Project Description

This is an amazing story about this special bed. Years ago, a young boy got a pony and his father built a special barn for it. Well, the pony bit the boy and his father unfortunately had to get rid of it – but the barn stayed and the boy played in it all his childhood. The home was recently sold so the wood was saved and the boy, now an adult, decided to have a bed made from the barn siding. This bed is my client’s special design and CVCF was lucky enough to be able to build it. It is a piece filled with wonderful memories.    

Enjoy your bed! 

Mike and Suzanne from Medina, Ohio  

August 2017. 

Thanks for commissioning me to make your bed, 

Shel Myeroff ,  President and CFM (Chief Furniture Maker)

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

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