January 14, 2019

CLEVELAND, OH – Owner and Founder Sheldon Myeroff of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture (CVCF) named Zach Schulte Partner and promoted furniture maker Ed Johnson to Administrator in response to a record year that saw over a 110% increase in sales. CVCF is a Cleveland, OH company that designs and builds one-of-a-kind, made-to-order solid wood furniture.

Less than a year and a half ago, Myeroff was President of Direct Recruiters, Inc. in Solon, Ohio, a company he founded, spending his off hours making furniture in the basement of his Chagrin Falls home. When he retired in October 2017, he relocated his workshop to a 4000 sq. ft. facility in Warrensville Heights. He hired experienced carpenters, woodworkers and furniture makers, purchased the latest woodworking equipment, and embarked on a new enterprise he had no idea would grow to be so large in so short a time.

“I needed help”, Myeroff said. “I had six shop people but no one to relieve me of the day-to-day duties of running a business.” So Myeroff promoted Zach Schulte, Shop Foreman and VP Operations, to Partner, and Ed Johnson, Woodworker and Designer, to Administrator.

Schulte has been instrumental in CVCF’s impressive growth in 2018. “Zach has always done extraordinary work in the building area,” noted Myeroff. “His superb interpersonal communication skills were an added plus.”

Schulte added, “My goal for CVCF is to continue our reputation as a company that is synonymous with the finest custom furniture in Northeast Ohio. We always want to exceed our customer’s expectations.”

Woodworker and Designer Ed Johnson was named the new Administrator of CVCF. He has been working at CVCF for two years and has over 40 years of woodworking experience, a thorough understanding of shop machinery, and great mechanical skills. “Ed is a shining example of a person who brings a wealth of knowledge from many years past,” said Myeroff. “He fits well into our organization and absolutely loves making woodworking projects that have never been tackled before.”

Myeroff looks forward to a bright future for CVCF with invaluable contributions from Schulte and Johnson.

Website: https://www.chagrinvalleycustomfurniture.com/
More about Zach Schulte and Ed Johnson: https://www.chagrinvalleycustomfurniture.com/about-us/meet-our-team/
More about our facility: https://www.chagrinvalleycustomfurniture.com/our-shop/

Shel, Ed, and Zach of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.
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About Zach Schulte

Zach was born to be a woodworker. His father Hank, a shop teacher at Beachwood High School, taught Zach the art of working with wood from a very young age. Zach grew up in University Heights and went to St. Ignatius High School where he starred on the varsity ice hockey team. After receiving his degree in business from Arizona State University, Zach spent 2 years as a finish carpenter before joining the Chagrin Valley team in 2014.

“He quickly became a really good builder because he had a lot of natural ability”, said Sheldon Myeroff, Founder and President of CVCF. “He sees the end product before he builds it, so the finished piece is always spectacular!”

In 2016, Schulte left for Portland, Oregon to ply his trade as a carpenter and home renovation woodworker. While on a visit back to Cleveland, Sheldon convinced Zach to come back to work in his new facility. He returned home to Cleveland in early 2018 to become Shop Foreman and VP Operations at CVCF, while continuing to master his craft under the tutelage of the veteran furniture makers at CVCF. Schulte immediately showed his furniture-making acumen by developing innovative products, new woodworking processes, and increasing shop efficiency. Then, after a record-breaking sales year in 2018, Shel rewarded Zach by elevating him to Partner at CVCF.

According to Schulte, his goal is to get the company to be the “bee’s knees” in custom furniture in Northeast Ohio, to exceed people’s expectations, and to increase productivity while keeping quality up to become successful.

Myeroff said Schulte was the ideal partner in furniture making for “his ability to design, to get products out quickly and on schedule, to get furniture built correctly, to work with customers beyond my expectations, and for his natural business acumen.”

Zach Schulte, VP of Operations and Shop Foreman

About Ed Johnson

Ed is a veteran furniture maker who joined CVCF when we moved into our new shop facility in 2018. Ed came to Cleveland to work for BP via Freehold, New Jersey, the same town Bruce Springsteen hails from. For over 40 years, Ed has pursued woodworking as a hobby while studying under some of the great furniture making mentors of our day. In addition to his building and designing skills, Ed brings a thorough understanding of machinery and great mechanical skills to his job. He is adept at identifying and releasing bottlenecks that cause work slowdowns in the shop. “He keeps things flowing”, Myeroff notes. “If a machine breaks down, Ed fixes it in no time!”

As the business grew by leaps and bounds and running it became overwhelming, Sheldon promoted Ed to Administrator at the beginning of 2019.

According to Sheldon, “Ed is shining example of a person who’s older in age and can fit into an organization and be a huge contribution. He brings a wealth of knowledge from many years past.”

Ed will continue to be an important contributor in the shop, flashing his Stanley Classic 14″ Bailey Corrugated Wood Plane No.5 to use on the really special projects. And as the new Administrator at CVCF he will make sure things continue to run smoothly and is working on a preventative maintenance campaign to accomplish that.

“The move is good for Ed and it’s good for us,” Sheldon said.

Ed Johnson, Woodworker and Administrator

About Sheldon Myeroff & Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture

In the 1970’s, Sheldon Myeroff founded Direct Recruiters, Inc., a highly successful executive search company in Cleveland, Ohio. However, at the end of a hard workday, his attention turned to his real passion – furniture making. At first, his biggest fans and clients were his family, who asked for special wood projects on a regular basis. Sheldon obliged, of course. Then his friends got into the act. To accommodate the workload and produce high quality wood furniture products, Sheldon built a full woodworking shop in the basement of his Chagrin Falls, Ohio home. He also received formal training in furniture making and worked alongside a highly respected woodworking mentor.

In 2013, he resolved that when he retired from his recruiting business in five years, he would start making furniture on a regular basis. In the meantime, word got around about Sheldon’s special talent for making truly unique pieces of furniture that were made to order for each customer’s likes and space. His workshop grew. He had to recruit skilled woodworkers to help with his projects. And, in 2015, he formed his new company, “Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture”, named after the beautiful wooded area in which he lives. When he retired in October 2017, Sheldon didn’t slow down. Instead, he put his foot on the pedal and the business took off.

The business quickly outgrew his basement workshop and Sheldon purchased space in an industrial park in Warrensville, Heights, Ohio. He set up a state-of-the-art woodworking shop with every piece of equipment imaginable and a safe spray room, and invited customers to view the woodworking process firsthand and even take part in the process. He also built a showroom and design studio in the front of the building so that interested customers could see examples of his work and discuss their next project.

In 2018, he summoned one of his former craftsmen, Zach Schulte, to come back from Oregon where he was doing home restoration and carpentry. Zach became Shop Foreman and VP Operations at CVCF. The company experienced over 110% that year, and when 2019 rolled in, Sheldon made some moves to accommodate the increased workload. He named Zach a Partner and promoted veteran furniture maker Ed Johnson to Company Administrator.

Today, Sheldon keeps a staff of about six veteran woodworkers. He specializes in rustic and live furniture that includes dining tables, coffee tables, rustic and modern barn doors, ergonomic standing/sitting desks, dressers, credenzas – whatever a customer wants…just the way they want it!

Sheldon Myeroff, Founder & “Chairman Of The Boards”