Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture craftsmanship and fine pieces are often compared to the detail, quality and beauty of Amish handmade furnishings. Just as with Amish woodworkers, Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture also pays great attention to the details of the wood in the furniture-making process. Each piece of wood is hand-selected to match the specific furniture in mind. While the Amish in general have earned a reputation for high quality, quality can still vary from one Amish furniture maker to another. At Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture, we pride ourselves on our consistent high quality and view our hand-crafted furniture as both pieces of art and furnishings to be used and lived in for generations.
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In addition, think of Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture as an alternative to the traditional styles of Amish furniture often limited to Country, Mission, and Shaker. The Chagrin Valley Custom Furniture craftsmen allow you to create your own style or idea and our builders will build to suit. Each piece is as unique as you are.

Check out our Project Gallery to view a variety of furniture pieces and styles made to order. Perhaps our gallery will inspire your creativity!