.  You can make specific payment arrangements with either Sheldon Myeroff or Ed Johnson during the ordering process.

    STEP 7: Schedule Furniture Delivery or Installation

    Work with either Sheldon Myeroff or Ed Johnson during the ordering process to make arrangements to have the furniture delivered to your home or place of business. We can assemble the furniture on site upon request.

    STEP 8: Approval and Woodworking Phase

    Once you approve the design, we get to work on your custom furniture project. During the furniture making process we keep you updated on the progress with emails or phone or video conversations that keep everybody up to date and on the same page. We may suggest refinements as we go along. Every project is new to us and presents challenges and opportunities we love to explore with you.
    • Select the Wood: We use trusted suppliers for all our wood slabs. We require the wood be fully kiln-dried and stable to release all the moisture to prevent warping during or after the piece is crafted. Since it’s real solid wood, the slabs can have imperfections – but not defects. Read this article to learn more about choosing wood for furniture. They also need to be cut precisely to size. We prefer local suppliers who carry a wide variety of wood choices. Ohio hardwoods and softwoods are very popular: cherry, maple, walnut, oak, sassafras, mahogany, plus pine and spruce. Lastly, we only use wood that is sustainably and ethically sourced from reliable and trusted vendors, tree farms, centuries-old barns, and repurposed wood that is salvaged from old homes, wooden bridges, and other pre-existing wood structures.
    • Follow the Construction of Your Custom Furniture: From cutting the wood, to pouring epoxy, to chiseling, sawing, filling, pouring, sanding, staining, painting, assembling, you’ll get to follow the building process first hand by phone, pictures, videos, or video chats as we keep you appraised of the process and the progress as we move from step to step over the weeks it takes to complete your project. Our projects generally take longer than other furniture companies take because everything we do is original and we don’t have any of the parts and pieces in stock.
    Wood Slab Warehouse

    STEP 9: Delivery to and Assembly & Installation at Your Home or Place of Business

    Once your piece is finished, we pack and ship your custom furniture to anywhere in the continental US. CVCF has contracted with UPS  and numerous LTL (Less Than Truckload) carriers , full truckload carriers and parcel carriers to ship and  deliver the custom furniture we sell to customers in the USA. You can rest assured that all projects will be installed in your home with the utmost care and respect. After all, we always provide white glove custom furniture delivery and assembly services for customers in the continental USA. Most pieces can be assembled by the purchaser. For instance, if you buy a table, all that assembly usually involves
    is attaching the legs to the table with a nut and bolt.

    To Buy REAL Solid Wood Custom Furniture for Sale in the USA You Have to Talk to a REAL Designer

    If you are considering ordering real and authentic solid wood custom furniture, call us at 440-591-5511 and ask to speak with a designer, email or click here to complete a webform.  Prices to buy 100% solid wood handmade custom built furniture start at $800. Don’t worry about feeling committed if you start talking to a designer about a piece of custom furniture. The choice whether to proceed or not is completely yours…just like your design.  Have Rustic And Modern Furniture Custom Built For You In Cleveland Ohio.