Project Description

A certain West Coast celebrity/entertainer/singer found us on the internet and asked us to design a stunning one-of-a-kind dining table. We sent him a sketch of our idea and he gave us the go-ahead. The process of designing and building the piece involved multiple phone calls, Facetimes and emails to keep the customer in the loop and make sure they had input at every stage of production.

There are three rivers and several hand carved “lakes” to give it added flair in the black walnut wood slab that we got from right down the road in Ohio. He wanted the blue to pop out – so the epoxy resin color is a mixture of powdered epoxy colors and dyes to create a gradated dark blue to lighter blue effect. We lit up every piece of epoxy with dimming LED lights, including the metal and wood river base. We crated the piece and shipped it to the Los Angeles area in October 2019. The celebrity was thrilled with the table and immediately asked CVCF to make more pieces for his home.

Shel Myeroff, CFM (Chief Furniture Maker)
And “Chairman Of The Boards”
Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

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