Custom Built River Conference Tables Mean Business

For most businesses, a conference table signifies business as usual. However, a custom-built live edge epoxy resin river conference table from Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture means business as unusual! Stand out from your competitors with a stunning boardroom or meeting room table that features colored epoxy resin inlays or rivers running through your choice of real, solid wood types. CVCF designs, handcrafts, ships, delivers and assembles custom live edge epoxy resin conference tables for businesses across the USA. Prices for custom live edge conference tables with epoxy resin rivers or inlays start at $4500.  We are experts at building epoxy resin river tables and just shipped a $13,000 river table to a famous Hollywood celebrity.  Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture handcrafts custom made live edge epoxy resin river headboards and live edge wood beds for customers all across the United States.

Buy a custom made epoxy resin and wood conference table made with your vinyl decal, favorite sports team emblem, logo, stickers, college mascot or personal family pictures embedded under the epoxy in the table top. Get more information about epoxy resin and wood conference tables that are custom made with your favorite emblems, decals, stickers and logos here.

Want to create your own river table online? Visit our create your own river table page, where you can choose from various colors, wood species, bases, and more. Then, hit submit, and we’ll get back to you with a price.

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Live Edge Walnut Quad Conference Tables

Live Edge Walnut River Table

Custom River Tables By CVCF

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Learn More About Epoxy Resin Beds & Headboards

Choose from a large variety of wood species found here in Northeast Ohio including oak, mahogany, cherry, and most people’s favorite species… black walnut. Choose any color of epoxy resin from high-tech blue, to industrial red, to million-dollar green, to clear epoxy that can be embedded with memorabilia including that first dollar bill you collected way back when. You can mix colors for an even more stunning effect. Add an LED backlight to make the epoxy glow and excite your clients and office staff alike. Then watch your productivity and profits rise!

Conference tables are large by nature and require real, solid wood, not veneer, composite, or cheap wood from inferior quarries in places like China. Our wood is kiln dried for months or even years so that any hint of moisture is evaporated out of it. Then we add custom wood or metal legs and bases to ensure a smooth even surface that will not warp and will not wobble over time. You can also breathe easier when we tell you that our epoxy resin is environmentally friendly, completely non-toxic and free of VOC’s and fumes.

If you have a conference table design in mind, simply provide CVCF with your hand drawn or computer generated rendition to receive a quote for your woodworking project. We will bring your idea to life in our design studio and build it in our state-of-the-art workshop near Cleveland, Ohio. We are happy to accommodate your wants and desires in any design.

We recently built a quad river table for the meeting room of an association of owners of high-end racing cars. The table can be joined to look like one big river table or separated into four smaller river tables for the various race car “teams”. Retail furniture stores such as Ikea and online stores such as Etsy and Wayfair may claim they make custom conference tables, but they limit your choices of sizes and styles to whatever they have prebuilt to keep in stock. At CVCF, you tell us what size and style you need and we deliver – literally! For instance, you can always order stock sizes such as 12’ conference tables, but if you need a 12’ 2” long table, who do you depend on? Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture.

CVCF Uses Safe Epoxy Resin

Our commitment to excellence starts in the materials we use. Some epoxy resin coatings contain solvents that can be released into the air over time and affect your health. These compounds that are released from liquids or solids are called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many common epoxy resins contain these VOCs, so after careful research, we entered the epoxy resin business using Ecopoxy resin. Their epoxy resin is bio-based and VOC free. You can rest assured that however we may laminate or fill a piece of furniture, we’ve gone the extra step to give you the highest quality products available.

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