Custom Epoxy Resin River Tables With Rocks, Crystals, Shells, Leaves, And More

Epoxy resin river dining tables with rocks are for sale, right here, across the United States. Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture builds completely custom epoxy resin river tables to match your tastes. As the customer, we invite you to submit your design to us, whether it’s a CAD drawing or a napkin sketch, and we will collaborate with you to bring your vision to life.

Epoxy resin river tables have been growing in popularity for almost a decade, but in recent years, furniture makers like Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture have become more creative in their execution of river table designs by adding decorative elements in the resin before it cures. Taking the “river” concept to its logical conclusion, our builders can make tables with smooth stones, rocks, shells, crystals, and more lining the bottom of the resin, adding premium rustic, outdoorsy flair to an already stunning concept.

  • Custom Made Epoxy Resin & Wood River Tables For Sale
  • Buy A River Table With Embedded Stones And Rocks
  • Completely 100% Custom
  • Sold In The USA
  • Delivery And Assembly Available
  • Prices Starting At $800+

Suggestions For Your River Rock Table

You can, of course, choose items other than rocks for your river table. Below are some popular alternatives to regular river rock tables CVCF can make for you:

  • River Table With Rocks
  • River Table With Waterfall
  • River Table With Fish
  • River Table With Crystals
  • River Table With Leaves
  • River Table With Stones
  • River Table With Glass Shards
  • River Table With Lights
  • River Table With LED Lights
  • River Table With Bark
  • River Table With Bullets
  • River Table With Shells
  • River Table With Sticks
  • River Table With Crayons

Note that these are just suggestions. CVCF’s promise as a custom furniture company is to make any dream or concept you may have come true, as long as it obeys the laws of physics.


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Light Up Your Room With An LED Lined Resin Table

As an additional feature to a beautiful rock river table, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture can install the wiring and LED lights necessary to make your resin table shine from below, giving it an ethereal glow in a dimly lit room, further enhancing its beauty and showcasing the ornamentation you chose for your river.

LED lined river tables can be turned off and on using a simple switch.

Epoxy Resin Walnut Table With LEDs For The Dragras Group

You Choose The Wood Slab

When you start your project with Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, we work with you to choose the perfect slab for your project. You decide on the wood species, the nature of the live edge, and the presence of other features like ambrosia. If you live in the Northeast Ohio area, we’ll take you out to one of our several slab suppliers in Amish country to pick the exact slab you want, or, if you live elsewhere, we’ll happily work with you over FaceTime, Skype, or any other live-streaming platform to help you participate in the custom woodworking process.

You Choose The Epoxy Resin Color

The customization doesn’t stop there. Epoxy resin river tables come in endless opacities, colors, and color combinations. You can choose what color or colors you want your river to be, and we’ll send you a sample for approval before beginning any applications. We want to be sure your project is absolutely perfect.

How to Get Started

There are several ways you can learn more about our made-to-order live edge epoxy resin furniture: