Project Description

My wife and I were sitting at a bar next to a cool couple that we had met earlier that night. We get to talking, and at one point I mentioned I am a furniture maker. He immediately takes out his phone and asks if I can make a coffee table that was featured in the set of a TV show’s living room. I said, “Sure, I can make that.”

The next day we agreed on a price and struck a deal. Six weeks later, my client, Jack, had this beautiful table in his living room. Thank you for picking me to make this great project for you.

If you have a dream house in your mind and would like to order a replica of the prop from the sitcom Frasier, contact CVCF. A replica of the ‘Frasier Coffee Table’ can be built and shipped anywhere in the United States. The furniture builders at CVCF really enjoy making replicas of furniture and props from the Frasier TV show.  Frasier is an American sitcom that was broadcast on NBC for 11 seasons, premiering on September 16, 1993, and concluding on May 13, 2004.  Some of the best decorating ideas come from the tube. The elegant coffee table was designed by art director and production designer Roy Christopher or set decorator Sharon Viljoen, it is hard to be sure. One thing is sure, Frasier Crane’s furniture is a class act that reflected his design sensibility. and until CVCF started making replicas of Frasier Crane’s coffee table, it was not available anywhere. To see the coffee table in a video, visit YouTube to watch ‘Frasier – Hijinks & Shenanigans‘. The table is showcased at the 1:59 minute mark.

To inquire about purchasing a replica of the Frasier Crane coffee table pictured here, please click the ‘Request An Estimate’ button, email or call 440-591-5511.

Sheldon Myeroff, CFM, (Chief Furniture Maker) Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

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