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Custom Conference Tables for Sale

Custom Conference Tables We Built Recently

Conference Table Logo Design & Branding

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture uses CNC engraving and epoxy resin to design and build custom conference tables that include company logos and branding elements like custom company colors and embedded branding objects. This video shows you an amazing conference table for an IT company with their multi-colored logo CNC-engraved in the tabletop and microchips embedded in a green epoxy resin river. The table was created for Pioneer 360 in New Philadelphia, Ohio using a live edge hickory wood slab for the tabletop. Other popular woods sustainably sourced in our diverse forests and tree farms here in Northeast Ohio include walnut, cherry, maple, elm, and oak. It is simple to order and fun to co-design your own “Dream Conference Table” with friendly and professional CVCF Conference Table Designers. Just fill out the "Get a Quote" form on this page, call 440-591-5511, or email


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Buy An Extra Large Custom Conference Table

Our conference tables are handcrafted one table at a time from your unique design idea.

The epoxy and walnut river conference table pictured here was built for a classic car club in Detroit, Michigan. It is a modular style which can be separated into four smaller tables. CVCF custom conference room tables can be designed and ordered in any shape - including round, keystone, boat shapes, rectangular, modular, wedge shape (trapezoid), U-shaped, square, oval and organic shapes with natural edges. Almost every kind of stain, topcoat or epoxy resin can be requested.

A Custom Built Live Edge Wood Conference Table Sold by CVCF | Customer Review & Testimonial

This custom size conference room table was constructed out of a live edge walnut wood slab. CVCF sells custom conference tables like this locally (U.S only) and online. This office showpiece was custom designed, built and installed for GRS Recruiting in Solon, Ohio in 2015. The uniquely handcrafted live edge boardroom room table shown in this video is extra long (12 feet) and extra wide (5 feet). The sturdy steel base was custom crafted by the Chagrin Valley metalsmiths. The tabletop has places for plants and rocks. This modern and contemporary conference table blends a rustic style with custom contemporary features such as a wide black epoxy resin center stripe. You can see compartments in the center of the table that were custom crafted to hold decorative plants and river rocks. Power outlets and data ports were also ordered custom. A wide variety of materials available include most wood species, sturdy hardware, steel or metal, glass and epoxy resins.

Buy a Custom Table Online | Epoxy Resin & Live Edge Wood Conference Tables | Large & Modern | Prices

Recently, the requests for Biomorphic Epoxy Resin and Wood Conference has surged. Biomorphic refers to the organic forms of the wood - its naturally distressed features. The shapes and forms and natural imperfections in the wood are kept intact and inform the look of the finished table or desk. Add colored or clear epoxy to create stunning statement piece for your conference room. Read more about biomorphic tables by Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture here

Watch this video to learn how to design and buy your own "made-to-measure" conference table for sale locally near you (U.S. only) or online for your own home, office or business in the U.S. Find out how to get a price for a durable custom size handmade conference room table. You choose the width and height of your table and the thickness of the tabletop. Stylish and practical custom conference tables are proudly made-to-order with epoxy resin water-themed decorations (rivers, oceans, waterfalls, canyons), live edge tabletops, sustainably sourced premium specialty woods, recycled or reclaimed barn wood and one-of-a-kind steel legs and metal bases. The CVCF warehouse ships unique tables, that seat any number of people, to homes and firms all across America, from Los Angeles to New York City. Company logos and corporate branded elements are inlaid into table top surfaces or CNC carved and filled with colorful epoxy resin pours. Clients choose their favorite items to be embedded into epoxy resin. LED lights, cable management systems, power outlets, cabinets, drawers, wheels, lamps, benches and data ports can be integrated into custom conference tables, desks or office furniture made by CVCF.

The Secret to Making America's Finest Epoxy River Tables

This video profiles one of America’s premier custom furniture companies – Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture in Cleveland, Ohio. You’ll learn about the company, its history, the workshop, the people who run the company and the designers and woodworkers who make amazing one-of-a-kind epoxy river tables one piece at a time. You’ll see pictures of epoxy resin and solid wood dining tables, conference tables, coffee tables, kitchen tables, desks and adjustable height workstations that were built from our customers design ideas, not from some template that other “custom” furniture companies offer to everybody. Every piece is unique and an expression of the people who order it.

Building River Tables: From Beginning to End

Building River Tables: From Beginning to End

In this video, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture gives you an in-depth look at the time, effort, and skill involved in building custom live edge epoxy resin and wood river tables - starting with the sustainable harvesting of trees and closing with shipping the tables to homeowners and businesses all across the United States. You'll see how the wood slabs are cut, air dried, kiln dried, flattened and smoothed at the mill. Then you'll see how customers are able to select their own slabs for their tables. The slabs are then taken to our custom furniture manufacturing facility just outside Cleveland, Ohio to be cut to specs and prepped for the all-important epoxy pour. The epoxy colors are mixed and poured between two live edge slabs of wood. We then build special heavy-duty crates -customized for each table - and ship the table to homes, businesses, restaurants, and retirees in Florida, California, New York, Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, Virginia, and all across America. Sheldon Myeroff, President of CVCF, Zach Schulte, VP, and Ed Johnson, Administrator, narrate the video.

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