Project Description

Handmade by our veteran in-house carpenter, Ed, we’re featuring French (also known as “European”) rolling pins as shown above. French rolling pins are distinct for their tapered style, running smoothly as size increases from end to center. Many pastry chefs prefer the feel of dough under a tapered rolling pin, but by request, we will deliver your pin with a tapered style or handled. Each rolling pin will make the perfect gift or family heirloom.

At present, you can choose between cherry, walnut or maple wood, and between a tapered design or distinct handles. French rolling pins make a great gift for mother’s day, father’s day, an anniversary, a birthday, or for yourself as the latest family heirloom.

Each rolling pin is finished with food safe tung oil and beeswax.

Walnut is a wood of choice for baking aficionados, as the wider grain inherent in the wood holds flour with a stronger grip, thus preventing dough from sticking to the pin and better distributes flour across the flat dough surface.

This product measures out to 22″ – 23″ in length and approximately 1″ thick.

You can order these on our Etsy page, or contact us for a more customized version of this project.

Buy one of these from Live Edge Furniture Company. Prices start at $29.

Shel Myeroff, CFM (Chief Furniture Maker)
And “Chairman Of The Boards”
Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

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