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History Of Epoxy Resin And Wood Furniture In The USA

After the peak of the live edge furniture craze, epoxy resin and wood furniture came in to revitalize and energize this rustic and modern furniture trend all over again. And it’s clear why – the gorgeous variations of color, style, opacity, and application offer endless possibilities for interior decorators, restaurants, and homeowners to revamp their spaces.  Recommended reading on the history or river tables is an article in Popular Mechanics titled “The Man, the Wood, and the River.”

Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture provides epoxy resin furniture to clients of all kinds to customers across the United States. As a custom furniture company, we provide customization of any project down to the very last detail. From custom live edge black walnut river tables to walnut live edge headboards, we collaborate with our customers and clients to ensure a flawless experience providing exactly what their design drawing indicates. This includes wood species, epoxy resin color, objects placed within the curing resin, and of course, specific project dimensions.

Epoxy resin furniture is designed using a live edge slab, or several live edge labs, which are carefully placed in a mold. Once the mold has been steadily arranged, the natural inlays of the live edge and/or gaps between live edge are filled, layer by layer, with the epoxy resin mixture. See our video where you create a coffee table this way on YouTube. A heat gun is used to prevent or remove bubbles from the liquid. Depending on the desired final appearance, the epoxy resin is stirred or dragged along the inlay after some curing to guide the foundation into the end result.


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Live Edge Headboard & Bedroom Set

Walnut Live Edge Epoxy Resin River Headboard, Frame & Bedroom Set

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Epoxy Resin Customization

Even the epoxy resin design can be customized! With our craftsmen skilled in the perfectly the art of epoxy resin design, we offer customization along the lines of how prominent the “swirl” appears in the design, if you want a color gradient running from one area to another, or the amount of “pop” using carefully applied amount of matching glitter.

To add another level of beauty to an epoxy resin design, we ask our clients to consider a semi-opaque epoxy resin river that can be backlight using an LED light, adding an ethereal glow to the piece of furniture.

Furniture In Which We Can Incorporate Colored Epoxy Resin

Below are the kinds of furniture Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture can build with epoxy resin incorporated in the design:

CVCF Uses Safe Epoxy Resin

Our commitment to excellence starts in the materials we use. Some epoxy resin coatings contain solvents that can be released into the air over time and affect your health. These compounds that are released from liquids or solids are called volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many common epoxy resins contain these VOCs, so after careful research, we entered the epoxy resin business using Ecopoxy resin. Their epoxy resin is bio-based and VOC free. You can rest assured that however we may laminate or fill a piece of furniture, we’ve gone the extra step to give you the highest quality products available.

Epoxy Resin And Wood Wall Art For Sale In America

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Walnut Live Edge River Headboard, Frame & Bedroom Set

Walnut Live Edge River Headboard, Frame & Bedroom Set

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